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  1. 4wd Sunrader conversion

    I considered the same build until I decided I ultimately would not find the sunrader shell I wanted for the price I wanted to spend. A frame rail extension should be simple for someone able to complete all of the other work you mentioned. I understand wanting to do the motor swap and keeping the rest of the Toyota but you're probably going to get some hate from Toyota-fanatics. Obviously these swaps have been done in many other Toyota's and a sunrader is no different considering its the same base truck as pick ups.
  2. Dolphin in the snow.. thing is a tank

    That's awesome, the push bar looks great.
  3. I have officially left the Toyota club

    Thanks Linda! I wish the B190 forum had as active a community at this forum. That Gypsy has a huge topper on it! I believe that was a few years before they brought the topper size down a bit smaller. I know airstream had a topper a bit larger than mine for the years before it. I was still amazed that the airstream has more headroom than my Escaper did!
  4. I purchased a small Nissan pick up truck. At some time in its past it had a leak in the heater coil, they thought they could repair the leak by pouring some type of "stop leak" into the coolant system. Long story short, the stop leak stuff completely clogged the trucks radiator. I flushed the coolant system out and had the radiator taken apart and professionally cleaned by a radiator shop, the radiator was functioning at about 30% with the rest clogged by "stop leak". Stay away from that stuff. Get the head gasket taken care of and have the head surface refinished as it is likely warped and now is the time to fix it if you want a proper fix that won't eventually blow another gasket. When I did the head gasket in my Toyota, I had the head as well as the block refinished to have a true surface on both.
  5. After having my 1987 Escaper and doing plenty of work on it (which I have posted most of on here), I have sold the rig. I've gone without a camper for a couple years now but I just recently picked up a new project. It is a 1991 Ford Airstream model B190. I have decided on this camper as it is a bit more agile, more powerful, and a bit more capable. I will miss my Escaper dearly but look forward to my new project. I was initially going to build a 4x4 Sunrader from a 2wd sunrader but it was not looking like I was going to be able to find the starter rig I wanted. I searched craigslist all over the country and was never able to find the right rig. I came across this van cheap and jumped on it. I found a new forum for the van but it does not appear to be very active . I will still be posting on here as I love this forum but I am sure people do not want to hear too much about my B190! Anyways, here is a photo of it as it sits now before any work. I have completely stripped the interior 100% and will be building a fully custom coach. I will also be slightly lifting it (yes I am aware of the roll over risk of vans), and doing plenty of other custom work. Can you believe this thing has a 7.5 460? Goodbye 18 mpg I was getting in my Escaper!
  6. AC/Heat Blower in the cab stopped working

    You could also see if the A/C compressor is turning on under the hood when you switch the air conditioning on. This will further confirm your bad blower fuse but ensure the rest of the system is normal.
  7. Its One Thing Or Another

    I had the same thing happen to my Escaper but after welding something on it and forgetting to unhook the aux battery. I unhooked the battery for a few days and it seemed to fix itself. It sound like a whole different problem area coming from the ac. As jdfrost64 said, does it shut off if you have the blower off?
  8. Every component of my engine and water coolant system were brand new and i reached 3/4 climbing mountains and on hot hot days (107'+).
  9. Time To Sell

    Definitely. Unfortunately it rusted due to a leaky pop off valve!
  10. Time To Sell

    http://www.toyotamotorhome.org/classifieds/listing/2232/1987_Toyota_Escaper_micro_mini_motorhome.html make an offer!
  11. Time To Sell

    I'm sad to have to sell it. I had to come back home to Florida due to unforeseen circumstances and no longer am able to travel as long as I planned. The Escaper is listed on my local craigslist as well as Ebay and I hope it finds a good owner!
  12. Time To Sell

    I've had a great time with my Escaper and this community. I put a lot of work and money into the truck and it treated me well driving it over 9,000 miles all over the country. The time has come for me to sell it and move on with other life adventures. This was an awesome forum and I'm sure I will still be on it often. Thanks for all the help and kind words. This forum was an essential to the Toyota motorhome community and to myself long before purchasing a rig and the entire time owning it. My Escaper will be missed!
  13. Keeping Refer Cold

    I assume my refrigerator is the stock one in my Toyota (Sibir). I've been on the road a little over 3 months and when I was in the mountains and cooler temps it got very cold, it would freeze eggs at night. Now I am in New Mexico and the temp has hit 100+ a few times and the refrigerator had no chance at that, it was pretty much warm. Warm enough I threw out my bacon and other goods. Something I do that helps is freeze a water bottle or two at night in the freezer (which is usually cold enough) and then in the day time half way through the day I put the frozen bottles in the bottom of refrigerator to keep stuff cool. It has helped me so far. If it is getting so warm you are afraid of losing food, stop at a gas station and buy a cold gallon of water and put it in, that helps a little too. I drive with my pilot light on, I literally haven't turned it off except to refill propane in months. It has never gone out on me but it has a little metal window that slides over which looks to block out all moving air from outside.
  14. Mine was leaking too before I built the motor, I went to loosen the bolts and snapped two off. It now has all new bolts, filter, and gasket, and has been leak proof for 4,000+ miles now.
  15. Roof Ac Wont Run On Generator

    It might be a little off topic but when my generator was running low on oil if i tried to start the AC the generator would bog down and/ or stall. The generator would then eventually not start at all due to the low oil switch. Filling it with fresh oil took care of the problem.