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  1. I went with the Airlift 5000 and removed the 3-Ts system. I wasn't impressed with the 3-Ts brackets; however the Airlift installation wasn't easy either. Took both of us almost 3 hrs. to put them in.
  2. That grille with the word TOYOTA can be replaced easily with the toyota oval logo. Did you notice some the new Toyota comes back with the wording instead?
  3. Wow...this is going to be great! beside sweat equity...any idea roughly how much real $ has gone in so far?
  4. Without seeing it in details I think between $11-$15K should be reasonable. This site has free classified ads section in addition to Craigslist. Good luck!
  5. I've just got the new Air Lift installed. It took 2 of us about 4 hrs. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to remove the u-bolts that hold the leaf springs to insert the brackets; lining them up to reassemble wasn't exactly easy either. The upper brackets need drilling and self-tapping screws as well. The rubber pieces that prevent bottoming needed to be removed as the airbags get to be installed in that location. Ride handling improves with the proper airbags, I inflated them to 80 PSI. What do you inflate yours to?
  6. For yourself, a Toyhome is sufficient; I recently lived full time for 2 weeks self-quarantine from an oversea trip in my 1990 Itasca and it worked out just fine. I bought mine for $7.2K 8 years ago in a decent shaped but I had spent lots of time and $ improving it along the way. Pls. only consider any MH only if you are very handy with tools and some mechanical skills. For high roof van, I would only consider the Ford Transit line of cargo van as they are cheaper to maintain and tends to be more reliable with decent MPH; this option is out of your budget. The other option is getting a box truck and equip with what you need...then change registration to RV type to save some $ and eliminate the CHP scale. I have a Ford E350 with 14ft box and consider changing it to RV for my guys to go work across states
  7. Looks like the wheelbase was lengthen as well...very extensive work
  8. Those Hankooks tires are great! we love them; there is another Chinese brand which is cheaper but I didn't trust those.
  9. What a massive project! did it caught on fire? any change on floor plan?
  10. Thanks Linda; I ended up with the cheaper version for $271 shipped. I had used Airlift brand on my '05 Tacoma so hopefully this works on the motorhome well. I thought of going to 3-Ts but I think this is a better option and lower cost.
  11. My 3-Ts air bags are leaking badly. I could obtain replacement parts which costs about the same as new ones. Planning to go with these: https://www.suspensionconnection.com/view-cat/toyota/motorhome-6?category=air%2dlift%2dair%2dbags The vendor currently has 10% off with free shipping. Does anyone know the difference between Air Lift #57113 and Air Lift #88113
  12. Oh noooo...so sorry for your lost... let's continue with her wish
  13. Hi Newbie...pls share your configuration when available. WME: Existing side view mirrors can cover all the blind spits even thought for me, they are adequate. I could even see the back of the motorhome with just side view mirrors. However I will look into additional clamp on mirrors to see if my wife would be comfortable with those otherwise I am looking at various camera setups. She likes the lane watch feature on my Civic that's why. Thanks for all the inputs so far
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