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  1. Oh wow thank you. Could this also be a concern on my 1978 toyota chinook newport? It does not have dual rear wheels but may be a 5 lug axle!
  2. Thanks for your help. For everybody else reference this is a picture of a faulty problematic lug configuration. I found a replacement recall kit for 750 in michigan. Lets see if I can convince the seller to give me a price break with this knowledge instead of sending some unknowing family out in it instead...
  3. What else do you have? I have a 78 toyota chinook but am looking for something with hot water/bathroom/stove/air conditioning ideally under 22'.. Also what do you know about the 5 lug rear duallies? I am interested in a 1981 18' sunrader and the picture he sent of the rear dually axle is here. Let me know if it should be recalled and if I need to do an axle swap or upgrade the bearings maybe? This is what it has. Can anyone tell me if this is a problematic bearing/axle?? Thanks@!@!
  4. Can the wheel bearing be upgraded on the existing axle? I thought the main concern was having a non-floating rear axle, and that is what puts the stress on the bearings?
  5. 2nd toyota motorhome. I'm about to go look at an 81 17'6" sunrader. He told me on the phone it has a 5lug rear axle. Are there any 5 lug DRWs that might be safe or a better way maybe checking the rear differential to determine if it's a problem or not? The rear axle facts here state it's a problem for rvs over 18' and I am just under. Any help here is very much appreciated!!!!!
  6. Linda this makes a lot of sense now! Thank you! Montana as much as I would love the 3 way fridge, there's no way I will be tackling that project lol. 45 watts may not be enough depends. I found a good 120w panel for 200 and an mppt charge controller good for up to 20a for $205. I'll send you the link when I'm back at the work pc!
  7. Very cool, sounds like a big project to put in a 3 way so I plan on the 12v 120v combo. About to get a 45 watt solar system to help keep my battery charged. Another question. When my battery is extremely low, the furnace stops putting out heat even though the blower fan still has enough current to blow cold. Why is this?
  8. And it must be the original Suburban as the intake exhaust mount says
  9. Thanks for the help. One of my thermostat wires vibrated out of a half assed butt splice crimp! The fan still gets rowdy and needs some maintenance but that can wait until the spring. Montana do you have a three way fridge? Mine has a pos ice box that I plan on upgrading, probably to a marine 2 way fridge.
  10. Hey guys the orginal furnace stopped working on me. Pilot stays lit, thermostat clicks, battery is new. The blower fan has been making noise for some time now and I believe it is either stuck or shot. (worked again once for a short time then nothing again How involved is it to slide it out? Just a gas line, electric harness and the thermocoupler assembly. Will I need to take the stove top off to access anything or can I just do what I have to do through the front and under the bench seat. Any help is appreciated before I tackle this project later today
  11. 27, I chose to stop paying rent after the landlord boosted it 114% on me after living there for 4 years.. so my girlfriend and I decided to live off the grid and on the road. I've done a lot of work and she's pretty well off. I do have an exhaust leak that's apparently backfiring into the carb and clogging up my air filter so I'm gonna take that for her first shop repair after I'm done bleeding the brakes (broke a line the other day so might as well replace both!) I also have a rear axle gasket leaking gear oil into my rear left brake. Luckily shes 4 speed so I'm pretty good at downshiftin
  12. Very cool mine works but my girlfriend broke the on-off-on switch and I keep buying ones online that are too big. Basler sold the product rights to an rv marine company I forget who but they don't know anything about the product any more haha. I have a ghetto on off on toggle switch wired in until i find one the correct size. Plan on using my bigger one to switch from alternator charging to solar charging ;p
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