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  1. I agree it does sound like a misfire, but am certain it is not. The more I’m looking at it the more I believe it’s an exhaust leak on or very near the manifold. I’m sitting at a restaurant now 10 miles away and it drives finest kind, plenty of power. I thought the smoke test would show a leak in the exhaust but I’m sure that the test isn’t 100% all the time.
  2. The smoke seen in the video is from the Thrust residue, used to loosen a EGR nut.
  3. I’m stumped, I swapped out the EGR, nothing different. I smoke tested the exhaust thinking it was a cracked manifold etc, nothing. I smoke tested the vacuum lines, nothing. I’m thinking it may be a lifter noise at this point. Not certain when the valves were last adjusted, I’ve put 10k miles on it. The thing that gets me is, wouldn’t the noise still be there when throttling up. Any idea’s or Input from experienced members would be greatly appreciated. IMG_5227.MOV
  4. Runs a bit rough at idle, then when throttled up just slightly it goes away. This is what made me think the "exhaust" noise I was hearing was not a leak. Gas mileage has dropped from 12-14 to 8-10 mpg. Pulled the codes and came up with a vacuum leak code, forget which it was but ran through a bit of diagnostics and settled on EGR. Have a new one coming Friday, takes 5 mins to switch.
  5. I’m having symptoms of a bad EGR, my question is how common is a faulty EGR? I’ve taken it off and put vacuum to it and diaphragm working, not sure if the valve itself is working. Any ideas?
  6. What wires do you recommend for my 93 3.0? I always use NGK plugs on my other Toyotas. Thanks
  7. Congrats on your new Toyota. Seems like the issues you brought up are me minor and an easy fix. Enjoy
  8. I’ve been from Maine to the arctic circle in Alaska in a 22re, only issue was a tire blow. I’ve been the entire east coast from Maine to key west in our 93 V6 Dolphin twice. These things are slow and some basic knowledge is good to have along with tools and spare parts. I see these $100k + Ram “van life” rvs parked next to me and I think, man if something happens to that I’d be towed home and knowing Chrysler, it’s just a matter of time. Buy one, get on the road and you’ll love it guaranteed.
  9. Bought ours for cheap $1500 BUT mice had lived in it for 2+ years just sitting there. 100+ hours later good to go. I echo what Linda said, check every nook and cranny, better to do it right once. Here are some before and after. Since done been on a few 4000+ miles trips! Enjoy it’s a labor of love
  10. Your dad had good taste in RV's! I'd say its worth between $5-$10K depending on how it runs etc.
  11. Great idea getting it back on the road. Should be easy getting it back running, then looking over the coach. $5k is a high estimate I would say. Good luck have fun
  12. The sulfur smell was the hot water tank. We usually don’t use hot water and it has been sitting in the tank for a while now. I emptied the tank and the smell is gone.
  13. We are staying at a campground for a few nights and the water smells like sulfur. Has anyone had a water purifier that has worked to break down smells etc.? Thanks, Jed
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