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  1. I'll look but most Winnebago parts are proprietary meaning made just for them. If you can remove the pan without breaking it you could fiberglass the underside to reinforce it. If you do try that cover the inside with duct tape. Might help prevent it from cracking. Little cracks you can just fiberglass over. Linda S
  2. Check out Reynolds rv repair off route 36 in Alton. Linda S
  3. Yes I just saw a video about this Boaterhome. The owners dad bought it brand new. Been in the family all that time. Looks like a James Bond vehicle. Very cool Linda
  4. And I've already got 2 Sunraders. One of which has sat for years and I have to redo it all over. Linda
  5. I always did love those Scotty's. Maybe because my name is Scott? The Explorers though have come a step up. The small one is a fiberglass wonder. Definitely on my Lotto wish list Linda S
  6. Interesting video explains how to diagnose the problems. Other parts can make the EGR not work properly (1) How to test Toyota EGR System(VSV, Vacuum Modulator, EGR valve) - YouTube Linda S
  7. You pass the test. This posted hours ago on a Facebook site with Toyota motorhomes for sale. Sounds decent and good price. Not right near you but at least on the east coast. South Carolina *Vintage 1990 Winnebago Toyota RV, 120,000 miles, rebuilt V6 engine, new truck battery, new coach battery, factory installed Onan generator, hot water, factory recall, 6 lug wheel, refrigerator, AC, Located in SC, $12,500 - Call 803-606-3892 On a Facebook site so I can't show the pics. Toyota RV For Sale Community 2.0 | Facebook Linda S Might have some ceiling droop. Call for better pics
  8. We all know the trials and tribulations of buying such an old motorhome. I strongly don't recommend it for someone who hasn't even done the research to know what engine is what. Sellers lie and no matter how hard you try there is still always something that needs fixing or will soon. Sorry SKSmall this is not the RV for you Linda S
  9. Power starts at rear passenger side taillights. Not from taillights directly but from same wires that supply them. If rear clearance lights and taillights work, the break is somewhere behind upper drivers side cabinets. Front lights must work when you give power or it gets more complicated Linda S
  10. If there's no power there, link wires to front to a 12 volt source and see if they light up. Don't drop any of those wires. I don't know how hard it would be to fish them back out. Tape them to camper wall before you cut anything Linda S
  11. The wires going to the front clearance lights can be found behind the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Not too hard to remove but be careful. You're not going to find a new cabinet to replace it Linda S
  12. I found it when I was searching for a transmission for someone else. It's from car-part.com but they rarely have pictures. I just happened to already know it was there. Linda S
  13. Well I kind of found one. Right next to the Dolphin on the side. Wouldn't hurt to call and see if they will take it off and ship it. Doesn't look bent. It's here Marsh Auto Salvage | Pittsburgh Area Salvage Yard | Used Parts (auto-parts-salvage.com) Only new one I could find that's close would probably need The cut out on your camper to be adjusted but I don't think too much. Newmar RV Dometic Refrigerator Side Vent White | Integrity RV Parts Linda S
  14. Give me measurements including the whole frame and just the door. Linda S
  15. Show me link to your group Linda S
  16. Yours is an 87. Does it have the interior roof beam? Mine is an 86 so it doesn't have it but most 87 and up do. Between bath and AC unit. Makes roof stronger Linda S
  17. I have laid on my roof and scrubbed it with barkeepers more times than I can count. When I first bought my Sunrader I weighed over 200lbs so the roof can take it. Not standing up is the safest for the roof and you. I did fall off once. Yikes. Onto concrete driveway. I'm old but I lived. Linda S Wow I just realized I could make millions selling the Sunrader diet. Lost 80 lbs cleaning that damn rig
  18. LA is probably your best place to find a mechanic. Ask the guys at the minitruck place. Bet they can recommend someone. If not you're looking for a small shop. If they have the money to advertise they cost too much. Shops that get all their customers from word of mouth are successful because they do good work. Mexicans like Toyota's too. I heard a while back that used parts were getting hard to find in southern Cal because they were all being shipped to Mexico. How do you feel about Tijuana. Linda S
  19. If they have the engine you need they will install it. They don't do RV repair, just mechanical and only for parts purchased from them Linda S
  20. Check your wheelbase. Pretty sure it's 112. So, grasshopper, more than Herculean. Just the frame would be a frame off restoration. Are you equipped for that? Engine, front end, steering, cab, all electrics would have to be installed. Just to move your camper to another truck you can use any long bed, regular cab truck from 1985 to 1994 or 95 not sure what year the fuel filler changed sides. Yes you can move your dually over to the new truck but most of them will have 15 inch wheels. Maybe you should save yours. Best case scenario would to get a V6 4x4 but then your going to need to buy custom 15 inch dually wheels, about 250 each plus shipping from California. No 14 inch wheels with 4x4 lug pattern and wheels must match Or you could see about reinforcing your existing frame. It can be done. I've seen it on a crazy Sunrader with articulating suspension. A true overland camper Probably cost thousands less than the new truck option Linda S Bajadulce's thread is the best here to show you what's involved
  21. No one that I know of is making these. The Mirage is so rare there just isn't enough demand for someone to continue doing it. Best case scenario is to find someone who does custom plexiglass molding. You would have to remove the windows first and probably send them somewhere if you found someone. If they are severely cracked you would need to glue them back together before you removed them, super glue very carefully in the cracks. All this will be expensive and time consuming and if the company you find does a bad job you're going to end up with no windows at all Linda S
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