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  1. The question could also be how long was it run with crappy injectors. if fuel and sludge has built up on the porting of the head and coked up the exhaust paths and gunked things up; its possible its reduced some efficiency. couple other easy things to check - make sure air filter is new make sure tires are aired up well - make sure you don't have stuck calipers
  2. The irony here is that the other air bags from firestone/3T also have a jenky bracket in much the same manner. I did the same thing and also no issues.
  3. i would give it a try , why not. the main thing will be to weld the brackets with a good weld and location; if you do that the rest is gravy; should improve ride height and give leveling abilities that you cant get with springs alone.
  4. Actually Jim doesn't want the old motors at all. he manufactures all new ones for the heads, the cores he does start with the oem cast blocks. I had asked them if there was a core swap program and they said they initially used to but dont any more because people werent getting more than a hundred bucks for their original motors and its better to keep them. Right now I am in the futile exercise of trying to find a dead motor or motor-less 4Runner that was setup with a 22RE. I'd like to drop my old one in it if I can find it and keep it as a reliable SUV.
  5. thats just it 22re performance were the ones saying to do it, but a look at their site now has the requirement removed. the new site seems cool. I also notice they no longer sell the break in oil. must have been snake oil.
  6. Ive seen some engineering students make amazing antennaes from Pringles cans, and then go into Home Depot Parking lots and pull full strength from their open wifi non password protected LANs. I was intrigued by this, and tempted to build a pringles antennae myself.
  7. Also, I got my old 22re OEM motor back. I'm able to see into it and where its oil leaks were. there is some kind of seal in the front thats leaking oil; and the channels and passages of the head looked heavily caked with coke and soot. It had 88,000 or so on it when removed.
  8. I went with their stage 2, per WME's advice. It's exactly as he described it would be so far. I hate to ask this group a sensitive question but I have halted driving the motor until i feel better educated. The crew over at performance recommended "break in oil" aka mineral oil for the first 500 miles then an oil change to Dino oil. My mechanic installed it with Dino oil, and I put about 178 miles on it before he finally returned my call with that info. He gave me some "break in additive" which claims to have Zinc in it. He also says he thinks that request for break in oil is no big deal - like as if its superstitious...I told him.. well it is a newly manufactured motor from the 80's....and that's when he gave me the Zinc additive. What are your thoughts on this all? should i go get the Dino drained and get some real break in oil or has that ship sailed at 178 miles?
  9. This is a stage 2 engine that they made to push a motorhome. Jim's supposedly the best 22 re builder in the USA. Living next door to him wont however make getting on a snap. They took over a year to build mine. Very slow.
  10. This is VERY true. I find its a little sluggish at a red light going green, however it a great thing if you are a passenger- not getting buffeted around in the back like a weeble wobble. Definitely an improvement
  11. Well, my 22reperformance motor finally was installed and i can report my first 40 miles. first thing noticed, super smooth running and half as loud as oem original. Next thing I noticed, way different power band. No longer strong right off the get go but once moving top speed is easy maintaining 75 if i want it to. That was not even an option before. Also noticed the motor is not seeking and shifting gears all the time and when highest gear gets hit up hills it no longer screams like a goose being stabbed by a hot fire poker. I also seem to be getting far greater mpg. Time will tell but so far it's excellent. Definitely will slow me down a tad in and about towns but speed me up on the freeway
  12. I rather enjoyed learning a new fishing rig while at the island. They all like to use "popper" bobbers there ; they run a wire through a foam bobber connected to some bedazzler beads. You would cast it out and jerk the wire which would pop the bobber on the surface while your shrimp or jig was hanging on another cable through it a few more feet down mid water. It would get fish to come up and check it out but still bite for those breeds that just wont risk the surface all the way. Totally awesome fishing rig, and I actually used it in the Saginaw river successfully the other day too. Great to learn new gear from down south shibs
  13. even more likely however they will simply pay blue book on the "truck" which is most likely far below actual value
  14. the only special thing they require to charge is a BMS module; but there are chargers out there on ebay that can handle any LifePo4 (they are programmable and have pin out wires to attach to multiple banks individual cells etc. Finally, do not let a 24 volt setup discourage you... there are many out there and many more to come in 48 and higher; its becoming the new automotive standard, and 24 volt is standard on commercial vehicles in many many applications. In fact 24 volt and othe inverters are easy to find on ebay also to run common 110 household appliances.