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  1. I have recently had my sunrader shipped to me from Washington state. I have been curious since I first looked at the photos, as to what exactly the thing installed above the rear curbside coach window is. If anyone has an idea, please educate me. At this point I am open to all guessing too. I will post more photos if I see that there is intrest for them.
  2. Ah thank you, there is a blank plate. I’m guessing the previous owner needed to move it. I am still ripping apart the interior learning where everything is. Been at it all day, very excited to finally be doing this.
  3. Hi all, I finally had my Sunrader transported and delivered from Washington state to a friends house here in Denver. We’re staying for our first night and my wife and I can’t locate but one outlet. (Above the refrigerator) I have the manual and if I’m not mistaken it shows that there should be one on ether side. This vehicle has been modified by the previous owner to serve as a food truck of sorts. The rear dinette has been completely removed and in its place is a counter facing the rear window. The rear window has also been modified to open up and serve as an awning so that whatever was
  4. I finally got the sunrader that this topic was originally about, delivered to my friends house in Denver last week. It has two water heaters, the rear dinette area is a serving counter and ice box, the thing that is jutting out over the right coach window is still a mystery and I will make a post soon to ask the group what they think. I will post photos as well. It’s a wonderful vehicle and runs and drives like a dream. Build thread to come.
  5. Does anyone have anything to help me with visualizing my 81 Sunrader electrical system?
  6. I made the paintings using multiple photographs of different vehicles.

    1976 Dodge shorty van + 1978 Toyota Chinook Newport 1529064971912.thumb.png.3b51bc5beff1bcdbaa9b1bdcadbdcd4d.png

    1988 Toyota 4Runner +  1978 Toyota Chinook Newport1529064474156.thumb.png.6fec3a387f89a8d3be132945be5a560e.png


  7. Did you finish this project? I would love to see more photos.
  8. I found this photo with a custom toyota FJ Cruiser Chinook. Someone has done a wonderful job with this build in my opinion. It looks to me like a 78 Chinook cabin attached somehow to a Toyota FJ Cruiser. I think that it is absolutely awesome! I would love to see more of it.
  9. Ahh, that's a bummer. I thought the adapters would be a good option. Thanks again.
  10. I like the duallys, I'm thinking of sizing up. Also wondering about wheel adapters, if I had some custom wheel adapters made would that be a better solution? Thanks for the help. I'll be needing much more in the months to come.
  11. I'm bought this vehicle. It will be delivered to me soon.
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