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On the proper 1 ton axle, are they taper style that can be popped out and regreased? Those are similar to a trailer bearing which I have on my LandCruisers 1 ton full floating axle. So I am hoping for the same type as I am looking at a Toyota motorhome I ton axle next week. 

I know the "fooly" axle does not - those have to be pressed out and completely replaced.  

Anyone know?

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Have we ever seen a picture of your Sunrader? I do know of a 4x4 Sunrader that was upgraded to full float with a Land Crusier axle.

That way he ended up with stock Toyota wheels that matched all around. The shorty had almost the same wheelbase as the Land Cruiser but I don't know if any modifications to the driveshaft were made. Either way modifications are made all the time on driveshafts so I don't think it's a big deal. 

Linda S

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I have a 21 footer, and that's my hope -finding a LandCruiser donor vehicle, but even parts rigs are worth a mint.  So I may snag this 1 ton dually and convert it to single. I had not thought about the driveshaft on it - thanks. Good reminder to check length and flanges to see if it will fit. Any thoughts there?

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