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  1. And i can also elaborate on the truth on engineering comment also - context! Belts are more far more prone to heat and ambient failure than chains. So you have seen some belts last a while because owners ignored service interval and reported unicorn stories on a truck site? Thats great how many had 7000 lbs of RV on them again? The all important truth in engineering is form fit AND function. Sell me a part designed to withstand a certain temp well enough to make warranty in the as intended duty environment is one thing but telling me that part will perform the same pulling 6800-7000 lbs plus air resistance of the rigs shape in a small bay that heats up fast in july... kevlar or not thats a recipe for premature failure on known duty cycle let alone extra expectations... lecture me when that tortured 3.4 hits 350k miles in a toy home like the 22res already have.
  2. Hey look, he dropped in a nice non-interference engine in a bay that most likely had a 3.0 in it to start correct? There was a lot of fabrication compared to a bolt in swap of same oem motor. All the more power to him. I congratulate the effort, but why not put a hemi or diesel and have it shoot flames on a lift kit? The points i am making here were in context to a guy thats bay is setup for a 22re and the fact you can slide a power band to a better place with a built 22re motor. Couple that with the built motor having better chain guides than stock and known wear points being made better -To me its better than trying to re-engineer that situation into something else. Ive seen the blog its a cool build but less space. The only thing i am not in alignment on is that belt or any belt tortured by the heat of the motor home situation holding up like a chain nor giving the warning signs before it goes. Those truck belts just arent seeing strained duty heat like these RVs. I was pleased to see the 3.4 was non interference so hes got me there though ive read many reports of 22res breaking chains and being ok no bent rods. Either way there are a heck of a lot of 22re based rigs running passed 200k in this forum in reality - truth also I am still skeptical on the claims of corvette speeds on steep slopes even with that setup. Ohhh but it could be supercharged and turbod and.. well a simple head change on a 20r on as in my case cams for a 22re porting etc can also be done with far less space and tinkering. To get real world practical power also with far less modifications and a shop can still work on it with a chiltons manual and not need you in there. I dont think the 22re has to be a loud motor either it just suck how still the exhaust path is and how hot it gets.
  3. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4347-how-many-miles-does-your-dolphin-have/ The above link was all i found on quick glance. Impressive amount of 22res in there. I wonder what motor oil they were using? (lol)
  4. Simple survey to the admins or others. We have a lot of data right here in this site. What are the OEM mileage kings as reported here? Whats your rigs mileage at on original motor before any overhaul. This would be a truth in engineering measurement here - an actual toy home not a t100 or 4 runner etc.
  5. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    I'm your huckleberry on that bet Danny. I guarantee you I have a better shot of making 200k on my single row chain than you do on your or any belt. Especially since toyota's service interval on your belt is 105k. I qualified my "million mile motor comment" to be 200k just as you did claiming 200k. I mean if we are going full on hyperbole here why stop at 200k... This reminds me of people talking about what MPG these things gets. " I get 27 MPG and the rig is for sale" Not one of the trucks in Yota tech has a camper on it and over gross. Ok I am done.
  6. Boondocking anyone?

    I do love traveling the states that have free dumpers at rest areas. wish they all did this.
  7. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    WME did the motor build that I did AND he changed his gear ratio for much better performance. So the transmission stays the same if you want to keep automatic. I am not a fan of a stick shift in an RV due to the frequency i find myself in traffic on trips. personally I found the 4.10 gearing to by just fine once the new motor went in. Maybe someday I will change gear ratio if I become unsatisfied. To fix your goose fire poker issue if thats all you care about is easy. pop your hood and find your exhaust header Y pipe. start your RV. with hood open put your hand near the pipe without giving yourself a frat branding and feel for air all around the Y pipe and where it attaches to the down pipe. if you feel leaky air THAT is the source of the goose scream at high under duress RPM. you will find the nuts and possibly one of the 3 studs missing of course. some find all of them gone and its just hanging by a mount. In order to fix you will need to either make your own gaskets or get some proper donught gaskets - the y pipe takes 2 of them as the old ones are shot after so many years and even if recent they are the first thing to go on the tortured exhaust path of these overworked rigs. no leak there? continue down the exhaust but also check where the header pipes meet the engine for air leaking. same story there also, it will need new gaskets and nuts.
