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  1. Just noticed my EGR valve and the port itself are completely clogged with rock solid carbon deposit. any ideas on what i can do about this? (buying a weber and blocking off the emissions aren't an option right now) Was also wondering if these larger diaphragms on the old Aisan carb are replaceable? This one appears to be shot but none of the rebuild kits i can find include the larger diaphragm.
  2. found one for the 20R ! : http://www.retrojdm.com/ScanViewPDF.asp?ScanID=104
  3. Hey guys if this has been covered already then i will delete this thread. I tried searching the forum for the past 45 minutes and could only find the Chinook owners manual. I'm wondering if anyone has links for the factory service manual or shop manuals for the 20R engine / hi-lux pickup 1969 - 1978 I meant to order one online but never got around to it and i would like to rebuild the carburetor today and not wait a week for the book to arrive. If anyone has a source or links maybe we could use this thread as a resource for manuals etc. (if there isn't already one?)
  4. Heres the story: 1976 Toyota Chinook ( 20R, non-dually ) Pulled the rear axles to replace one of the differential seals which had blown and leaked dif oil all over the drums. Noticed the wheel bearings were loose and could be wobbled side to side (on left AND right wheels), assumed they were blown, ordered new bearings ( KOYO 6308T ) which are what was in there. Have new bearings pressed in, and they are walking in the housing the EXACT same way... they even move in and out in the housing about 2-3mm? so my next thought was the housings on the hub themselves are toa
  5. yup... never had a truck with that "lights" knob before. when i saw it i didn't even think to try the usual forward - back switch on the signal lever for some reason. was immediately hypnotized into thinking there was an electrical issue. was super weird.
  6. so this might be one of the most obvious dummy moments of my life but.... you were right on the money. I hadn't even considered it because when i first drove the Chinook in the dark i pulled the knob labeled "LIGHTS" and nothing happened - pulled it again and the high beams came on.. i was like WHERE ARE THE LOWS??... immediately thought they must be the first notch of the knob and weren't working. I didn't even try pulling or pushing the windshield wiper stick cause it looked so basic, and this whole time ive been chasing an electrical problem that doesn't exist!!! apologize t
  7. hahah I know :-) Thanks for helping me trouble shoot! i appreciate it.. I tested the sealed beam bulbs with direct current and they work fine.. i get no voltage at the female low beam plug wire at the light when set to low beams.. get 12volts at the high beam wires when set to high beams.. so there is no power going to the lights when switched on to low beam.. tested at the relay and get 12 volts at the Red-blue wire when set to LOW, also get 12V at the RED-blue wire when set to HIGH, get no reading from the solid red when set to either low or high beam. is there a tes
  8. Mine here seems to work on a knob system pulling it one notch turns on dash, running lights and low beams (if they worked), turning it clockwise dims the dashboard lights, and second notch is high beams and indicator light is the dimmer switch whats behind the knob in the photos there?
  9. thank you! ! I'm not very electrically literate so excuse my possibly obvious questions, but this schematic will definitely help. quick questions: A) does "fuseable link" mean someone could have put in a fuse if they wanted to? but probably haven't in my case? B ) is the dimmer switch located at the control knob? is it part of that whole piece behind the knob? or is it somewhere between the control switch and the lights?
  10. thanks for the input! I would love a wiring diagram if possible JD that would be awesome.. going to go test the sealed beam light right now just to be sure, does anyone know if the headlights in these older hilux models had a fuse somewhere? because i cant seem one. how would one go about testing the dimmer switch circuit?
  11. Hey guys! I recently Picked up a 1976 Chinook that i will make a post about shortly, but im trying to troubleshoot this little electrical problem that has me stumped. Heres what happens: Pull knob for lights - dash lights up, all running lights come on.. but no low beams... Pull knob further for highbeams - high beams come on in full, high beam indicator lights up. As far as i can see there is NO fuse for the headlights on this model? i can take out every fuse in the fuse box (none of which are labeled for headlights) and the high beams still come on... I tested
  12. Wow that looks clean! Nice find! Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you as I just found my first Chinook as well and I have the same questions Congrats!
  13. Thanks for the response! I Appreciate it. hoping to get out there tomorrow, will check for all things mentioned. good to know about the fibreglass I wasn't sure. Have never seen the furnaces but I'm not usually one to worry about things like that either hah.. Will be back with update.. cheers!
  14. Hello! new to the board but I've been searching for the right Chinook for some time now. this one came up yesterday, it's a 5 hour drive for me, but they don't come up often in my area so I'm willing to go the distance. Was just curious on any thoughts and advice anybody might have before I go and purchase it. $2000 usd = $2600 cad (which is what I'm paying ) less than 100,000 miles , everything works, no smoke, no oil leaks, no water leaks
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