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    Classic cars, Harleys, camping. I love taking something old and making it spot on.

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    Title say 86 but date on outside wall says 10/85. So it's a RARE one hahaha.

    I bought it a week ago. 5/15/18. 21 footer all original decent interior l. Onan 3.0 genstart. Roof top A/C and in the cab, Automatic, 2.4 22RE, 6 lug dually rear end. Bathroom in the rear model.
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  1. All good ideas thank you. the epoxy seems pretty easy. So does pop riveting another piece if I can find the same. i was also wondering maybe getting a small piece of aluminum and bending it to match the existing siding and using the aluminum filler rods you melt on with a torch. I would of course pull off the panel prior to throwing a flame to it hahaha.
  2. Anyone got any ideas on how to make this hole/crack look like new or close to without replacing the siding? ive used flex seal in the past (recommended by Linda, thank you again) but I feel this area has so much moment when traveling flex seal won’t hold up in the long run, and it’s a large area on the driver side. The passenger side is not as bad. So I thought I’d ask
  3. Yea it has the screw. I’m just gonna make a metal one. Thank you Linda. Ctgriffi, no it’s not like that one.
  4. Anyone know the part number for these lenses for I need one too. Lol
  5. I use to paint houses so I’m pretty good at running a clean caulk line with no boogers. Another tip is use a little simple green on your fingers that will help keep it clean.
  6. I do have 1 more questions I have tan plastic piping stuff in between the cabinets and the ceiling, would you just cut that out and caulk it in for a nice corner or what?
  7. Thank you Linda. That all makes sense. I’ll definitely use kilz primer. A accent color does sound like the right thing to do .
  8. Well I would like them painted, but more than anything I want to keep resale value in mind.
  9. Let me ask everyone. I’ve been considering painting my cabinets in my Rv a nice grey color. But I’m wondering do you think it hurts the value or adds to the value? So I’m asking all of you what do you think? If you were in the market would you like to see the original wood panel cabinets or nicely painted ones? the current condition of mine isn’t perfect but not bad some scuffs here and there, but overall I’d say they are 90%ers
  10. Hey all, hope all of you are doing well. I picked up a couple Toyota RVs one being a 16ft Toyota Cal Camp from 1977 and the other being a 1983 Dolphin. I have a question on the older Cal Camp I only see a black water tank and a fresh water tank. No grey water. Was wonder did they not have a grey water tank installed in 77 and it all just went into the black water tank?
  11. I wonder how much they will run
  12. Hahahah. I need to get my cab AC fixed in mine. It blows cold but makes a weird rattle/clinking noise from the compressor when I turn it on. Definitely not right so I just leave it off for now.
  13. That’s what I’m thinking as well. BTW seen aSunrader here in Reno the other day pulling out of In N Out Burger a lady and her husband I assume and wondered if it was you LOL. This Sunrader appeared to be a 4x4 too had California plates
  14. Can anyone else confirm this? My brother sent this pic to me from Facebook showing a water filter at the hookup of the fresh water tank. I think its BS but I’ve been wrong before. Can anyone confirm this?
  15. My bathroom vent doesn’t really have a fan. It’s just a little 4”x4” cpu fan PO installed. I thought about putting a maxxfan in there, but felt it was too far back to be of good use. I’d really like to put one in above the upper bunk but it’s way to big is around 20x20 or so( escape hatch)
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