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  1. If you are in the Oregon area and looking for a fuel tank or spare this one is right up your alley. Much better than the replacement tanks and this one includes the inline pump. Cheers and Happy New Year! Gary
  2. Agree with Linda! Get the basic interior done to the point you can take it out for a shakedown outing, then finish it out to your likening . There is noting more pleasing then taking your rig out for a enjoyable getaway. Gary
  3. Thanks Linda! Yes we got very lucky on the weather, now it's raining and will be like that for some time. The rules here haven't applied for camping so the sites are full which is quite odd for this time of year. La Hacienda is the best I agree, happy hour they serve their perfect margaritas by the pitcher so you have to be careful. 😉 There was a La Hacienda in Everett, we'd go there for lunch there as it was right next to the factory, cheap fast and great food! Cheers! Gary
  4. I'm surprised folks here are not getting out with their toys given the year and all. Anyway I took a trip north to Whidbey Island Washington to one of my favorite camping spots for 2 days. Picture heavy so here we go. Took off early morning on the 28th heading out on highway 9. I could take the I-5 interstate but life is too fast for me there besides the scenic back roads are the ways to go. Heading into the Mt Vernon area you see the farmlands and the scenes. Now on Whidbey Island passing through Oak Harbor, been there
  5. Or a G-Stove form Norway. They are cheaper and use these in tents to my surprise. Cheers, Gary
  6. Also take into account of the roll out canopy, that with the door would offset the balance a bit.
  7. I suspect it wasn't winterized at some point and it expanded from freezing. Previous owner of mine said his leaked but also the tank swelled twice the size. They had to cut it out of it's frame to get it out. Luckily for me I have his new one that is insulated really nice with hot/cold bypass cutoff for winterizing. Cheers, Gary
  8. I've been using the same refillable containers now for several years and they are recyclable, so your filters are polluting the environment not us. 😉 We typically camp remotely in the high desert mountain for several days so 3 people =3 gallons of drinking water per day. So 21 gallons of drinking water on a typical trip. You cannot support that with an onboard water system. Besides I've see some nasty water coming out of some campsite lines that a filtration system would never filter out. Plus your typical 30 year old tanks and water lines, hell who knows what they are caked with.
  9. What tire shops are refusing service? Wall Mart, Les Schwab and Discount Tire gladly worked on mine with no refusals. Gary
  10. None here as well. For short trips it's a couple gallons of water from the house tap for drinking. We only use rv/camp water for the people stuff.
  11. Charging phones, ipads devices that have no moving parts are fine on any DC converter inverter, either square wave (dirty power) or sine wave (clean power). Running motors like hand drills on dirty power can heat up and shorten the motor life. Although my backup house power runs off a square wave inverter my fridge and on demand water heater has never had an issue. Gary BTW, phones and ipads are powered by DC current only so there is no such thing as dirty DC only dirty AC.
  12. Agree with WME! Additionally boon docking during the winter months I will take a my buddy heater with me to save battery from using the onboard heater, warms the home nicely and less noise. Also for phone charging, use direct USB charging vice an ac/usb adapter connected to the inverter. A small typical inverter uses 20 watt hours just having it on, most modern inverters have USB connections so you can charge without turning on the inverter. Cheers, Gary
  13. Sure do agree but an empty campground can get a little creepy, I'm not using my water system so the trip to the restroom was chilling just a little. 😉 Gary
  14. I suspect there is little profit to be made for resellers, Japan is a different story. Japan frowns on used vehicles more than 5 years or older and everyone has a newer vehicle pretty much. The cost of inspection and license fees for an older vehicle is 3 times the cost of having a new vehicle done, insurance is double. They force you to get a new one. So Japan ends up with a massive lot of used vehicles that they cannot sell. Importing and reselling is a good profit in this case. Also motor homes in Japan are a rarity and only for the rich so you'll see many of these imported as the common fo
  15. Sure has been an interesting year! Our Toys have skyrocketed in price, folks are getting outdoors. The summer was like that but lately things have died down a bit. I try to get the Toy out during the fall/winter seasons to keep things moving, plus have a good time in the cold. Drove to a campground about 30 minutes from home. The place was empty, I was expecting it to be full of campers getting out from the sheltered life of the past several months. Anyway it was fun, I took my model sailing yacht for a dry run. The jib line broke but was able to tack it over and back to the dock
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