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  1. I have a 78 Toyota with the same Camper! This is the first one I’ve seen like mine.
  2. What’s under the foam board? Fiberglass? Or ply?? I’m scared to start tearing into it haha!
  3. My floors shot too. I’m taking camper off.. easier to work on suspension as I’m doing the 4x4,conversion.
  4. Hello everyone, Ive recently purchased a 78’ Sunrader knowing nothing about them really. I’ve only owned Toyota’s so I’m familiar with the truck. My plans include: 4x4 conversion, motor swap, pull the camper and deal with any rust before I start the interior remodel. I have gutted it due to a leaky roof and water damage which will need some attention. I’ve done some research now and have seen quite a few different models. The short short ones like mine that I’ve seen all have the door in the far back with the flip up panel. And I believe they don’t have a shower.. Does anyone have
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