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  1. Nam

    The perfect time is now.

    Oh noooo...so sorry for your lost... let's continue with her wish
  2. Nam

    Ultimate RV

    Let me see if my wife will give me her check book...mine won't have enough
  3. Nam

    Need advice on back rack containers.

    Any pic of the rack? I use the tow hitch to carry bikes and other things
  4. Nam

    Looking for TV install location ideas.

    We can receive about 50 channels around SF areas but when I get home in Pleasant Hills, we can only get 6 channels and 2 of them are in Spanish. I thought SJ offers more of the air channels
  5. Nam

    Looking for TV install location ideas.

    I used to have this 24 in TV with built-in DVD player mounted in the top shelf above thr Fridge until the AC came in so it is now mounted on the ceiling with sliding rail that I can extend when needed and stow back with a lock in place (see last pic). I placed 3M double sided tape on the rail before screw it on the ceiling. It works great for us. It keeps the kids entertained as well as serving as Karaoke machine as needed. HDMI input thru the phone is a must
  6. Nam

    Ever rented out your RV?

    Found one Toyota for rent https://rvshare.com/rvs/details/1002368
  7. Nam

    Ever rented out your RV?

    I wouldn't rent mine out... I've loaned out to family and relatives...
  8. It will be fine. If you see any sign of sagging later then there are some clever fixes for that in this forum as well. Make sure you have all correct parts for it since it's used unit
  9. Nam

    Senior lady needs help

    I wish I am nearby where I could lend her a hand
  10. Nam

    Looking to purchase generator

    The Yamaha 2000W is also very good generator I heard. I use a Honda 2000W and happy with it
  11. Nam

    Electric Bike Conversion

    Hi Mark, would you mind sharing the parts that you purchased for ebike conversion? I thought of doing the same thing with front electric motor hub and battery pack built from 18650 lithium batteries
  12. Great story! Most work requires some basic skills and patient. Part/materials won't cost much. How is the frame? Hopefully there won't be much rust
  13. Mine 1990 Itasca Spirit was leaking propane at the gauge. I got good testing results with dish washer soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. If you closes the valve and there is no leaking sound or smell then it''s not at the gauge.
  14. You know I am jealous with your system. Having grown up for 18 years with metric; it took me nearly 15 years to adjust!!!
  15. I have AAA and while no breaking down yet on any of my vehicles, I always max out services for friends and relatives. Avg wait is about 1 hr. In SF Bay Areas. If I have to tow the motor home for a long distance by myself, I would disconnect the drive shaft and use my tow dolly