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Fuel tank volume

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The clay is used to check the distance the fuel pick up is off the bottom of the tank.

If the pick up distance is 1" then you are leaving a few gallons of fuel in the tank when you "run out". If the distance is 3/16" then you are really out when the engine quits.

Use the clay to see how far things are, adjust (bend) the pick up tube till the pick up tube is 3/16". Remove the clay and use new gaskets to reinstall the pickup/sender unit.

The pick up has a sock filter on to protect the pump from garbage, but you really need to check that the inside of your tank is clean as a first step before doing anything to your fuel system. The 22RE has a "life time" fuel filter on the engine, but a load of bad fuel will kill it just as fast as it will kill a normal filter. So try to buy fuel from high volume retailers

You will learn a whole new vocabulary if you have to change the EFI filter. 


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