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  1. Greetings and thank you for this wonderful site. Appreciate you sharing your vast toyota motorhome knowledge (like wow). “You” being all you great people who monitor, check and answer our questions First time buyer of RV. Went and bought that little sunrader that needs a lot of work. Good news is that it was a pretty good price. on to my question: looking for best way to deal with this rooftop “antenna?” Not sure what it is , but thought i better ask before i go and try to work on it? What would i find if I scrape at it. Can i remount with butyl tape or rip it off and fiberglass the h
  2. Thanks neubie. Guess i will keep on looking and hoping
  3. Hope my reply didnt seem smart *** . I appreicate your time to check the photos and give me advice, not to mention all the work you do as the forum moderator thanks,
  4. Trust your advice but my bubble is burst . Did you happen to see this one in person. The shower closet is still in tact. Not trying to change your mind just wanting to be educated
  5. hello everyone great site and i have learned lots from you all ( along with some good laughs) so thanks and thanks again. Trying to find “my” sunrader. Going to look at one this weekend so hoping to get some input on whats up on this roof. Too much to fix? Inside was gutted and all appliances are gone. Someone even tore out the shower/toilet. Poor little sunrader. Thanks for your thoughts. Hope the photos load- first try.
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