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  1. thank you good people for the answers! The chinook I was checking out was a complete pile of junk that was actually taken apart when I arrived to check it out. Owner was saying he was about to make a 4x4 coversion? but the part what he had for conversion were a complete junk as well. shell was bad on the top and I dont even talking about inside where I hade to strip everything out and install all new and even fix the shell.
  2. I will be looking at Chinook with 22re swapped into. I know that original was 20r. I want to know how much more power I'm going to have and what about MPG compared to 20r. is it better to find one with original motor? This will be my first chinook first camper.
  3. So yes. Im thinking to buy my first Toyota camper and I want a Chinook. I found one not far from me, didnt go down to take look at it yet. Owner has replaced 20r engine with 22re. Saying that it will have more power now. I wonder how much more power will it have and what is the MPG going to be. Also what I should be looking at when I will be checking it out? Special rust spots,leaks, cracks?? This will be my First camper and oldest car I have ever driven. Owner told me it is rust free and it is 1983 And I thought that last one was produced in 1978 or so.
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