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  1. Totem

    79 Sunrader cab crack

    Well is a 5 cylindersimlar to a 6? To me not at all. Om602 was known for problems which is partially why the new ones have 6’s as in 6 cylinders. I forget which cylinder would go bad and lose compression on the 602 but one of them would. Known for cracked heads the 602 also
  2. Totem

    79 Sunrader cab crack

    om606 from the 1998-99 series would be awesome power and a chain that has been recorded to go well past 800,000 kilometers in Germany. but most importantly its setup already to run RWD and is a inline 6... no messing with belts and pumps every 60-80k etc. There wont be any chain issues on THAT motor, of that I guarantee. Mine is well over 300,000 miles on it original. ALH is interference motor...lose belt grenade over.
  3. Ahhhhh and there it its. The true troll reveals himself for what he is. Make sure you keep that belt from that well maintained vehicle bud. And you are the one that keeps saying you are “done” but just cant stop coming back. I started this thread.. you followed me. Who is more foolish the fool or the fool that follows him? -obi wan. Also, you finding a rust bucket and showing a belt in it really addressed nothing here. Your posts vs mine are here for all to read. I would counter you by opening up my old 22re to show its chain, but it still runs and i will use it in something else.
  4. I love being called a hater when i have not hated on anything, and i also thank you for agreeing with my points. i think your bias is showing and also Maineah, you are both backed into an emotional corner because you own V6s and are rationalizing some kind of superiority complex that other less biased people like Derek, WME and I would readily call BS on. You continue to state you've never seen something as a logical argument for providing something is true and Maineah I am going to just say it... you haven’t changed a 22re chain so please spare us the 2.5 day procedure claim unless you can hash out why And of course this is not an ifs 4x4 the context is a standard toy home ( again i have to take you two out of the yota crawler truck site hypnosis you seem to be getting all your information from.) so lets just round this up and go back to what would be best for someone who wants to have a shop do the work as well maintain the vehicle as the OP of the case in point context small crux we are in stated he was.. you are advising him to swap a non standard issue motor and all the other things including custom mount fabrications at a shop instead of a built bolt on 22re? Man with advice like that i would hate to see how you treat your enemies.
  5. Totem

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    excellent, they should serve you well. what was the quoted price for your setup?
  6. Totem

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    do you mean a gel cell lead acid? WME? For SLA there are 3 types, maintenance free or maintenance flooded acid. gel acid or advance glass mat. Its best to use lead battery chargers that support those and what size of battery they are, of course, also
  7. Totem

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    yes but the new drill battery will have a meter and auto shut off to protect the cells; unlike the old nickel metal hydride that would run dead and be dead from ghost. then you would have to freeze them in freezer and then shock them with high c rate to get em back
  8. Totem

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    Lithium ion batteries should only be charged by their chargers - which can be powered by a plethora of sources. This is because of the BMS or battery managment system - and that is because they have multiple cells inside that each must be independently charged of the other and have differing rates of charge sometimes. applying charge without a BMS (which BMS is often built into battery pack or in their charger.charge controller but not always) is seriously dangerous if there is no BMS. fire - a fire that's hard to put out- can result. unless you have 1 cell of a lithium it will need its BMS board and they are always a battery "pack" containing multiple cells. cracking open a standard laptop battery often will reveal 18650 lithium cells that can be separately charged and even then the wall plug charges for those have a BMS just for the one cell. The BMS will be a circuit board. the old lead acid batteries of old dont need this and just have current apply to them from the alternator. I have seen lithium ion motorcycle and marine batteries that have their own BMS and are setup to recieve charge straight off the the alternator. They are NOT cheap.
  9. indeed and for once we are in agreement on something
  10. Totem

    Extra long Sunrader

    the only thing extra long about this sunrader is the potential lifespan of its chain when compared to a belt. <bada bing>
  11. i did not have a technical microfilm on it like you do, I found it on a web site somewhere. I noticed some say 90 some 105, with each person matter of factly speaking their opine on it in each case; much like we see in here. In the end 60k miles is even far less than what I generously gave it. Thank you for that! I think you will state for the record that it is in fact NOT over 200,000 miles.
  12. My stats came from Maineah...LOL the thing here is ... This all started because someone took offense to me recommending replacing belts at recommended interval and suggesting its quite ok to ignore belt change past 200k miles I am assuming in an attempt to suggest that was one of the reasons for preferring a 3.4 to a 22re. I had read online 90k for the 3.4 but you have proven it to be 60 in fact. either way I wont have to deal with a belt change if its easy or not.
  13. Fascinating, so now its Chain recommendation is by sound or not at all and Belt at 60,000 miles per Derek and we have Maineah in the background saying something about belts being easier to work on than chains which may just be because they are done more often. yet no one is disputing the vast amount of Rigs (in this site) that have 22s in them with over 200k miles applied to them from factory. How many 3.4's with toy home chasis in here again that had their miles applied in them? This is looking better by the minute for sticking with a 2x series motor, Of which I prefer the 22re personally. Cult like following aside, I have mine doing exactly what i need it to. So, Maineah, whats the procedure for replacing the belt in the 3.4 ? any sticky wickets there or is it just a socket wrench and some wd 40... no special tools? no timing adjustments or callibration? you have well described the 22re maintenance process. Thats good to know. funny thing is - as per observation in here, and elswhere the 22re was famous for being awesome. And of course to Dereks point its nice to get warning before failure which chains do nicely. Belts not so much. keep going this is great discussion...
  14. Excellent to see the chain hold up that well. Well within numbers reported on belt users. I am on a rant because of a perception that the belts are somehow vastly superior to chains or have some magical property about them that makes them ok to ignore their recommended service interval any more than a chain. On an interference motor like our 22's we tend to have a mindset on proper maintenance observations but if we want to discuss longevity between the two motors I am also of the belief the 22 series is just as perfectly capable of going through a desert drought of maintenance neglect as chancing over 200k with a belt. Apparently its an un-"poop"- ular opinion... hehehehe There is also a misconception that valve to piston interference is the only slayer of a motor when a belt or chain fails. however in many V motors the valves themselves can slap each other and grenade also even though the motor is considered non interference in its traditional sense. This is known as "valve interference". At present I am unsure if the 3.4 is one of these or not. Perhaps our nascent conversational players can update us on that.
  15. this video shows exactly why i did what i did. improved it where i needed it; kept everything else the same. the only thing that doesnt match my vin is my hubs and axle and thats all done.