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  1. Sage advice Greg, and I would add we have bilsteins and I have tried to find springs multiple times including some calls to contacts posted on this site. for me Springs are the unicorn; having buku problems getting them. The thing that added the best handling in my case was adding the sway-bar kit. changing the Rooftop AC to the ultra low watt efficient model also helped dramatically as it weighed half of the standard one.
  2. I clock in near around 7000 or over with my 21 and that will vary with how much stuff we have. I have done axle, and the 1 ton hub and brake caliper upgrades and I still am scared as heck on highways when the mergers come in. Can't go left from all of the angry traffic blowing by you and the mergers never ever accelerate even though they will be in an Escalade or Corvette. I am not scared of the suspension; I am scared of braking.
  3. No need. It went overweight by 300 lbs post op and was a shorty (would have to be in the 5k before range.) These things are usually over gross specs when stock and I would love to start seeing some people show them on the scales, not that I am calling anyone a liar. Why would I say this? because my 21 weighed in at over 6500 lbs stock before any changes. Call me crazy but I doubt that extra 3 feet equates to 1000 lbs. man I miss getting these discussions going in here lol.
  4. At last we get a weigh in posted. My apologies for my hyperbole at 10,000 lbs and I am assuming that the sunrader was a shorty then and not a full 21 correct? I haven't been on that thread in a while and had thought it was a 21. either way, thanks for showing us that it went up, if even 300 lbs. Was that weighed in empty or full of gear tanks etc? (Be careful, because these clockwatchers have the dry weight in old microfilms I am sure of the original )
  5. Agree to disagree. There is a reason when you tear out all that stuff that its held in there with such light things, staples wood furring, balsa paneling etc. Its the same reason none of the "re-modelers" will weigh their rig and show us where they stand. I wasn't advocating for foolies (obviously) rather stating that step one is full floater. In order to meet the game the manufacturers had to cut weight. Everyone agrees on that. Yet oddly no one steps on a scale after gutting and upgrades. I do agree that this build is far better foundation etc and look forward to seeing its weigh i
  6. Love that bike rack! yes it was BFN on the other build, but frankly to me it wasnt the axle swap, or the type of truck etc. It was flat out they put too much stuff into it to make it nice and I guarantee that thing weighed in at over 10k. Taking the rear fooly and replacing with a standard single wheel probably was not wise with that weight. I get where you are going here.. that your truck is all factory etc etc. Weight it for us though. weigh it for yourself. I saw other 4x4 remodels in here that the owner sold immediately also and cannot help but wonder what they came in at.
  7. The build I refereed to in this forum was literally exactly like yours.. same truck everything, except it was a sunrader - and very recently done I might add except they even used lightweight materials. They literally did an amazing job. No complaints from me on how it looked. They even had replaced the lead batteries with LifePO4... for some strange reason they did all that and when they went to drive it it was no bueno. I am hoping to see yours outperform theirs and am fully rooting for you. I respect your choice of road preferences also, similar to my stile also. I can count
  8. The tank based water heater is next on the chopping block for me. we use one camping that weighs in at 4 lbs and is all you can heat until your propane is gone but only turns on when used and its form factor footprint is literally the size of a box of cereal.. I am stink eyeballing the fridge also but if anything stays that would be it because propane fridges are the way.
  9. I'll be the guy that says this looks awesome but asks - has it been weighed>? A trip to the scales fully loaded with your entire crew in, gear and full resources is in order. I have been asking this more and more as my family grows (in weight and age) and I watch the GVWR start to look like the national debt. It all makes sense till the minute the guy in the merge lane decides "yeah I am gonna make you brake hard" as your rig is so loaded its incapable of revving past the jerk in oncoming combat maneuvers. I have also been asking it as we have seen amazing 4x4 builds in
  10. I am finding the weight of the factory appliances to be VERY heavy. By removing them you give yourself the opportunity to have better finish and ER savings through insulation. you inspire me...
  11. Just went through a seek and seal operation on my sunrader. I took it fishing to the walleye run in Maumee and the rain was so intense there it was dripping through side everywhere. On a sunrader... yeah I know what you are thinking. after getting home, wet soggy and fishless I decided to find the leaks. I had just done the marker lights the year before so I knew they were good. The culrpit in my case was every screw in the roof holding the roof antennae aka "roof rack" mounts to those that may not know its an antennae. they had worked loose and caulk failed. but the majority of
  12. I am dying to know the scale weight of this rig. Has it been weighed?
  13. That’s a nice setup but out of stock. -just got a black stone at Meijer for $106. It makes coffee in the old style blue percolator kettle also, so for me the whole griddle top is a burner. what to use as a nice lightweight counter top.. thinking of calling up the granite shop and asking for a custom cut remnant.
  14. So what am I replacing it with? a Blackstone! (Portable) griddle top and one brass adapter to the fitting. That’s it. It has a grease trap and no more useless oven and you can cook an army of crap on it just like a short order.
  15. Some fun info for those 1986 sunrader owners that were curious how to get the oven out. I asked this question but didn’t get much so here it is. -rear kitchen model. 4 (3 inch) cabinet square head screws In the stove head after removal of top cover and burners then disconnect gas line and that’s it! don’t forget to shut off and drain your propane before doing this (obviously). the fun part - door port is 17 inches so you flip it on it’s back then sideways. No need to remove front seat. total weight on that thing is 50 lbs! (I weighed it.) mine was a
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