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  1. My two cents worth. Guess I mean two gas cans worth. They each hold 2.5 gal. Only used them two times, both in Alaska between some long runs between fuel stations. I can run 200 miles safely on the original tank. Usually I need a over night break by then. Darrel
  2. Linda nice that you remember us, we remember you also-in a good way. We encountered this road on a trip to Yellowknife, northwest territory Canada in 2008. Alaska was 2010 and 2017. We have been in some predicaments, found our way out, and enjoy the memories. Darrel
  3. No we only went down although it is a gravel road all the way. The last picture is of the outhouse at a campground in Hagensborg, 10$ per night, free fire wood, and all the ripe cherriers we could eat. Can't beat that. Darrel
  4. Chilcotin Bella Coola highway #20 British Columbia. Darrel
  5. Give this a go. We went down this road in 2008 in a 84 Dolphin. Going west from Williams lake, bc to Hagensborg and Bella Coola. It was fun, first geer all the way. Darrel
  6. Tika, Thank you for this article. Very informative. I have forwarded to all my family. Darrel
  7. Hi Tika, I have been trying to contact you by phone for some time. Keep getting a message that subscriber is not in service. I am wanting to attend your rally in Quartzite. Please give me a call. Darrel at (home 541-479-7127 or cell 541-727-1544)
  8. Forgot to mention my motorhome is a 1994 Winnebago Warrior the same as your Spirit.
  9. This is how I solved the same problem. You do not have to replace all of the water lines. Flare-it fittings will fit the old gray water lines perfectly. Get them at local plumbing store. Darrel
  10. Indede you are correct, its for ducting. Don't have room to route ducting or I don't want to give up the storage space. Darrel
  11. Mine has 91,376 miles no major repair just maintenance. Did have the valves adjusted at 73k, the exhaust definitely needed it. It runs very well even pulling a 1500# boat. No oil burning. Darrel
  12. Did this last year some time. We were running away from the smoke and heat. This year no smoke so far. Setting up camp for 4-5 weeks, fishing, crabbing, and not mowing the lawn. The boat will be tagging along as we did last year. We'll be on Ten Mile lake, Lakeside, Or. Anyone in the area stop by and saw "Hello". Darrel and Gun
  13. Darrel!  Thanks for the pics.  I will close both of the valves and see if that corrects my problem.  I believe the gentleman that had the motorhome had the original valves replaced.  The pics of the water pump.  Did you have to remove the sofa/bed.  If so is that difficult to do?  Do you know if both valves in front of fresh water tank must be closed.  Are both drains for fresh water tank or is one for that and the other for something else.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to learn as much as possible.  Just purchased the 94 last year and am still learning.  One more question.  I would like to replace the waste valves on the gray and black tank.  Is this something I could do?  Is there enough play that when I remove the old valve I can get the new gaskets and valve back in without taking everything aprt.  Thanks again. Ports.

    1. darrel


      Removing the couch is easy but awkward I believe there is two bolts on each side. I don't remember what the valves looked like by the water tank, it was 6 years ago. I would saw close them. Run the pump with water in the tank, look under the motorhome below the water tank and see if there is water draining out. The black and gray valves unbolt, put new back in in reverse.


  14. The valves under the shower pan to the left of your water heater should both be closed in order to pressurize the water system. they most likely will be leaking by now or soon will be. One is a drain for the water heater which drains above the gray holding tank. I had to replace all of my valves. This is the new-larger water tank I installed.
  15. Going to La Pine, Or for the 4th. Frontier Days kick off on the 3rd thru the 6th. Wondering if there is anyone in the area we could meet up with. I know this is short notice, we just decided to do this yesterday. Picture is two years old. Darrel
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