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  1. I saw a guy take a spring leaf and forge it into a sword on one of those shows he said toyota leafs make the best weapons.
  2. i would get a used lifepo4 (lithium ion) battery pack on ebay from a donor prius or tesla or the chevy volt. save all that lead weight for the golf cart and get into the new technology. Once you go lithium you never go back./ No need for venting 3 times the amp Hours per density and the best part they charge in less than half the time. They can be had in the junkyard at pick a parts from wrecks believe it or not. Chevy banks are 48 Volts and can be put into parallel. If you decide to do it and it works I will copy you.
  3. hunkaman, its the japanese steel in those oem leafs that you are after; there is a reason they always go after those leafs on all the reality TV forging shows. The best part about a pick a part wrecker yard... you are there... in front of the parts. if the springs are flat, move on to the next one. besides, you are only out to steal some of them; and add them to your pack.
  4. should be a compression ring thats tightened by a screw same as on a dryer
  5. if I could do it all over again I would Target the rear dinette Odyssey Americana, the advantages of the hugeness and best floor plan and the fiberglass of the sunrader. my sunrader is the rear kitchen model which has a 'wet bath" in the rear driver's side corner layout. Its been running my wife and two daughters and German shepherd around but each summer the space is getting smaller. Soon I will have to forget the wife at home to make room for the Dog.
  6. definitely not vapor proof. get a new dryer vent and redo what you removed. you want the entirety of those hoses inside the vent hose so any and all vapors are isolated from the coach.
  7. i wonder how many uhual, HD 1 ton etc. are lying around in pick - a part or you pick it junk yards. seems the oem leafs would be a great and easy to pick item with a handy lithium angle grinder on my belt.
  8. I do same especially much more now with the new bags and cordless ryobi air station.
  9. that dryer vent hose is where I found my smell. turned out it had some holes in it that could only be seen if you expanded it from wounds or rot or what not. i replaced it and bye bye vapors.
  10. uh oh watch out for a for sale sign with that kind of improvement!
  11. I've seen folks add another 14" hole directly over the over cab bed in many rigs to add an additional fantastic but keep roof AC. seemed to be very prevalent on midwest toyota rally dolphin folks rigs if memory serves.
  12. impretty sure the portable AC unit is exhausting air out that dryer hose, WME not drawing air. While not Ideal, I would also advise a roof unit if you have a dog; otherwise you are basically at risk of violating laws depending on the state you are in. In New Jersey for example it is not only illegal to drive without having your dog seat belted, its also illegal to leave him in the vehicle unattended in non-AC and other "cruel" situations... That and a couple other reasons are why I avoid that state, run a high efficiency roof unit and have a 2500 watt inverter generator strapped to the rear bumper.
  13. meh, looks like a towable conference room. I dont see a bed or bathroom, maybe I am missing something
  14. I've decided to do the same as you, I guess. I will be keeping the belt off of it and using that as my new "emergency spare"
  15. why not run that awesome honda on the roof unit and save the parasitic loss on the motor of the subpar performing R12 converted dash AC?? I too will be removing my Cab AC. Mine works great. you can have it if you want it. My roof unit is far better and I prefer the HP going onto the road after seeing that poor little 4 banger's loss to anything other than the one belt.