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  1. No pictures but email and ask. https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/ptd/d/auto-parts-for-sale/7368704891.html
  2. https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/rvs/d/nordland-1981-toyota-sunrader-4x4/7368139883.html
  3. Depends on how good of shape the engine is in. Check the tire pressure for sure. I've traveled to tailgates with 5 people no problem, just very slow on the hills of downtown Seattle almost going backwards. 😉 Take it easy on the mountain passes if your going that way and if the temperature gauge starts running high pull off and let it cool down. Gary
  4. Dogman, if you plan to take it out for shakedown and camping I would take care of the tires, even if tires look good they are deceiving and having a blowout is no picnic. So the rule is if your tires are 8 years or older get them replaced. And don't try to fix everything all at once by that I mean keep the ability to take it out for some enjoyment, don't sideline it in the driveway you never leave if you do too much. Good luck! Gary
  5. Whoa! They made some really nice coach seats!
  6. I concur! A recently rebuilt A43d and suspension is a bonus! An to think that we did away with emission checks 2 years ago in Washington State, ye haw! Close by is this 1985 Nissan, looks good as well for the price!
  7. Hi Morgan I would say it's the opposite most of our toys come with the 22r series. The 22 is not bad, yeah a little under powered but armor class bullet proof. Myself I've been thinking of going to a V6 but that depends on the mechanic and price like you're looking for. Post pictures of ones you are looking at, we can give you some better input and things you might not see. Good luck and good hunting! Gary
  8. It's all good everyone. I still give the OP Spungo great credit for this thread "the greatest thread of all time!". I still go back to the beginning and read his story on occasions. Makes we want to tear out my A43D and overhaul it on my kitchen table! Shortly thereafter, it started slipping out of 3rd. The worst part is that it happened while listening to Pink Floyd's Echoes, one of the greatest works in history. How utterly uncool. We pulled over and spent the night with about 100 loud cows (which was pretty fun, really) and limped about 650 miles home
  9. Hamkid, Yes shops tend only specialize and do not get into other repairs. My rear transmission seal was leaking and I had to take that to a specialized shop for repair. As for the springs I'm going to use a shop that specializes in spring repair. I also worked with Les Schwab that will do my brakes, bearings and tires. I had to give them time up front to procure the parts then they will tell me bring it in. I'm also going to replace the head gasket and timing chain, not sure if I'll do that myself or get a shop to do but again no-one is going to do it all, you have to work at it. Good luck! Gary
  10. Linda you're spot on, the experience is everything! Morgan here is a redone Odyssey that has that nice big window you like, not fiberglass per say but is metal framed, the side walls I believe. This also has a V6 which has much more power than a 22re 4 cylinder engine that you find in most Sunrader models. Something to think about. Gary
  11. Hi Morgan, There are not many models from the Toyota line that are more water tights than the Sunrader line. Though Chinooks had similar molded design they are much older, smaller in footprint and much harder to find. I've dealt with leaks in my Conquest but being aluminum framed it has been minimal if any damage caused. I would consider an welded aluminum frame coach like a Winnebago, New World and Conquest model as a secondary choice. Also congratulations on your move to Whidbey Island, my stomping ground and my dreams to retire there! I have many friends on Whidbey and the camping is top notch. BTW-not so rainy as you think in fact more people wear sunglasses in the PNW than anywhere else in the country, the wine is getting better. 😉 Keep in touch, maybe we can meetup sometime in the future. Cheers, Gary
  12. I'd love to have one in any size but they've gotten terribly expensive. Your probably looking a 20 grand for one in good shape IMHO. Good luck! Gary
  13. Congratulations! Yeah now comes the fun huh? Hopefully get the engine in order and take it out for a shakedown outing. A bonus to the New World models are that the coach frame is of welded tubular aluminum, no worries about wood frame rotting or roof sag like the "finned" models. A keeper for sure! Good luck! Gary
  14. Depending on your home renovations you might want to take it with you in case you need a temporary place to stay. Just saying my little toy although doesn't get much camping time these days does get used. Last winter we lost power for several days, the propane fridge saved most of our food, we were also able to cook. This summer we experienced a stretch of heat that forced us out of the house, no central air. The toy keep us cool and comfortable 3 days and nights. You have a great rig there and I wanted to give you the other side to keeping it. Good luck and congrats on the new house! Gary
  15. Who knows but mine have a 2 3/4 " gap measured on both doors.
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