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  1. Things in question:- Not sure of axle to axle length for cab/shell matchup, but willing to do some fab here (even if that means cutting the lower end of the rear shell to match those rear tires- Not sure if the cab will even matchup, but from what I've read all the 1st - 3rd gen cabs are similar in length x width (give or take the extra cab/long bed sizes).- fairly certain I'll just put the dash/harness/seats of the 91 into the 78 - Would like some preventative maintenance recommendations for when the chassis is fully exposed (rust prevention, cleaning, suspension, etc.)Thanks in advance for t
  2. The idea is to put the 78 cab and chinook shell altogether onto the 91 chassis
  3. So, hey guys.New to the forum,but not new. been lurking for a while to get ideas. My lady and I got a stock 78 toyota chinook (early) Newport, and drove the s*** out of it, down through mexico, and the mountains of CO. The engine died on us a year after her resurrected glory (re-did the interior and put a weber on, rear seals, etc, etc) Anyway, since it is now dead, instead of spending 3k on a rebuilt 20r, I have found a rolled 91 extra cab (SR5). Runs great, very well maintained for $900. I am now in the process of taking the cab and bed off in the hopes to put the whole 78 s
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