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  1. i saw a new one of them at a boat show in sacramento many years ago
  2. definintley an exhaust leak. get a piece of hose one end to your ear, move the other end around. i'm sure you'll find it quick
  3. you could also just use a powered wire from battery and touch the pos side of the light its self. if they all light up its a feed wire from rhe light switch. if it smokes you have a grounded (short) feed wire
  4. first find a good ground- battery neg post- and connect it with a piece of wire to the grounds on the lights and see if they light up.
  5. thanks. i was more worried about damaging the solar unit
  6. i have a grape solar 100w panel i'm putting on my roof. is there a switch setup i need to disconnect from the battery when using shore power or engine alternator. or will it be ok to just connect to the battery
  7. by the looks of it the screws are too long. might have to cut them down
  8. bet it's slower than a toy motor
  9. the plate on the secondary isn't a choke. it opens as needed to maintain a constant velocety in the bore. the big tube there is the fuel discharge, and how much comes out is controlled by the spring pressure trying to close it. this is the same system as a gm quadrajet
  10. on something that old there is no difference between fed and ca. cat. you can check for cat operation by drilling a hole in front of the cat and using the gas analyzer in non test mode- check hc's in front and in back of the cat. should be a significant difference . a lso run the engine at high r's for a bit first to warm it up. cat needs to be up to 600 before it works
  11. vent has to be sealed to the roof from the top
  12. when you say strings are you refering to the threaded part? the t you posted is for drip irrigation. ace hardware has nylon tees that you could use hose clamps on.
  13. the relay you have is likely a starter relay from a ford. i is for ignition, s is for start. if it is an automotive start relay it will burn out as it is not designed to stay engaged. the relay wont work at all unless it is actuated by putting power to the s terminal.
  14. i believe(others might chime in) that the brakes are bigger so the spindles are needed for the brake mounting. the master cylinder may be different also
  15. working on the engine really stinks
  16. i"m adding a microlite 2800 to my 84 dolphin 700. can anyone tell me where the origional remote start switch was placed in the house?
  17. volts go up--amps go down and vice versa
  18. if your present u joint fit the new axle you're good. distance between spring perches needs to be the same. if you don't grab the front spindles and wheels, brakes etc, you'll have to carry either two spares or only a front. the 6 lug fronts are in demand. i'm looking for some myself
  19. that looks like the right one. is it off a toyota?
  20. funny. at one time toyota said the fuel filter never needed replacement. don't know how many only problem was a clogged filter. maybe they had better gas. for the trucks that came in regularly, i would move the filter to the fenderwell making the filter change cheeper for the customer
  21. 1/2 ton is a 1/2 ton. how it sits doesn't correspond to load capacity
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