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  1. It will likely be near the converter box.
  2. It is very rare to buy a used vehicle th at doesnt have shocks that are worn. Almost no one getting rid of a vehicle wants to invest like that. The exception is a sports car they will actually have new shocks but nothing else sometimes. Mine has bilstein hds that are not new but not oe so they probably have 30k miles on them.
  3. Ive sold a lot of cars. a lot of buyers have asked me what the gas mileage is they honestly having no idea The orign of the toyota motorhome gas mileage is there are no epa numbers to go by just the trucks. I think the trucks got 22 mpg. I think i have seen craigslist ads linking to the epa numbers of a toyota ickup.
  4. I put in new plugs and wires. It makes a difference but i still have some roughness in the idle.
  5. Our unofficial estimate is that this swap will give you 1 to 2 mpg in a toyhome I estimate a five speed swap will do a little better and be cheaper If you have an engine swap budget throw in a 3rz from a modern tacomA
  6. None they went out of business in 2009. Then again how often are solar panels returned under warranty? Almost never. I really have never heard of one wearing out. Dont spend a lot of money on warrantys for solar panels thats for suckers.
  7. Im considering selling my lp fridge if they remove it.
  8. One of the coolest toyhomes I have seen is an americana with the roof replaced by a giant skylight.
  9. This is a unisolar panel. Sticks on. Wire goes down the exhaust tube on the other side to the closet where the controller is then another hole through thr closet goes to the battery bay. 120 watts. Ill put two on the roof for 200 watts then a standard 100 watt in front between those two. The problem with unisolars is they are all long and thin but if you made an electrical project of hooking up peices around vents you could cover the whole roof I use two costco size 27 115 amphr batteries but plan to upgrade add 2 golf cart calcium batteries in the mix.
  10. Ya its been rumored for years. When it does come out it will be a lighter miata maybe a perfect rv tow car
  11. Ya the rx7 was supposed to be coming out agai n but got canned. They do still make the motor for sale. The new r 7 was supposed to be based on th miata
  12. Its 3.49 today at uhaul. Not normally that high but not the ideal timeto switch to propane I didnt know the 2013 was the end of thd rx-7. But im sure it will be back I can actually see its niche being a toad car.
  13. I remember them being 100 a year ago they might be somewhere else.
  14. I think if you delete the laptop it wouldI have 136 watts but im going to cut it to 120 so i have twice that size for a laptop and cell phone. The price has gone up shop around for one there might be one Somewhere cheaper So far as weight compared to watts i think its going to weigh less than five pounds. I actually dont think anything else would work You can definitely put a stAndard panel on the side or on thd hood not on the pop top.
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