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  1. Hello, I hope I'm not bothering you ; I just picked up a 1990 6cyl. Toyota RV , and I need to be ''educated'' on it. I live in Qualicum bch, and I hope to find other toy. owners near me that can school me on all the systems , and maybe show me some ways to improve my unit, I would be grateful for any help , or advice. Thank you  Joe

    1. cruisecontrol


      Hi, I’m also the owner of a 1990 v6 slumber queen, still ironing out its various issues. Do you happen to know the height of yours, including the a/c unit if you have one?

      thanks, and I hope you are enjoying yours in this hot summer we are having!

      I’m in Vancouver !

  2. Not sure if this is the right forum for this subject, but here goes anyway. This past week, our frig finally gave out running on electric. It was a switch cog and would have cost over $600 with labour etc. to fix. 3 years ago we had to replace a thermostat. That said, we decided, rather than repair yet again, and how long before something else went on the old frig (1992) we bit the bullet and bought a new one. We were happy with the installed price - much better than what we expected. It has a two year warranty.
  3. Plywood floors under carpet were fine. Not sure if there was a sub-floor. The only small problem was that the vinyl flooring in the galley area was slightly higher than the floor either side of it. We laid pieces of the thin vinyl to make a tiny ramp either side which worked just fine. Hardly noticable!
  4. Hopefully our service guy will fix the right thing, rather than the most expensive. He suspects the element. Fixing the rotary switch contacts might be a less expensive fix?
  5. Dometic RM 2410. WE were plugged in for several days, with no problem, not moving. Just suddenly quit. So it's unlikely to be the plug. We had the thermostat replaced about 4 years ago, so hopefully isn't that again!
  6. Last night, sometime during the evening, our frig electric quit. We were plugged into 'shore power' at the time, and only other thing on shore power at the time was t.v. That didn't turn off. Turned to Gas operation and frig cooled off overnight. Question - is there a fuse that might have blown? If so, where would it be?
  7. Anywhere at the south end of Maple Way or thereabouts should work work.
  8. Did the exact same thing in Hope 3 years ago. Left keys too. Since then the gas cap key stays with the ignition key. So, can't start the truck unless the cap is locked and the key is with you. We called the gas station in Hope and they had them. Had my granddaughter pick them up for us later the same day. When she got home with them, we discovered that the keys were ours but the gas cap was not: it was actually an oil cap. So off to Canadian Tire for a new locking gas cap. No problem. Identical key? Probably.
  9. Do we have a date yet? Here it is mid July already and we miss y'all! Hopefully September will be a good time to meet, although if suspect some people might b back to school
  10. Hi Steve, Ron cut the carpet out (with great difficulty) using a curved blade carpet knife, along the edges without removing the couch or the dinette seating. In the rear bathroom, he did remove the toilet. He caulked around the edges of the new flooring then put trim on using a nail gun. The finished product looks really good. We used vinyl plank flooring and managed to do the whole thing with just two boxes. Good luck with your project.
  11. Hope the date change doesn't make it impossible for some to make it!
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