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  1. That's what I call "a good shakedown"! 😁 Yeah my rig was running hot until I replaced the fan clutch, probably the most overlooked thing on these toys. Gary
  2. Lucas, no it's php based proprietary forum software written by Invision Community. Looking at their hosting plans Greg is getting seriously taken for what they charge. Now a days you can host a forum like this for $100 per year with unlimited space. To do the custom ads would take work and some vision, likely no one has interest in doing so. For the iPhone I use private browsing so I don't see the ads but the negative side is I loose any history of previous sessions. Gary
  3. Okay Linda, I was just looking out for others and wanted to offer another way. If folks here don't care to see the ads they can have an ad free forum by opening a Private Window and browsing the forum that way. Gary
  4. Just to reiterate, internal advertising is done by the administrator and using Google Adsense adverts and choosing where to insert the ad on the forum page. Here is how Invision software tells us how it's done. So yes you or Greg have the power to disable the ads, if you not sure then give me the power and I can show you how, it's that simple. Gary
  5. Yes but Greg enables them on the forum, you can call them spiders or web crawlers or whatever. I know because I run several forums, here is a good example of the Google plugins you can choose to enable for a forum... Greg has the power to turn them off, this is in the Invision control panel for the administrator. So yes they are your ads because you have them enabled (checked the box). I'm sure Greg gets a cost break for using these plugins and I'm saying let's set up a donation to help him pay for the forum costs and get rid of them. Gary
  6. Hi Greg, Love the ads and all but have you thought of putting up a donation button and possibly getting rid of these ads? We've coded widgets for other forums and it would be nice to see an ad free forum. Something like this would help cover the forum cost. If you haven't noticed some of these ads are malware ads, nice to pass them off to the members here to infect their machines. Hey I'd throw you a Franklin anytime, this has been such a great site and resource. I'm not plus size I do have a beer belly if that counts.😁
  7. I quit using city water too and only fill the on-board tank and use the pump. My tank is only used for gray water, I carry separate drinking water. What is nice about using the on-board tank is you know how much is going into the waste tanks. I've seen plenty of folks overflow their waste tank at the campground not knowing the volume they put into it, what a disaster! Gary
  8. That's a mistake all of us have made, including me. Campgrounds are especially notorious for high pressure water to accommodate the big rigs, never roll the dice with water pressure . Here is a pic of mine... Gary
  9. Pretty common in these rigs, if you start looking for trouble you're gonna find things like this. 😁 Is it currently leaking? The reason I say this maybe the previous owner hooked up city water without a reducer, i.e too much pressure. If it's not leaking on internal pump then leave it alone. Also I doubt you'll find a schematic on this setup, the manuals don't go in that detail. Gary
  10. Ohh, good catch and his mechanic had to figure out how to wire up the ecu, that could be a clue.
  11. You can always go the portable route. Waiter's Window A/C in a Dolphin A Cab AC on steroids, is that legal? 😁
  12. Nice rig! I seen many complaints on the Yotech forums on this but this one is close to your symptom. Good luck!
  13. Yes and it happens with carpet too. My solution and I might be a redneck one but I get that cheap carpet from Home Depot, you know the hallway type rugs on the rollers where you cut them to size? I cut a 10' length and for $15 I have a new floor, plus some extra insulation. When it wears out just pitch the old one and go cut a new one. 😁
  14. Nice! I like putting down the awning in the driveway every now and then. I don't think we'll ever run out of "to do's". I do pick and choose my battles so to speak not to keep my Toy in the driveway for very long. 😉
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