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  1. Got a bit further on the project. We started out by completely disassembling the bench seat to see how far back the floor rot went. We dove right in and just started to unscrew everything and figure out everything that was under that bench. Looked like the fresh water holding tank, the water pump, the cutout for the battery and the generator were all housed underneath. We decided to take out the water holding tank first because that was taking up the majority of the space and would clue us unto the condition of the floor. That was pretty simple, just loosinging all the water hoses that wen
  2. Looks awesome! I like the idea of painting the ladder with Bed liner paint. I'm just getting started on my 87 travelmaster.
  3. I bought my 1987 Toyota Travelmaster about two weeks ago. One of the first things that i noticed when i was looking at the camper was the floor flexed quite a bit when walking through the the walkway. The floor was covered with the original carpeting so I was not sure what to expect underneath. There were three metal mounts in the floor where the legs of tables fit into and when the tables were in place they would wobble quite a bit on account of the flexy, spongy feeling floor. I started the floor project a few days back by just taking a razor to the carpet and started cutting. All the
  4. I'm currently working on a very similar project. This is a great resource for me. My interior is exactly the same as yours! Did you put the plywood over the existing floor? Mine has quite a bit of rot and the top layer of wood needs to be torn out and replaced.
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