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  1. Winterizing...

    went to check mine to prep for needed supplies... RATS! literally rats,or mice rather have invaded my sunrader. I have 2 snap traps a tin cat and electric shock trap in there now...but unlike in my home... they aren't getting killed. something about RV mice, they are much more intelligent and harder to remove. I am contemplating getting my grandpas rolling log method into play - the water filled bucket with a rolling cylindrical stick smeared with peanut butter with a ramp leading to it out....they seem to never be able to resist that contraption.
  2. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    your model and layout will probably influence tv location more than anything. A rear dinette being the toughest one to do without massive swivel arm. In my case the dinette is directly behind the front cab seats So I simply bolted it at the end of the main couch beds wall which was accessed through the closet. that wall allows all areas to see and even unfortunately the rear view mirror can see it also for the driver... so make sure they dont put a movie you love or must see while you are driving if using this config. Best part on this method bolt through the closet is easy fast and wiring easily hidden into the closet wall or closet.. in my rig the firestick runs tv with Kodi via wifi when available or we slum it with dvd when on the road.
  3. Okay... dare i say... 'Wood stoves?!'

    in the good ole days of the british empire, the royal navy would stockade wood along with Mead and other supplies to be burned in the ships ovens and fireplaces for long voyages. My guess is that if they ran out they would resupply from cannibalism of wooden artifacts or boat parts that were deemed unnecessary or simply took driftwood or visited the local island or shore to restock. the mead and rum barrels once empty were most likely wood also.
  4. I have both used slime as well as personally replaced my airbags. Slime wins every time until it doesnt; its cost vs easy to do. Anyone saying anything else is simply biased or not having done the jobs to compare. If you are going to take the time, ready the tools and put your money down it would be best to replace them both at the same time. If your bags hold well after slime then that's awesome and i would keep doing that until you cannot. Remember its riding around under 20 psi that really wears the bags out causing them to rub on each other.
  5. Themes ????

    Modern corp theme is better for me i like the contrast of it and the diamond plating. Been thinking about diamond plating my bumper.
  6. What Happened To My Old Account?

    Just erase it then.
  7. What Happened To My Old Account?

    Your account picture offends the majority of of the republic.
  8. No time to fix our Rig!

    couple words of advice: " The first mechanic thought there may be damage to the wiring and that the harness may need to be taken out. " this was your quote... in most all tests in life the first guess is the right one. your first mechanic was most likely the prize winner and the computer is fine. when dealing with BCU or BCM units the FIRST order of business is to verify all wiring going into and out of them are legit. they can be corroded or even pinched from hitting accidents, animals etc. simply replacing those harnesses would have saved you a lot of peace of mind for small amount of cost and should really be done anyway on rig this old as copper corrodes. I would also have the ground and all fusible links replaced. from there see what happens and talk computers. -just my 2 cents. My own no start condition turned out to be the ground wire being rotten inside. it was OEM original ground from 1985...
  9. What kind of MPG can I expect?

    The 30MPG poster is really indeed getting 30MPG, he travels 30 miles while drinking a gallon of Bacardi then posts; the MPG is a measurement of alcohol consumption. this is easy to do because he is in effect really getting 40 MPG of gas mileage with his toyota rig in tow behind a prius.
  10. 3 way Refrigerator

    Ahhh I love seeing this thread. I am a huge fan of 3 way fridges. we used to have a member in here that swore by dorm fridges but I never really bought that a marine battery was going to run one for days at a time even with solar panels due to the high conumption of a compressor no matter how much ER insulation was sprayed into the dorm fridge voids. 3 way Dometic are where it is at. I just ran one on propane for 6 weeks straight.
  11. So a status update of sorts on our "rebuilt" propane tank: The Tank ran exceptionally well this summer as I used my sunrader quite a bit differently than most years. I am relocating to a new position in a new town so I have been using the RV as home base temporary living while i hunted for a new home. I put it in an rv park for the low cost of $450 for the month all included. Because I had a security deposit on electric, i used propane to run the fridge to ensure i got my electric back. I also used the stove to cook but never ran the heater. The tank lasted exactly 1 month running the fridge on setting 5 but had also run us an additional week on Dauphin Island with similar usages. So basically it would appear that the Horizontal Propane tank which holds 8.5 Gallons in my particular case (just filled this AM) Will run Fridge and basic stovetop cooking and I ran the hot water burner twice for 6 weeks. (I also used propane for few days to pre-cool fridge, and house a friend over 4th weekend) I figured these fun facts would help those that have horizontal permanent mount ACME tanks plan for larger trips. Again basically you can expect 6 weeks of use, assuming no furnace is used. If the furnace is used that would be a different study of data points. As to the new motor, She hit 500 miles on the odo today so I changed out the oil which was still clear as water. I refilled with pure Dyno valvoline 5w-30 and zink add in. there was absolutely no oil consumption in the 500. I routinely pass people now while driving and can easily cruise at 75 - with the new 22re performance motor. So far so good!
  12. Looking for a Sunrader

    Thats just it. You do not need nearly the amount of roof or window maintenance on sunraders. Everything sets flush. On mine the only leaks proved to be from marker lights wire holes. On other non fiberglass builds corrugated siding and roof eaves etc constantly need to be caulked and maintained. Theres also the fact they just look way nicer after 25 years mine still looks identical to the brochure glamor photo, no gobs of caulk all over the roof or rubber etc. personally i also believe the monterey liesure builds to be even better sunraders because their portal windows are real glass and linear (flat) not formed plexiglass thats l shaped and nightmare to replace. When i gutted my monterey liesure build the subfloor was half inch marine ply that had also been clear coat glassed as if it were boat floor gunnel. Maybe the California sunraders floors were inferior? no idea but dont lump both builders in the same basket. 😉
  13. 3500w inverter generator

    Honda goblin is a lightweight street legal moped from the 70s/80s from same company that makes your favorite generator. Electric. Bikes that go over 20 mph are not considered street legal without a plate in most states. The goblin also would need a plate
  14. 3500w inverter generator

    My not having been rational paid for the lifepo 4 batteries and electric scooters i run on every trip which are by far the best way to cool off. Still had the AC too when i got home. I suppose not buying a honda generator in favor of a HF inverter would also in effect pay for ironically a honda goblin to strap on the back... same cost.