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  1. The perfect time is now.

    Oh noooo...so sorry for your lost... let's continue with her wish
  2. Side View Cameras Installation

    Hi Newbie...pls share your configuration when available. WME: Existing side view mirrors can cover all the blind spits even thought for me, they are adequate. I could even see the back of the motorhome with just side view mirrors. However I will look into additional clamp on mirrors to see if my wife would be comfortable with those otherwise I am looking at various camera setups. She likes the lane watch feature on my Civic that's why. Thanks for all the inputs so far
  3. How to use electric plugs in the cabin?

    Cordless or battery operated vacuum is the way to go for RV; 12v car Vac is also acceptable too. I use a Milwaukee M12 vacuum that shares batteries with my power tools and camping light. A generator is needed mostly for AC and Microwave. For small 120V devices like TV, coffee maker, or laptop, inverter is ok. The rest should stick with 12v for maximum efficiency.
  4. Side View Cameras Installation

    Are you talking about side view or rear view mirror?
  5. Ultimate RV

    Let me see if my wife will give me her check book...mine won't have enough
  6. Thinking of installing side view cameras similarly to larger motorhomes. 1. Mount a screen by the rear view mirror. 2. Install left and right side view cameras. 3. Get signals from left and right turn so when turning right, the relay will switch to right side camera...same for left side... Has anyone done this before? Any idea or tips? The driving factor behind this is my wife wants to drive the motorhome but she claims she can't see anything. I already have a permanently on rear view camera view on the Pioneer deck. Thanks
  7. Need advice on back rack containers.

    Any pic of the rack? I use the tow hitch to carry bikes and other things
  8. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    We can receive about 50 channels around SF areas but when I get home in Pleasant Hills, we can only get 6 channels and 2 of them are in Spanish. I thought SJ offers more of the air channels
  9. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    I used to have this 24 in TV with built-in DVD player mounted in the top shelf above thr Fridge until the AC came in so it is now mounted on the ceiling with sliding rail that I can extend when needed and stow back with a lock in place (see last pic). I placed 3M double sided tape on the rail before screw it on the ceiling. It works great for us. It keeps the kids entertained as well as serving as Karaoke machine as needed. HDMI input thru the phone is a must
  10. No time to fix our Rig!

    My 2 kids are very little but I don't think I would ever put them there as one of them will end up on the floor in no time hehehe
  11. I agree with jjr. It's more like 27 years old...approaching 30 as I am not sure when it was made. New one will be better and saves me time for other more fun projects. Now the question is white vs parchment and hand flush vs foot flush... Dometic 310 costs twice as much and I don't use it that much to justify the cost plus it weight a little more. I sprayed the existing toilet with never wet coating and it seems to work okay for me. Thanks all for your responses
  12. No time to fix our Rig!

    Sleeps 6...where? I thought 5 max unless stacking people like canned fish
  13. For the past 6 years, I have noticed the toilet in my 1990 Itasca Spirit does not hold water for too long. Once holding water drains out, odor escapes. Here are my questions: 1. The existing toilet is Thetford Aqua Magic IV. It's in decent shape and working with the exception of not holding water for more than a day. Repairs can be made with High and Low Blade Seal (Thetford P/N 33027) for $13 and Closet Bolt Package (Thetford P/N 12524) for $14, the reason for the closet bolt package is that the toilet needs to be removed to replace the seal and reinstalled. Is this a worth while repair for $30 in part and 1/2 day of labor? 2. Or a new toilet like Thetford Aqua Magic V that comes with everything ready to be installed. Does the V fit on the IV? what about the Domectic 300 series for about the same price? Does the Domectic 300 series fit on the existing opening? The new toilet runs for about $104 shipped 3. Is parchment color is off white/almond color? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nam
  14. Hi Neubie, Do you know of any particular tool you may need? I run a construction company here in the East Bay and if the tool you need that I have sitting idle, I wouldn't mind loaning them to you. I could stop by to meet up if I can offer any particular advise. I am only a little over an hr. away from where you are. As far as neighbor's concern, I would try to be friend with them...talk to them about the project if they are interested; otherwise just say hi here and there. I have neighbor who just called code enforcement as long as they see an RV park on the drive way (even a way from 20ft setback) so you are on a good hand there. Hope things go well for you.
  15. You are getting closer. Keep it up. You will be an expert after this is done. A note on marker lights, you can always use LED bulb inside regular housing. I sometimes solder the bulbs so they don't come loose