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  1. "I have clocked over 20mpg on some of my trips. " I call shinanagans on this. I have the same rig but newer with EFI and 19 is the ultimate best I ever saw down hill with wind behind my back. maybe it was a short 5 mile trip down mt. st helens or something. that being said i must also call shenanigans on sleep 6 people in a sunrader. 5 maybe, 6? that would cause a domestic.
  2. The best insurance is no collision insurance coupled with max deductibles on comp and Etc. You will find taking care of your things, making sure not to leave stoves on and driving safely with only PLPD in the long run will pay you what the insurance company would have claimed for themselves; which is the actuarial science odds that you are paranoid and no one is out to hit you. statistically speaking you have better odds of not being hit or needing a claim than the odds of them paying you out a claim on the actual value of the vehicle. Insurance is roulette with your pay out being one number on the wheel. Better to enjoy the rv and spend the savings on your life then worrying about the one time you may get unlucky and merely have the excitement of finding again another toy...
  3. Im thinking about hitting Kentucky. Much cheaper, same distance, no tolls , no 14% sales tax, more freedom , and free fishing at the campground for pan fish with no license needed. Theres also the fact that Ky has more caves that are all 65 degrees in temp fantastic way to stay cool and enjoy geological beauty while escaping the sun, when the 2 minutes and 47 second escape provided by the eclipse is over :-)
  4. EAA

    I miss him too.... he brought balance to the force around here.
  5. sometimes you should not focus on the "cash value" but rather on a policy that ensure replacement. If you can get them to agree to replace it like for like, that could be the best bet. Let THEM find out how much fun that is.
  6. the clutch is not toyota but made by Aisin I believe.
  7. the fan clutch can fail in more ways than just fluid viscosity changes. depending on the make and model the liner can fail causing other issues, fluid can leak all the way out (you would know this because the fluid itself is what does the gripping to the shaft turns) etc. etc. Another thing that most folks never check which has nothing to do with the clutch or fan... the radiator(s) cleanliness. If your fins are all bugged up with dead insects and dont let air flow through the fan may be pushing max air and its just rushing over the surface of the fins. Clean radiator fins are key, be careful not to damage them or bend them but if you do get a comb and comb them out as best as possible. I have seen radiators plugged solid with bugs many times, very little air can move through them.
  8. I so want to do alaska. Its on my fired/retired list as #1 with arizona a close second.
  9. I recently had my motor replaced, and when I did the mech asked me about getting a new starter. I asked why and let him know I felt it was the battery after watching when it did the clicking the battery voltage would drop then slowly rise back up after a start attempt. Turned out the ground wire was completely corroded going from battery to chassis and would heat up and flake out every now and then. They replaced it and it starts like a champ now; on that old battery. I too use AAA for everything.
  10. My old dometic takes 24 hours to get cold minimum 24 hours. I have found i can jumpstart its cooling better if i put a small bag of ice in the top chest. Once it finally starts going its hard core though and can freeze cubes.
  11. Theres another thermocouple thats often ignored also... the one on the INSIDE in the fridge in the cooling array fins. If that one goes bad the fridge with think its cold enough and shut off depending on what setting its set to. these ones get wet alot and will corrode sometimes
  12. Nice setup i may steal it for my cabin in the woods. I forgot to unplug my predator once while the battery bank and inverter got turned on in broad high noon sun with wind also spinning the wind turbine too; the 4000 watt hf inverter did something damn strange - it spun the generator backwards like a starter. It was screaming in the background outside as it took the full load from the battery powered inverter. I thought for sure i fried it. Disconnected it. Started it ran and runs fine... i wonder if a honda would fair as well?
  13. Tape and fix a flat will not work. i did a write up in here on slime and it will work great on both top and bottom leaks; but with top leaks you may need to re-apply a couple times. The key is to get a young buck with a strong grip because squeezing that stuff aint easy. It took all i had to get half a bottle into each bag. Taking out a shrader valve is 10 second job and lets you replace the shrader in case that is part of your problem as they often are. When you hunt leaks spray the shrader too youd be surprised how bad they leak when they get worn. The slime will last a season after season but eventually your bag itself will crack like an old tire and leak beyond what tge slime can do. I used it for 3 summers before i had to replace the 3Ts .. was it worth it? Yup
  14. Actually the slime will go into the line and maybe some into the bag, until you put the shrader valve back in and air it up to 100 psi; at that point the slime and air will both seek the leak.
  15. In my sunrader i only reused 1 oem hole and had to drill 3 new. Re-used my original bolts but did get some ginormous fender washers to reinforce the new holes. Tacked them on .