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  1. Thanks Fred. Your right, of course. With a 26 gallon FW tank and technically 44 gallons of holding tank, I would run out of fresh water long before I had to worry about the tank. Plus I do not take 30 minute showers in my RV shower. My wife and I both take RV showers. Wet and turn off the water while washing, then rinse. I was not really thinking it through. On a water hook up would be the only time I could possibly over flow and if I was hooked up to water I would be in a park and likely use their toilets the most. It is really not a major concern. So when they go back it will be plu
  2. That would be a crappy thing to happen. I guess once I realized my Black water was getting full I would have to pay closer attention to it or dump it. I wish there was a way to put alarms on holding tanks. I use my toilet mostly for a late night bladder dumps and then only if it cold. A 30 gallon tank is really big. I am still thinking it through.
  3. I like the idea that the shower water enters the black water with all the soaps and shampoos. Your thinking of the rinsing with all those soaps would do a good job of cleaning out the black water tank. I wish I knew more about plumbing and that extra vent. It is a hole through the floor I would like to eliminate. Usually they are there to allow someplace for the air to go when draining. But these tanks are not huge and have vents on the other end of the tank. Literally 3 feet away. Thanks for feed back.
  4. I just dropped my water tanks, to work on the floor above, and install my new see level gauges. I noticed something odd to me. Their sizes. My freshwater is 26 gallons, grey is 14 gallons, and the black is 30 gallons. This looks backward on the grey and black. They are from Ronco Plastics and the sizes are stamped on the outside. My shower & sink are plumbed into the grey water and the black only has the toilet. So, for those of you with more experience on these, have you ever seen the shower plumbed into the black water tank? I am considering doing so when I re-install the
  5. Looks really great Jay. I like the indirect lighting and the little shelf. The natural wood is a good look. The state allowed us to open back up so I am back to 13 & 14 hour days. So, it looks like fall before I get much more done, unless I squeeze in a little here and there.
  6. Probably low point drains. Go inside and find the spot where they are draining from and see if there is a valve on them to shut them off. Mine had a small brass valve on them. Close the valve. They are used when you winterize the camper to make sure all the water is out of the lines. I took mine out, because I blow out my line with air and then pump RV antifreeze in.
  7. image.png.50544a98e4018b35cc66a472ad9038e8.png

    1. Brad Brown

      Brad Brown

      I just had mine done custom because I could not find the original decals.  My business licensed Mighty Mouse so I decided to theme my Sunrader around that 

  8. I think the black water tanks can depend upon what has happened to them in the life of the Sunrader. I have read were they were put in from the top. Which if true would mean cutting and fabricate a new holder. Mine has been taken out at some point. I have two bars across the bottom. It looks to me I unbolt them and it will come out. Your would likely be different. Best for someone else to chime in that has seen it done
  9. Sorry to hear of your issues Rick. I hope you get them worked out in time for summer fun. I worked on vehicles for years and our minimum charge was 30 minutes. Guys around here are earning upwards of $80-$100 an hour. That would be $40-50 dollars to do simple greasing. It is getting crazy. Fortunately that kind of stuff is simple with a can of white lithium grease. Good luck. I know you didn't need any more on your plate. Your right buying a Sunrader is not for the feint of heart.
  10. I would keep the test light connected to ground and test each wire coming from the floor. Do them one at a time. Turn on your turn signal and find the wire that flashes the test light like a turn signal. Then connect it to the wire coming from the amber section of your new light. Then do each wire testing as you go. Brake light have some one step on the brake pedal and find the wire that lights up. Connect each wire immediately to the light before moving on or tape and label them so you do not get confused. Do the same with the reverse. Set the emergency brake and put the Sunrader in reverse
  11. I think I screwed up and caused my own problem on the leaks. I had taken the plate off the inside of the ac to put some furring strips on the ceiling. It is a plate with all the electrical and duct in it. I plan to make a change so I did not put it on when I brought my Sunrader home. Since the plate has long screws to it I am pretty sure it sandwiches the roof between the roof mounted and the inside controls/ducts. This would squeeze the gasket and create the seal. I plan to put it back today. It is still raining here so I will know. It looks like the state is going to let me open around
  12. Got my Sunrader out in the sunlight today. First time since October. Front cab is all painted. Decals when the paint fully cures. Likely first week of June. Now that it is at my house it will a lot easier to get some hours in on it. Raining so I see a couple spots leaking around two fixtures. I plan to get it cleaned out and take a garden hose to it to make sure before I start furring out the side walls.
  13. Yeah, it started raining here. I got my Sunrader out of my workshop today and with the rain I found two small leaks. So I am tracking them down.
  14. Chances are if you have a faint light you have a bad ground. On mine I had to follow the wires through the floor under my vehicle and found several crimp connectors that were severely corroded and had to be replaced. Don't worry about that relay at this point. If your lights were working properly before they should work now. Once you get everything working you can replace the relay. Electrical can be tricky but with a basic understanding it is very straight forward on 12v. You have a ground, a load, a switch and a power source. What electricity has to have is a path. The path to groun
  15. Your white wire is the ground. Look on the rear of your Sunrader and match up the wires to the existing lights. The new ones can be in a different order than your existing ones. You shouldn't need a ground terminal. Tie all the existing grounds, looks to be two, to the one coming from the main harness. In your picture it is the white one and it looks like it goes to a black one. You don't need that short wire going to the harness ground. Try to tie them together in a single connector, if you can. I used heat shrink connectors on all my connectors. You should have ground, Turn signal,
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