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    • If you have to tow the MH with the rear wheel on the ground you MUST remove the drive shaft OR remove the rear axles.  Failure to do this will ruin the transmission. Don't forget to plug the holes so the oil doesn't drain out of the rear end or transmission.

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    • An RV water system is only so complex. Trace every single water line from origin to end and you should be able to find the leak. Try it with the pump on/off and the faucets open/closed, try hooked to city water, try with water tanks empty/full, etc etc 

    • This is still driving me nuts. I took it to an RV repair place that I have used before but they could not even be bothered to plug in a water line. Their diagnosis was a leaking water heater. 

      Well, I went camping this weekend and got my fingers as far under the water heater tank as is possible. No water present. Interestingly, likely due to the angle of the camp site, the water was dripping off the passenger rear corner this time. Again a steady drip about one drip every two seconds. I'm very glad that I did not give in to the temptation to order a new heater before I went!

      There is no sign of water inside around any of the plumbing that I can see or feel. There was a less frequent drip half way along the back bumper area but impossible to tell where it was coming from.


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