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  1. Thanks, all! I am having her inspected tomorrow afternoon so I will take extra care to request that they take a really good look at the back axle I am going to get rid of the rest of the carpet, pull out the fridge, and replace some really awful "repair" work that the last owners did (it looks horrible and is kind of non-functional, too). Thanks for offering to answer any questions, Montana! I will definitely be in touch as soon as i have any specific Newport questions :-)
  2. Hi all! So excited and happy that this forum exists, I have been all over the web to find resources about Chinooks to self-educate. I'm a 30-yr-old lady who just bought a Newport model. Are there any other active RV/Chinook/motorhome forums that you like? I wanted some advice: After doing all that reading, I'm worried about my back axle breaking. Should I be worried? It's the original 5-lug. according the the title she weighs in at 3,450 lbs. Do you have any advice for me as a new owner? Anything I should watch out for, rip out right away, absolutely leave alone etc? The inside is in pretty go
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