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Hi, I have a old Sandtana MH with single 5 lug -14" rear wheels.   I know they came with those scary dual rims when new. My question is, what would be a good tire choice, since its just singles in the back?   It has on it right now 205/75/14. Looks like normal passenger type tires.      She needs a new set.. Its been off the road for many years.   One of those cheap deals, that needed the whole back box half rebuilt...😁




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Hi there Spooky,


Very cool looking rig!

We don't see many w/o rear wheel cutouts.

Got a kinda classy "post-industrial" look to it. Can you let us know what year and maybe some interior photos?


I am not the end all rear axle-guy-tire, but it's Pop's day and I am not, so....

Looking at your photo, if the current axle is original, there's no way "foolies" came on it originally.

Looking at the wheel hub location as close as it is to the sidewall of your coach, there's simply not enough room for foolies.

So,... if that's the original axle and it's correctly rated for the stock weight, and the interior is stock,(prior owners sometimes modify and put the darndest heavy stuff in RV's),

you can start by looking at the interior and gross vehicle weight tag to see if it makes sense. (likely iin the cab door port)

It's kinda about what's still inside compared to the weight of it's original configuration.

There was a guy on the forum once, who stripped out a SunRader and just put a couch and a small propane tank back in it (not a good idea) and made it a surf-wagon, then went to a single wheel, like yours.


For safety, it's about what you weigh when loaded for a trip, and choosing the correct load range ratings on tires you buy.

Lot's of us have just weighed our rigs on a truck scale, with them loaded, for a correct weight,

The listed Gross Vehicle Weight on the tag can to be somewhat "optomistic" on some of these rigs.

Others can suggest particular tires, when you/we know more about your RV's actual weight and any past mods.




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Just got 5 new tires in today. Date range from 2013-2015. Not excited about it. Got in touch with simple tire, they offered either a 50% back refund. Or to send them back, and try again. I went with the refund....


To be fair, they were super cheap. With the new refund, it comes out to 30$ a tire..


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In California you couldn't even have these legally installed. No tire installer can use tires older than 6 years. I just bought 

tires for my Ford truck from eBay and they are 3 months old. Now I know to watch out for Simple Tire. Won't ever recommend them again, ever.

Linda S

Sorry it looks like it was my fault. Now we know why they were so cheap.

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Wow, that should make quite a difference in your ride and handling on all those beautiful, winding Virginia roads.  Enjoy!


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Cool looking rig and in the perfect setting for a Toy. This pic will be iconic just for the forest fire sun.

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