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  1. I had a 18 volt 14” battery powered ryobi chainsaw; great for small branch cuts. the 20” 60 volt however is a different animal. It will out speed cut most 550 gas saws including stihl. It was comparable in price to a new gas saw also. Sorry to hear about the electricity and sadness, but hey no more mean tweets. Look on the bright side right?
  2. So my 2 year old italian efco 20 inch 2stroke gas saw just died the other day; has no spark but everything seems to test good. I had already just replaced chain and gas primer bulb so naturally i was mad. I thought to myself, well they will be banning gasoline and propane soon so what is California doing? (insert free laugh here) . I read that everyone in Cali switched over to the 60 Volt Dewalt saws and the new 20 inch model. I then saw it beat a gas 555 Stihl head to head in a hickory cookie cutting contest on youtube. i thought no way... this cannot be. So i got on the waiting list to buy one through the home repo. when the saw came it was ready to go, just had to charge battery. That took about 4 hours or so. that was basically the only Debbie downer of it. the thing has so much torque and cuts so fast I won $200 betting my friends it would beat their gas saws. It whoopped a husqer and a poulan. Both guys grumbled that my chain was "new" as the saw had just arrived however both had just replaced their bars and chains themselves, so pay up. So, while we may never see an electric RV, i have found an electric tool that is hands down my favorite thing I own now. as long as you don't stop, it cuts so fast you cant even believe it. Its tempting to let it stop by taking finger and thumb off trigger while cutting but don't; will pop the chain if you let it stop buried in a log, but even that they have made effortless to fix. Overall it was lighter and faster than my gas. I fell and bucked and cut a decent tree with it on same charge also. Im not usually an immediate fan of e-tech but in this case its worth it. no gas, filtersm plugs or other crap. just a plug and bar lube. it starts paying itself off immediately with today's gas prices.
  3. If going this route, i heavily recommend Harbor freights roll on bedliner. I did a dodge ram as well as six 22 foot trailer bunks with it and its absolutely bullet proof stuff. VERY reasonable price also. The only down side to it would be it only comes in Black, that would get hot fast in summer.
  4. “Death smiles at us all… all a man can do is smile back” -maximus i try to live my life by that movie quote these days at the comedy that has become clown world.
  5. Sunrader Roof leaks 101: 1.) its the screws. No matter what they are its them; remove them in favor of rubber gasket steel roof screws and have partner hold small block of rot resistant wood inside for screw to bite into so it seals, but not before a dollop of caulk in the hole.do this on every roof rack and other screw no matter how time consuming. 2.) Never remove AC without a full pop in window kit with butyl tape. You cannot dam that hole. Too big. Put ac back on torque back down.
  6. this is cool; will need to revisit my bumper sticker hack job covering where I punched through my shell accidentally while drunkenly pushing a two place sled trailer a bit too hard. The hole is about 1.5 inches long by 1 inch... -currently covered by a yellowstone park bumper sticker
  7. Unless you buy one like mine that has a custom ported 4banger from California designed for the motorhome and not stock. My RV cruises 73 MPH easily now; I still get passed but find myself passing also which the stock engine couldnt seem to muster at 56-65 tops. I am thinking of selling again... and My RV is VERY nice.
  8. I was doing a drive-by here as I don't visit much and chuckled... why? because i get the same adds and my wife uses my computer...
  9. saw this and had to come back to see how many of of this site's members either had one or helped build one. I am betting at least one. I am a baby and 50 years old here. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/worlds-oldest-rv-auction
  10. Just had first solar panel arrive for my setup. $155 340 watt 18 volt flexible single panel; weight 3 lbs. using a roll of 2 inch double sided 3m red backed to mount. i want to say this is same setup tika had at one of the rallies ; zero drilling.
  11. Its a great setup. Got rid of dead weight and added ton of storage with new cabinet where the oven used to be. The best part about the blackstone is the grease trap. No dishes pots or pans. Cook, scrape, empty pan on the fire, done. Makes omlets just as easily as it will boil water by taking off griddle. The oven was a joke that burnt everything we ever tried to bake and was useless. I’ll try to post some pics
  12. Just curious on this one.. if you just now broke down, and its assumed you are in the lower 48. Whats the big deal with leaving the dog in the RV? Its winter. Dog will be fine. If it has Separation anxiety then stow everything you can and chalk up the loss to whatever it does to an opportunity to upgrade. New cushions etc.
  13. Did you put in those stainless cup holders in the table? Thats awesome. Never thought to try that. My kids just spill constantly.
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