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  1. Derek up North

    Why a Toyota??

    You just had the wrong Class A! https://rvshare.com/blog/8-awesome-car-carrying-motorhomes-must-see/
  2. Derek up North

    Cushion Layout Schematic?

    Modify to your heart's content. Make a smaller window withing the new inner walls with plexiglass? Or an opening hatch to close after dark? It's just a starting point. I'd also insulate the ceiling and under the bed. IF there's enough headroom in a Sunrader bunk. https://www.andybaird.com/travels/gertie/bedroom.htm
  3. Derek up North

    Cushion Layout Schematic?

    Maybe try this in your bedroom? https://www.andybaird.com/travels/gertie/bedroom.htm
  4. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Those figures are for 'Imperial' Gallons 13 Liters per 100 km = 18.09 U.S. MPG 16.5 Liters per 100 km = 14.26 U.S. MPG Guess it's unlikely we'll get the promised 35mpg then! Darn. I was about to place my order. I am surprised they did so well in soft sand.
  5. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    I had to Google that one! I have a (Swiss) neighbour who used to import ex-Swiss Army Pinzgauers. I'd have been OK for 'support' while at home, but I'm guessing not if in the parking lot @ Autozone.
  6. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Probably note easy. From the little research I did, the engines used in the MHs proposed were never used in vehicles sold by Toyota or Isuzu in North America. " In the U.S. the elf was marketed as the Isuzu NPR and Chevrolet/GMC W series, each available with either the 4HE1 4.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine or GM's L31 Vortec 5.7-liter gas engine and 4L80-E Automatic Transmission." Transmission and steering/brakes/suspension? Maybe. I'm guessing you'd have to become your own expert. I thick some of the JDM resellers with a local presence claim to have spares. Otherwise I guess you're looking at the time and expense to order overseas.
  7. Derek up North

    Locked bathroom door Toyota Sunrader

    I've zero experience with Sunrader door locks, but if all else fails you can always cut a hole in the door. Just do it where you can disguise the 'damage' with a picture or mirror. I recently had to do something similar to break in to a Chevy Trailblazer. All my usual methods failed so I cut a (relatively) neat hole in the (plastic) panel behind the license plate which gave me access to the hatch latch. With the license plate reinstalled, you'd never know it.
  8. Derek up North

    Why a Toyota??

    Any 'gut' feeling for what it costs you to tow the Encore? 0.5mpg? So having the extra room and a tow'd cost you ~$650. ($32/day). Obviously, worth it to some. Ain't it nice having choices?
  9. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    I won't bother repeating the PM I received from our nameless Aussie friend. And I'm not sure what was in the message(s) he claims I removed. If it was removed, it must have been removed by someone else. Now to waste some time removing our friends intellectual posts. Sorry I haven't been 'on duty' the past few hours.
  10. Derek up North

    Sunrader slide in Camper 1979

    6'-2" headroom? OP, could you measure your please. I find it hard to believe because I think that's more than a Sunrader MH. https://bend.craigslist.org/rvs/d/rare-2002-toyota-4x4-sunrader/6696366891.html
  11. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    There are already a (large) number of importers of JDM vehicles in Canada and the USA. I'm sure you've already done a simple Google search. They provide details of specific vehicle they currently offer for sale. "... what has to be done to make them US legal." Very little, AFAIK. Once past 25 years (from date of manufacture, not model year) there's no need to meet EPA (smog) or DOT (safety) requirements. These are not 'Grey Market' vehicles. The only thing that comes to mind that might cause problems to get through a local State safety inspection might be converting the headlights to dip to the 'correct' side to not blind oncoming drivers. It would probably be difficult to source headlight units to accomplish this. JapanRVs, I've a more than passing knowledge of importing cars. Even a bit about doing in to Australia and NZ. Much easier to NA than there. We don't even mind if there's still a bit of asbestos in them.
  12. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    So, high $20s ($29.999) for a 3.1l Isuzu that we don't want. So how much for something we do want? And are you talking US$? And which of the models will give 35mpg (Imperial, I assume) you quoted? I strongly suspect that is somewhat 'optimistic'. I don't suppose you have any independent test reports to back up that claim?
  13. Derek up North

    Would anyone want this camper for parts?

    The OP han't logged in since August 14th. You could try to send him a PM.
  14. Derek up North

    My "new" RV 1984 18' Sunrader/ Engine swap poll

    Could be made to look more balanced and less 'tacked-on' with some fiberglass work.
  15. Derek up North

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Yes, testimonials exclusively from Oz and NZ.