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  1. Never thought getting a windshield would be this bad. They are not made anymore and must be scavenged. That being said i scored from a california based company that handles everything for you no mater what lower 48 you may be in. They send it to you and install. $350 out the door is what i got. They lost 2 windshields in transfer accidents with the 3rd making it here. The guy said they are VERY hard to find now. So if you need glass better get on the train and get your rig some soon.
  2. normally i would laugh at this thing but now I am not so sure... who wants to touch the campground machines or laundry mats?
  3. I could be persuaded to sell my Sunrader for the right price... Mine has a brand new motor I had custom built for more speed plus I have the original serial number motor which has nothing wrong with it also. Its getting new Tires and brake inspection tomorrow. Things I upgraded -bilstein shocks -stainless steel wheel covers -swaybar -4/6 poly bushings on springs -new firestone air bags -new altenator -new battery seperator -new battery -new jegs performance exhaust -ultra high efficient New roof AC that can be run off of very small generators - tiger bamboo flooring -tongue and groove cedar paneling -leather sofas that flip together to make a standard queen -memory foam upper level bed -Vortex fan in bathroom with LED garnish -rebuilt on board propane tank and also has external propane tank connector Needless to say I have a lot of money in it. its history is here online. only problem it ever gave me was mice but they were eliminated. DM me if interested
  4. to your question.. you want to re-seal all your marker lights as the screws they used will be rusted out and are leak points - same with the antennae mount screws. If you have not already you should get some shark fin vortex vent caps that spin 360 to replace the factory stink pipe covers. Agree with Linda on new butyl tape for the vent shroud mounts but would add to also replace those screws also rust. i just redid my roof points also.
  5. Noticed my mech from previous town skipped both sets of rear bushings in the leaf springs... so I put in the lower ones this past week. wow were the old ones chewed up. the upper rears are trapped by the stairs construction and black tank but looked to be much better from visual. Job took about an hour.. jacked up the camper by frame on to stands until wheels spun then cradled the pumpkin with a quick 3 ton jack. easy peasy. a LOT of the jarring on road is now reduced or gone. get poly bushings if you haven't already... best cheap upgrade.
  6. One thing I keep meaning to ask and forgetting to...Did you guys weigh the sunrader before and after alterations. I am super curious on that as it would seem you added a LOT of things to it that were not light weight and thereby probably contributing to both the wheel failure "bad things" as well as the stability issues that ultimately ended up in its forced sale. The lack of dual wheels for sure did not help with the stability either; I often see people muse in here on just getting rid of the dual wheels in favor of one and to me the physics of that present a risk that was probably exacerbated by the additional weight. I could be wrong though on weight - because you also removed EVERYTHING original - so did you guys post weights before and after by chance?
  7. I cant do moth balls. They set off my asthma.
  8. The dash outside air vent damper is indeed an entry point. They popped out my headliner after crawling up the a pillar! Ugh. A little known gem thats better than great stuff foam is the foam that orkin sells, its black foam containing small bits of carbide shavings that cut vermin’s mouth they will not chew it. I will be sealing the rig with it after the remodel.
  9. Well i had to remove the AC and the bathroom vent as well as the toilet roof stack cap... but i got it in. Dropped all air out of bags, dropped rear tires until they kissed at 10 lbs. now if only someone made low profile vent/shrouds.... lowest profile one i could find was still 2 inches closed which is 2 more than i have. I suppose i could just caulk some plexi glass in and have no vents or AC... nope time to build a lean-two
  10. Keywords height air bags tires pressure psi AC so i have a Barn the entry garage door is exactly 8 feet tall.. stock sunrader shows 105 inches (8.75 feet) with no AC as it rolled out of the factory... but what is our REAL height with 35 year old leaf springs and bags at 20 psi? I was surprised to learn my rig came in at just under 8 feet tall not counting AC. could i get it lower by cheating? tomorrow we will see... i plan to drop bags to 10 psi (not recommended by manufacturer) then drop tires to 15. If lucky i may sneak into the barn if not the AC comes off.
  11. I wish this thread had come a few years earlier... mice destroyed my recently remodeled sunrader and I took the “try To kill the intruders” approach.. which lead to more cannibal intruders and dead mice in inaccessible wall locations. This fall they gained access into the headliner/ceiling and once that happens you are screwed. They burrow into the cardboard honey comb of the roof glass and then tunnel into the top cabinets and drop down into them like tom cruise in mission impossible. They got into all top cabinets. Chewed through the beautiful burlap headliner And savaged everything. I put two tomcat multi kill mouse boxes and had 26 mice alive in them when i checked it today all little more than the size of gumballs each. the pictures in this thread lead me to discover the entry points- exactly where the pictures showed them to be. Excellent post! This should be a sticky
  12. and also a note to those that own the new totally awesome Ryobi generator with Blue Tooth smart phone voltage dashboard and shut off control... Same leak also as its got the same Honda motor. I'm BAaaaAAAAAck! I just bought the Ryobi for just over $600. Its a Honda 2200 licensed far cheaper and with FAR greater features and the same Honda quietness. Also picked up the Ryobi power washer which also has the Honda gas motor from Hondas power washers too but also is strangely only 2/3 the price of the Honda main brand. Why did I buy this? well the old HF genny I had been so faithfully running with finally died; or so I thought. Turned out my buddy left the gas cap off in a rain storm and the gas tank was full of water. after emptying it and draining the carbs its back to life also; so I have dedicated the Ryobi to the Toyota and the HF has been permanently moved to the hunting grounds. Its funny, when I was shopping for the Ryobi genny they actually had one for sale that was "reconditioned" after being returned for the leaking fuel shut off valve for half off. In retrospect I should have grabbed that one was only $300 marked down but came with no returns or warranty so I paid full price. now I have to get the shut off replaced ugh.
  13. I was thinking i could sell bathroom visits, $5 #1s, $10 #2s
  14. Bet you thought this would be political... nope. there are over 500,000 people signed up now to “visit” area 51 in Nevada in September.. the goal... See the Aliens! Thinking about doing a mini rally with our “rocket” to join with the other campers and go see the aliens -because why not right? Nevada, September, should be good weather and a great way to see if half a million people can find out what agent Mulder and Scully couldn’t... the truth is out there... can your toy find it?
  15. I still have it. Its a dometic 3 way , gas, 12v and 110 vac. I have not had time to renovate the rv and probably wont this year. We decided to live with the rats 1 more year and bought a ferral cat kitten. Plan is to let cat live in rv in fall, let her get some “scents” in there. I know that will exodus any “squatters”.
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