  8. just wanted to make sure i hadn't fat fingered 15 times... I was going to put up my spare 22re in there as available and put a want add for a 1980's -90's 22re based dead 4 runner. I know I will never find one but why not. probably should hit wreck yards for that
  9. in short you are lucky! only need one spare wheel. a visit to a wreck yard as Derek mentioned would be fastest cheapest route to getting a wheel; ebay would be the easiest and slightly more expensive
  10. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    all of the above being said.... the stock 22re was not designed nor optimized to push air in a sunrader. I had a perfectly good one in mine and low mileage at that; but it was taking so long to get to where we wanted to go I just had to do something; and why not do it in style (Jims motor finish is beautiful with a hammered powder coating that really is a thing of beauty. Getting a motor that's custom ported with a different cam and other properties will indeed get you to where you want your rig performing while still being a 22re. However if you want a faster experience than 70-75 mph which in my mind is not needed the 3.4 is indeed the way to go but please do change its belt every 80-90k like any other belt motor; otherwise you could lose your investment
  11. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    $3700 was the motor cost. I paid additional for mechanic to install. That was nearly an additional 2k or so after odds and ends tallied up as it needed many things. It will run up a pass much more nicely than a stock 22re but its not a corvette. $5700 would put you in a performance 22re thats meant to do what you want it to with the rest stock (tranny etc) and still retains the bulletproof easy to maintain inline legendary 22re motor with enough room on either side that the average joe can fix anything while on a vacation with wife and kids..The 3.4? not so much and no offense to the guys that love working on that sort of motor and the fun that it entails fitting it into that bay. On the 3.4 I should like to see it cruise a mountain pass at Yellowstone (the ones that are so steep that they have pull offs for RVs) at passenger car speeds on camera, not that I am calling BS its simply physics; they are not 3x the horsepower and I should really enjoy seeing someone attempt to fit the super charger or turbo into it in that engine bay... Would be an awesome proove out to film a 3.4 going fast up a pass, because when I was there I saw as mentioned full size RVs with much more powerful motors than the 3.4 on that incline and they ALL have the snail. Pride never goes before fact with me and it lends folks to get emotional true enough so please do not take it as an insult, just an opinion based on my own observations. will a 3.4 smoke a 22re in a sunrader drag race? hell yes. Will that timing belt last 200k in that motor under that strain and heat with so little space for airflow? I would wager not. For those of us that are more familiar with timing belt blow ups and TRUTH in automotive engineering I challenge that farce for sure: https://www.greggsauto.net/2013/07/truth-about-timing-belts/ there is a reason that chain driven motors are more expensive than belt ones - they are the real million mile motors. with million mile being qualified as a defined by not having to overhaul them. Chains are not infallible either but they last far longer than belts. Again just my opine , but one backed by facts not emotion. Thats the reason I went the way I did... I simply do not enjoy working on my RV I want to drive it with the wife & kids and avoid break downs as much as possible but if one happens, I am the king of being in and out in 45 mins and back on the road. My family will back me on this. Whats my secret>? the easiest motor in the world ever to work on - a 22re in all that room of a truck bay. side edit... it was the 3.x series 6 cylinder motors that blow the head gaskets and had the recalls in these RVS. Everyone in here knows that very well. the 22re were far more bulletproof and known mostly for wearing out water pumps or chain guides which when replaced with proper upgraded ones last "forever" (in a true 200k mile sense).
  12. Just curious here, but it would appear the classified piece of this site requires a different account or does not access the user database from the forum accounts correct>?
  13. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    I find it was totally worth it - to me.. but this may not be for everyone and I am known to waste $ on my sunrader. the stage (2) 22re I had built out custom from 22reperformance I believe was about $3700 to have made and shipped and took over 1 year from order to receiving it. Installation is bolt on and unless you have something worse than a 4.10 diff you should be fine with it as is. I have seen the frankenstein motor swap attempted in here by many from the lexus SUVs and to my knowledge they are still working on them to get them riding well. My custom 22re is more than just a sticker as derek chooses to believe, I had mine built presumably the same as WME (another user in this forum) who advised me on it and was spot on. Its the perfect mix of speed and MPG and is still what technically came with it if only ported, cam'd and a better flywheel & injectors... wow what a difference it made though. Now if i could just find a motorless 4runner....
  14. Just a quick update to this for anyone looking to find a good runner thats bolt up... I still have my OEM motor on the pallet ready to go if anyone has a blown motor and wants to bring life into one of these old rigs. So if you need a good running 22RE with perfect compression let me know I wouldn't mind selling it. On the flip side if you have a blown 22re 4runner for sale let me know that too I'd like to buy it to drop my motor into....LOL
  15. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    here it is: took some digging