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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it. I do have two batteries. One is obviously the truck/starter battery and one is a deep cycle marine battery. They're both under the hood. I'm guessing you're right and the isolater and possibly the regulator as well are shot. Although I didn't think these things had external regulators. Thought that was integrated into the alternator. I'm probably going to want to add another battery in one of the rear compartments. going to add solar as well. The truck is also hard to start when cold. I have found the trick is to hit the gas pedal once before trying the ignition. Must be some sort of fast idle or choke issue. I need to get a good repair manual. Thanks again for the hints, John
  2. Hi everyone, I just bought an 84 dolphin with the 22R engine. I'm really happy with it, but I don't understand how the electrical is supposed to work. First of all, the only way there is power in the back right now (interior lights, furnace blower, etc) is if the ignition switch is turned on (the position for starting the motor). This isn't right is it? In accessory position the radio and cigarette lighter in front have power, but nothing in back. Secondly, I'm having charging issues. I put a new, tested alternator in it and I'm still not getting 13.5 or more like I should. I had the starter battery charged and tested and it's fine. Even if I put a tester right on the red alternator pole, it just shows 12.5v and less as the battery drains. I'm going to take it to a mechanic this week if I don't solve it soon. Thanks, John
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