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  1. Great answer. I will fill it to the top today. Thanks
  2. I have about a quarter tank left. Is it necessary to fill it up all the way before i put it away for a extended period of time? Not sure if i need to.
  3. Thank you to all who gave me good advice. I went down to my Walmart, sure enough they had a few in stock. I purchased the EverStart deep cycle maxx marine and rv 24 dc. $75 dollars, out the door for the truck and 130 dollars for the coach .
  4. Good to know. I looked online at walmart and it read out of stock. Now i will check at store . Thank You.
  5. Need to purchase a coach battery. A few people recommend the EverStart maxx marine and rv group 24dc . Walmart is out of stock. I wonder why ?. Any other good one's i should think about ?.
  6. ๐Ÿ˜ Curious if anybody has any idea around how many Toyota motorhomes were made, how many might still be on the road today ?. Wonder how many ended up in a scrap yard or are still in some back yard.
  7. Wish I could have found a Toyota motorhome with low miles at the time I was searching for one. Ended up purchasing one with 125,000 miles with no past service records. Will see how many more miles it can go. It's a 1991 Itasca with V-6.
  8. ๐Ÿ™‚Listed on Portland Oregon Craigslist. Nicest I have ever seen. Lowest mileage I have ever heard of. Check it out.
  9. Six feet apart in a campground is a bit to close for our comfort. We will start our journey through campgrounds for the first time this spring on the west coast. Hope we can find some spots that are not full or so close together. Would love to hear some more about campgrounds.
  10. Thank you Linda, Nice to know that a majority do allow our older Toyota motorhomes. We will stay away from the RV resorts.
  11. New to camping this spring in our first motorhome . A 91 Toyota Itasca. Curious as to what campgrounds will not allow older rv's ?. Are there a lot of them ?. Did not realize this could be a problem depending on where we go.๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. I took your advice Linda and went with a heavy duty tarp that covers the entire roof. My two vents and air conditioner line up in the middle of roof for good water run off. Will keep up with any snow removal as needed this winter until I build a carport in the spring. We park it for the winter in eastern Washington where there is a lot less snow in the winter. Too bad know one makes a cover for our Toyota. We would of purchased one. I wonder how many others would ?.
  13. Has anyone purchased a RV cover for your Toyota motorhome recently? Any recommendations? Winter is near and I do not have a garage or carport. I would think that a full cover would be better than just a tarp on the roof. What do you think?
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