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  1. Under what driving conditions is it correct to take the OD off? We are heading to FL next month from Maine and going through some hills, long stretches of flat etc. about 4K miles total. We will be on 95 mostly. Thanks
  2. Wondering what others are doing if anything for a surge protector? We are heading to the keys in April and want to see if they are necessary?
  3. I'm thinking of putting it on on the back side of under the sink, not sure if being that close to the water heater and furnace will be an issue if we get to splash around too much. I could put it out behind like over the right side taillight.
  4. Thinking of installing an outdoor shower on my 93 Dolphin. The installation isn’t the question it’s more of where is the best place to put it, any ideas...
  5. If you stay away from the automatic transmission your going to limit yourself greatly
  6. If you want to replace it entirely yes, You had said you wanted to just wire in trailer lights....
  7. Can’t help you with a diagram but your right in just tying into the tail lights, quite easy even in a parking lot. Good luck
  8. Could need door pins. I’ve also found that when someone locks their keys in the cab and tries to put a wedge where you are having an issue, sometimes the door frame bends too much and doesn’t go back to original.
  9. I have about 45 psi in the rear airbags, should I leave it or deflate them for winter storage?
  10. How much is it? It seems like just in the past 2-3 months they have been asking wicked high prices. Ditto what Ctgriffi wrote. Look and look again for leaks etc. everything else is pretty much a buy/install situation. Good luck
  11. Should I just get a Co2 detector or a combo co2/propane one, Any suggestions on a decent one to buy? This one looks good
  12. Any harm in not getting a detector?
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