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  1. Hello; the journey continues. Bought an old Chinook. Love the thing but it's been through the wringer. It needs a new fuel tank throat. It looks like someone lost the key to the original and used a pry bar or something to get the cap off. So the entire throat is torn to shreds and currently they're using a wad of heavy-duty paper towel as a "cap." Top on my list of things to fix. Does anyone know of any sources for something like that, or does anyone have a non-functioning Chinook they'd be willing to sell the fuel tank throat and cap from? I have a feeling this is going to be hard to fi
  2. Sorry, so are you saying that the smog is based on the day that Toyota completes its manufacturing, or on the day that Chinook rolled it out as a complete product?
  3. Not that I know of, however it does mention on the VIN tag I posted that it is conforming to 1976 emissions standards. Anyways, I took this thing to the DMV for a VIN verification. The guy seemed like he had no idea what he was doing. First he wasn't sure if it was an RV or a Truck. I told him I don't know what the legal definition is, but it has no inside bathroom, and no propane; so maybe not an RV? He got his supervisor who said it needed to be marked as an RV because it wasn't a commercial truck, and I was using it for "camping." Whatever, I don't really care. The attendant at the DM
  4. That's what I thought and exactly what I was hoping for. I just got confused, as all the paperwork I've received from the owner at purchase said it was a 1976. Even when I registered it, they mentioned it might be 1975, and that it needed a vin verification. Thank you for for the good news. =)
  5. Also, just to note, the final "A-6759" isn't listed on my paperwork. Only the "RN28-028910" Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey everyone. I purchased a Chinook a few months back which wasn't in the greatest shape. Nevertheless it's a dream come true, as I've always wanted one, and don't mind the project. Anyways, I've been under the impression it's a 1976, and all the paperwork I have says it's a 1976. In CA where I live, 1975 is the cutoff for smog. I took this thing in to get it smogged and the tech told me he couldn't do it because the VIN on my paperwork doesn't match the vehicle. But it does. However, it appears to have two dates of manufacture? Below is a picture of the VIN plate in the door jamb. Wh
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