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How To Ad Your Pictures To A Post

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There are two ways to ad a picture to your post.


To add a picture to a post you must first up load your picture to a web space or picture hosting web site. Your internet connection provider may give you web space as part of your connection package. You would then use the "IMG" button at the top of the post window and enter the full url of where the picture is located.

For example. I am going to add the picture gre2.jpg. The complete url is http://www.toyotamotorhomes.com/images/gre2.jpg

I will now press the IMG buttom and enter that url into the box


You should see my rig and Lady Bug.


Down below the text post window you will see some more emoticons, below that is a browse button. Click on that and you can select an image from your hard drive. Then click on add this attachment. Once you have done that another selection will open below the browse button, on the far right click on add into post

Thats it


Hope that helps



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There are two ways to ad an image to a post. The first is as an attatchment. Down towards the bottom you will see a "file attachments" Simply browse for the image on your hard drive and select it. Then click "add this attachment". Now you have two options, one it will just be a link in the post or two click "add into post". The latter will ad a thumbnail image where ever the curser is located. like here post-1-1141342076_thumb.jpg which viewers can click on for a larger view.

The second way is to first upload your image to somewhere such as your own web space or to our gallery. A hint here, do the uploading first to where you would store your image as it makes this next step easier. So now that your image is somewhere on the internet, view it in internet explorer or your favorite browser. Right click the image and select properties. In the properties window you should see an address url. At the top of the post window you will see a small green tree icon. CLicking on that will open a window where you can insert the address url. Shoult be something like this http://www.myweb.com/mypick.jpg etc. simply enter that address url info into the box and select ok. If all is right you will see an image like below. Also remember that you can preview your post before you submit it to make sure it looks good. :sorcerer:


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Hey Greg!

My neighbor was asking about some toyota motorhomes and I pointed him to your website.

About a week later I asked if he had visited and he said yes, but couldn't see any of the pictures ppl were referring to in their topics. I of course told him he had to register to see the "attachments" or pics.

This got me to thinking that the boards should enable the "download" permission for the guest user group thus allowing visitors to see the attachments. Not that they can't join, but myself included, I very often browse other websites and look at pictures/attachments without wanting to necessarily join at that time.


The How to section btw has these user group settings for "downloads" I am referring to.

K.. just shootin the breeze and inquiring about this.

btw, Have you got your place battened down for the winter? You guys up there got quite a bit of rain last year.. tho it seemed like most of it came late March-May

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