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  1. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    Janet Yellen votes 401k.
  2. you are always welcome to take yours there and watch that process play out. The easiest way to nullify the toggle is to go in and just ask for it to be tested and THEN let them know its theirs, after the FAIL registers
  3. I love those things - AutoZone uses one that will always 100% of the time say "FAILED" if the "outside vendor" is option toggled and the "AutoZone part" is not toggled. That's for the people that come in with another brand. if the autozone brand option toggle is on it will test "PASS" on all the test even if its fried. Best Duralast lifetime warranty ever; lol
  4. What to do about our roof?

    i would get a big mutt and hoe that asphalt off before investing in EPDM to make sure it doesn't peel off going 65 mph
  5. 12v outlet, USB, voltmeter

    12.7 a nice resting voltage for sure.
  6. Howdy from West MI

    turns out we will have to do the UP this year. My good buddys 40th birthday invite dictates i be in traverse that same week. Can't say no to a guys 40th, after all its when you really can tell you are falling apart every year after that.
  7. Tank refuses to receive fuel

    gurgling noise is normal. if you listen close it will get louder as it approaches full. don't listen too closely like I did, unless you like flushing your eardrum with 86 octane.
  8. Painting the outside

    I bed lined my entire Dodge Ram with cans and a roller brush. went on super easy and i get compliments all the time. With Raptor liner you can get colors too and color match it.
  9. not good to mix n match unlike battery types and ages. the weak shall kill the strong and what you are hoping to achieve may actually ruin the batteries. the rule of thumb for parallel batteries is same manufacturer, same model and same manufacturing date if possible. They shall be pre-charged and in like condition as much as humanly possible.
  10. Solar

    that would take a lot of chicken to cover that many tables!
  11. Propane leak at the gauge

    In my case the tanks old automatic regulator had given up the ghostso it could not be filled; that made having it be empty much easier.
  12. Howdy from West MI

    awesome link thanks!
  13. Howdy from West MI

    all we have is a week surrounded by weekends 9 days. We also have a 7 year old and a 9 year old daughter in the cab.... Now I know if I buckled down I could run 12 hour drives but that puts a tax on me and the rig. My favorite way to do trips like this is usually to have mini destinations along the way, where I will pull 5 hours drive, stop for lunch wife pulls 5 and we camp and do something fun, rinse repeat for 3 days. enjoy 4th day there hike it and rinse repeat home. I am thinking: Indiana Illinois Nebraska Iowa Colorado Utah Arizona along 80 and return trip: Colorado Kansas Missouri Illinois Indiana along 160, 70 35 36 etc so I am looking for cool things to see along those routes in both directions there will be no stopping in Indiana (boring) nor Illinois (dangerous).
  14. link to the weather vane vent cap by chance? I need to upgrade. incidentally I picked up a new toy recently to track deer, a handheld thermal imager that's high def. You would be impressed to know that our tanks when having waste pooh in them actually get rather warm; the temps were staggering. gross I know but that heat and the gas are probably generating significant pressures.
  15. Propane leak at the gauge

    Tank work is not bad at all. the main thing is to take your time and understand the fittings. Personally I am a fan of using tape AND dope - that was the only way i passed my leak test. Its held up nicely too.