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First trip in the 4x4 Odyssey was a success

Odyssey 4x4

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After years of work, the Odyssey has finally reached a point of being usable and drivable. The interior is 98% finished with a fully working electrical system including 200 ah of lithium (soon to be 400 ah), 30/60 amp DC-DC charger, 3000 watt inverter charger, dometic penguin ii 13,500 AC unit (able to run off of batteries for a few hours), etc etc. We welded up a custom exhaust on it. Replaced the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, pulleys, tensioners, all belts and hoses, new fluids and hit the road. It drives excellent and it a blast to travel in. We travelled about 2 hours from home to a local spring in Ocala national forest. I paid for a site which I usually refuse to do, but this being a maiden voyage and expecting anything possible to go wrong, I wanted an easy site to arrive to. We had a few small issues but overall had a great time. We learned plenty about the rig and layout and have a few tweaks to make, but we are excited for the next trip! I got a check engine light code 25/26, which reads as overly lean / overly rich. I'm hoping it was just a result of putting in a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, I've heard of other 3vze owners having similar issues when using throttle bottle cleaners. I ended up getting 9.5 mpg (remember its a 4x4), and we are in Florida summer and had the AC blasting and the dc charger occasionally charging at 30 amps.











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So have you had your first "I wanna buy it" note stuck under a wiper yet?

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16 hours ago, MaineJed said:

Very nice, the springs in FL are quite something. Glad everything went smoothly. 


They sure are, i’ve been to quite a few now and each one has something special about it. They sure do feel like “healing” waters. This spring in Ocala is near a bombing range so it was pretty neat to hear some bombs and what sounded like an a10 warthog practicing while we were in the water!  

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28 minutes ago, Scott iv said:

Is that the oversized "emergency exit" vent up front? I saw what I thought was a dolphin out my way with one, but you don't see too many like it. Camper looks real nice. 

 It sure is, it’s screened for bugs or opens fully for a great view of the sky or easy roof access/ fire escape. thanks!

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Great to hear about the success of your first trip—what an awesome rig! Thanks for sharing all the details and pics, along the way. (9.5mpg doesn't sound too bad, all things considered.) 👍👍

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