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  1. I<3myEscaper

    4wd Sunrader conversion

    I considered the same build until I decided I ultimately would not find the sunrader shell I wanted for the price I wanted to spend. A frame rail extension should be simple for someone able to complete all of the other work you mentioned. I understand wanting to do the motor swap and keeping the rest of the Toyota but you're probably going to get some hate from Toyota-fanatics. Obviously these swaps have been done in many other Toyota's and a sunrader is no different considering its the same base truck as pick ups.
  2. I<3myEscaper

    Dolphin in the snow.. thing is a tank

    That's awesome, the push bar looks great.
  3. I<3myEscaper

    I have officially left the Toyota club

    Thanks Linda! I wish the B190 forum had as active a community at this forum. That Gypsy has a huge topper on it! I believe that was a few years before they brought the topper size down a bit smaller. I know airstream had a topper a bit larger than mine for the years before it. I was still amazed that the airstream has more headroom than my Escaper did!
  4. After having my 1987 Escaper and doing plenty of work on it (which I have posted most of on here), I have sold the rig. I've gone without a camper for a couple years now but I just recently picked up a new project. It is a 1991 Ford Airstream model B190. I have decided on this camper as it is a bit more agile, more powerful, and a bit more capable. I will miss my Escaper dearly but look forward to my new project. I was initially going to build a 4x4 Sunrader from a 2wd sunrader but it was not looking like I was going to be able to find the starter rig I wanted. I searched craigslist all over the country and was never able to find the right rig. I came across this van cheap and jumped on it. I found a new forum for the van but it does not appear to be very active . I will still be posting on here as I love this forum but I am sure people do not want to hear too much about my B190! Anyways, here is a photo of it as it sits now before any work. I have completely stripped the interior 100% and will be building a fully custom coach. I will also be slightly lifting it (yes I am aware of the roll over risk of vans), and doing plenty of other custom work. Can you believe this thing has a 7.5 460? Goodbye 18 mpg I was getting in my Escaper!
  5. I<3myEscaper

    AC/Heat Blower in the cab stopped working

    You could also see if the A/C compressor is turning on under the hood when you switch the air conditioning on. This will further confirm your bad blower fuse but ensure the rest of the system is normal.
  6. Every component of my engine and water coolant system were brand new and i reached 3/4 climbing mountains and on hot hot days (107'+).
  7. I<3myEscaper

    Time To Sell

    Definitely. Unfortunately it rusted due to a leaky pop off valve!
  8. I<3myEscaper

    Time To Sell

    http://www.toyotamotorhome.org/classifieds/listing/2232/1987_Toyota_Escaper_micro_mini_motorhome.html make an offer!
  9. I<3myEscaper

    Time To Sell

    I'm sad to have to sell it. I had to come back home to Florida due to unforeseen circumstances and no longer am able to travel as long as I planned. The Escaper is listed on my local craigslist as well as Ebay and I hope it finds a good owner!
  10. I<3myEscaper

    Time To Sell

    I've had a great time with my Escaper and this community. I put a lot of work and money into the truck and it treated me well driving it over 9,000 miles all over the country. The time has come for me to sell it and move on with other life adventures. This was an awesome forum and I'm sure I will still be on it often. Thanks for all the help and kind words. This forum was an essential to the Toyota motorhome community and to myself long before purchasing a rig and the entire time owning it. My Escaper will be missed!
  11. If it's the same CSF I have, it's 3 row.
  12. I<3myEscaper

    Replacing My Interior Lights With Lcd

    You could just do what most of us have done and order simple LED lights from Ebay and install them yourself if you are somewhat handy, they are cheap and work awesome.
  13. I<3myEscaper

    Looking For Experienced Confidence

    Ann, don't let the what ifs stop you. I have been traveling in my 87 Escaper for the last 3 months. I started in Tampa, FL and am typing this from a Mcdonalds in Wasco, Oregon around 3,000 miles from home. My Escaper has been awesome the entire time, but I would expect it to considering I built the entire motor before leaving and tuned up just about every single other system in the truck. My problems so far have been over heating from the radiator the last owner put in it being a cheap one, not efficient enough to cool the truck. I changed the radiator out in a Walmart parking lot somewhere in Wyoming with a high performance radiator I had ordered and waiting for me when I got to the city. I have had one flat tire which I patched on location. My generator exhaust came apart and the generator was running rough so I put a new muffler on it, and a new carb somewhere in Wyoming as well. The only thing I could not do was climb Pikes Peak and that was dumb on my part considering I have 400 pounds of motorcycle strapped to my back bumper. If you or your traveling partners are not mechanical handy, remember the mechanics of these RVs are simple old Toyota pick up trucks. Motors do not get much more simple than a Toyota 22RE. Just about any mechanic can fix these things and parts are plentiful. Just remember never take it to an RV only place (camper world, etc), these places charge absolutely insane prices and usually are booked up for a few months before they will even look at your rig. I have not hit any hills other than Pikes peak that I could not climb, like everyone has said, drop it down to a low gear, put your flashers on, and chug along.
  14. I<3myEscaper

    I Owe An Apology Here....

    I got lucky with my Escaper, the previous owners seemed to care for her. It had all prior maintenance papers, a new generator installed, oil change logs, and is in generally great shape inside.
  15. I<3myEscaper

    Weight And Tire Jack

    I'm currently living on the road going on over two months now and over 2,000 miles from where I left. I left with all brand new tires including the spare, it gives peace of mind indeed. I did get a nice sized bolt in one of my tires in Texas. Luckily it was right in the middle of the tire and happened in a gas station parking lot. I patched it without having to remove it from the truck and aired it up, no problems since. I also invested in a small 120v air compressor that I use for my tires and air bags.