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  1. So this here is what the floor looks like. Is the hotwater shower unit supposed to come up from same place as the toilet??
  2. It wasn't too too much. I just saw a tutorial on how to switch out the steering fluid with a turkey baster. That would probably work I bet.
  3. So I finally got to test drive this unit I'm thinking of buying. The brakes seemed a bit slow to respond. Not sure if that's just old style where you have to pump a bit harder to stop. Next the steering had a bit of sound when turning. Otherwise engine sounds very good. Do those sound like major issues to you folks? I added a bit of brake fluid to top off. Maybe it's a bit better. Guy said there was brake job done 3 years ago.
  4. So, here's a little update. I do order from Campingworld by telephono. And seems like the best deal. Hopefully it's not crazy inflation at the border. Probably is knowing my country. But will see. The sales agent, Amber, was nice. Just wanna say thanks for the support in figuring this out. I would have been hooped without you all. Thanks.
  5. Looks the link you provided is only for American deliveries. Does this look like the same thing? https://www.amazon.ca/Suburban-5054A-Water-Heaters-Gallon/dp/B002SSEXJG/
  6. That's awesome and good news. I'm in Canada and the border is closed so it's gonna get cold pretty fast. i wanna experience Vancouver Island and see how I like it. Is there a particular model number for this? https://www.campingworld.com/atwood-water-heater---6-gal-lp-3687.html?gclsrc=aw.ds So I need more than just the inner tank I presume? If the other components are still ok? Or is it better just to get a whole new setup?
  7. So here's an update on pictures of the situation. The fellow talked his mother and she found this old leaky tank and here's a few pictures of the situation. How does it look to your seasoned eyes? I can take the Atwood or whichever is easiest. There are a few models on ebay. What number would I need do you think? thanks a lot.
  8. That's really sweet. What was the official definition of the one you got? Thanks immensely. James
  9. Is it the best idea to order online, find the cheapest price, then get someone to install? I'm in Kelowna, BC, Canada, if anybody has some good intelligence on which site to order from, I sure do appreciate it. I like the idea of a dual Propane/Electrical option. Guess everybody is spread around north america. Too bad the border is closed.
  10. And again, they are super common, so that most RV Repair shops would have them in stock then? cheers, James
  11. Thanks Linda. You really seem to know your stuff. That's awesome. I have passion for learning these things i am so interested in. So i am eager. I think I am getting pretty good deal on the one I have in mind. I think I will ask them to send me a picture of what it looks like that compartment.
  12. So, would I therefore ask for a standard 6 gallon hot water tank of the 14" by 14" size, looking like I know what I'm talking about? I'd love to try myself, but hooking up propane and wires that scares me. I am more of the artist type. I would like the dual propane or electrical rig. I wonder if it is that more costly. Thanks so much......wanna get rollin soon.
  13. Thanks for that information. I saw an 86 and the lady said she replaced the hotwater tank that looked like this. I'm in Canada. How common are these tanks and what is average cost to get one bought and installed. The Owner of the RV confirmed is father removed it after it stopped work. So shouldn't be that hard to make it active again. Right? What exactly should I ask for to not sound so naive and gullible, to prevent being ripped off. Can anybody give some good suggestions? Thanks in advance. James PS: sorry for the ID Name Annoying. The registration wasn't working on my smartphone and that's where it changed from ToyotaRVLover to Annoying. If you can change that Admin, I'd be happy.
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