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I was in the local Toyota Dealership today and asked the Service Manager if my 91 had the special service campaign relating to head gasket done.


Turns out that it did on 2 26 98 at Gocsh Toyota in California.


That is good to know...

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Our ‘91 had the recall work done in 2010,
Previous owner (rip) even returned in 2010, and asked to have the clearances checked. They did a compression test instead, but am pretty sure they fudged the numbers…


It’s too bad the dealership couldn’t ever manage to check the valve clearances, is recommended every 30k on this engine. The exhaust were all at least .004 under tolerance (.008-.013), except for that one, which was 0, hence the extra low compression on that cylinder.
Great recall, thanks for nothing, all had to come apart again after only 2,000 miles to have the exhaust valves/springs replaced.

Exhaust valves rely on their contact with the head for cooling, heads and especially the valves showed enhanced wear.

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The V6 calls for checking valve clearance every 60,000 miles.   I have only heard one person say that when checked they did not need adjusting.  He did say he suspected they were adjusted before he bought it. 

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Shimmed valve heads are not for the faint of heart! Hopefully a good shop  has some one with a clue. I learned decades ago on Jaguar's they were a pain, measure, remove the cams, replace the shim to the proper size, reassemble check them again! The shim was the size of a dime it fit on top of the valve stem under the bucket the were sized for A to Z each letter was a different size! The concept of a shim valve is good because (it says here in the fine print) every thing wares at the same rate the only variable is valve stretch.

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