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  1. May he go to a better Toy Home in the sky.
  2. i looked into them and found a lot of unhappy customers so I just replaced my old tank with a leak but a new one that fit right in, The problem with them is the unstable water flow. I have heat on demand water in my house and it is fine but for RV i went traditional.
  3. Time you took taking pictures gooda fixed damned thing.
  4. Yep for sure. I was told to use Shell Rotella 10w-40 diesel oil for my 22re as it is heavier oil that these engines prefer. Keeps that timing chain all greasy. People at jiffy lube keep trying to synth me but I insist that the 'ole guy told me to use this so this is what i am using,' last trip was 2500 miles and it used 1/2 cup of oil. got 130 ,500 miles on it so far. But rear end leaks about 1/2 quart every 800 miles
  5. Drum brakes are like that. Steeriing noise I turn too sharp like turning around. I got 87 SQ send some pics. where are you.
  6. There are lots in California. When I was in San Diego 2 years ago there were 5 in same RV park. Lots in SW USA too. Minnesota too I think as I met 4 people with them in Arizona. AS long salt doesn't rust them. I'm purely guessing but i would say 40,000 still around in some some shape. Tough little buggers I tell ya.
  7. Must be Hawthorne effect but just getting up on roof and farting around and I tried it again and it ran fine for over 20 minutes. I got cold and shut it off but it was running off my Honda 3000 inverter generator this time and there was no cycling just pure cold air. Signed confused https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawthorne_effect
  8. Well now I know what that is I guess so now I did find out where the capacitors are but there are three of them and I cannot find any model or serial number on this thing even though I have the manual so I'm not too sure I think it's probably 13,000 BTU but at any rate I'm just went out and plugged it in for fun and it came on and was running for so I got everything apart the inside panel whatever and yeah so I don't know what the hell's going on all I did was clean a bit of stuff I owed and open the top up there on the compressor to see what was under there. Thank you very much for tips.
  9. It is same wire I been using for last 3 years and it was plugged into the local park I go to. I tried 4 different plugs and it did same thing. It knocked off breaker. Last one it ran for 1.5 hours then just died out - breaker blown again. Then I tried it at home tonight and same thing, When it starts to kick in for AC it kicks off breaker. So fan works but when I put the dial to cold it slows down and kicks the breaker at the house or wherver I plug in. cord is 12 guage i think and 20 feet to the plug in.?
  10. Rooftop AC problems, keeps shutting off blowing breakers. runs for 10 minutes or longer if first turned on then slows right down and blows breaker.Thoughts?
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