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  1. and also a note to those that own the new totally awesome Ryobi generator with Blue Tooth smart phone voltage dashboard and shut off control... Same leak also as its got the same Honda motor. I'm BAaaaAAAAAck! I just bought the Ryobi for just over $600. Its a Honda 2200 licensed far cheaper and with FAR greater features and the same Honda quietness. Also picked up the Ryobi power washer which also has the Honda gas motor from Hondas power washers too but also is strangely only 2/3 the price of the Honda main brand. Why did I buy this? well the old HF genny I had been so faithfully running with finally died; or so I thought. Turned out my buddy left the gas cap off in a rain storm and the gas tank was full of water. after emptying it and draining the carbs its back to life also; so I have dedicated the Ryobi to the Toyota and the HF has been permanently moved to the hunting grounds. Its funny, when I was shopping for the Ryobi genny they actually had one for sale that was "reconditioned" after being returned for the leaking fuel shut off valve for half off. In retrospect I should have grabbed that one was only $300 marked down but came with no returns or warranty so I paid full price. now I have to get the shut off replaced ugh.
  2. I was thinking i could sell bathroom visits, $5 #1s, $10 #2s
  3. Bet you thought this would be political... nope. there are over 500,000 people signed up now to “visit” area 51 in Nevada in September.. the goal... See the Aliens! Thinking about doing a mini rally with our “rocket” to join with the other campers and go see the aliens -because why not right? Nevada, September, should be good weather and a great way to see if half a million people can find out what agent Mulder and Scully couldn’t... the truth is out there... can your toy find it?
  4. I still have it. Its a dometic 3 way , gas, 12v and 110 vac. I have not had time to renovate the rv and probably wont this year. We decided to live with the rats 1 more year and bought a ferral cat kitten. Plan is to let cat live in rv in fall, let her get some “scents” in there. I know that will exodus any “squatters”.
  5. i fought the battle with 8 snaptraps andtomcat poison feeders. oddly enough i put the poison in my garage well away fromthe RV andbarn but they went back and died in the sunrader anyway. i found a couple dead on the ground in it next to unsprung traps..
  6. You can still maintain good speed and get better mileage, drink a red bull and carefully draft a fast moving semi. I use em all the time. Make sure you have excellent brakes and follow all laws. High winds are a bigger killer of MPG than speed even, drafting in storms is a must.
  7. Well we have decided to remove the humungous fridge and stove... is anyone looking for them? Great condition all 3 fridge mode work, 12, 110 and propane, stove is the 4 burner and small baking oven combo
  8. Wife and I have been looking at foam based peel and stick wall panels; they would presumably add some ER value and being foam would not make noise. has anyone else in here used this? I found a person that successfully used them in their RV closet. check this out: https://rvinspiration.com/decorate/insulating-rv-walls/
  9. Moved into a forest. The mice here hunt cats. they literally use their own dead as food and nesting materials. Ate up my classic 86 burlap headliner and the smell o pee is legendary. im fixing to gut the wall panels out down to the fiberglass but once done id like a surface insulation solution that can be painted on and looks decent. Spray foam is an idea..i wonder if i could coat it with white bedliner
  10. Came back to check in on this and was like cool cool cool whaaaaAAAAAT!!!!? all that $ spent sweatquity on interior then gave up on suspension and sold? Oh man. NOw im gonna gut my interior and do it proper... i started on my dually axle and suspension early on everything is aces in its handling..Mine rides great new motor, sway bars, air bags, shocks etc, but i want to gut and refloor plan like you guys did. We moved recently and in first year at new location mice devestated the interior- even ate the headliner.
  11. Holy old post... 2011. I havent been in this forum in a couple years - music to most folks ears lol. My old sunrader is still goong strong , new motor running excellent . About to gut interior and try new floor plan
  12. Well is a 5 cylindersimlar to a 6? To me not at all. Om602 was known for problems which is partially why the new ones have 6’s as in 6 cylinders. I forget which cylinder would go bad and lose compression on the 602 but one of them would. Known for cracked heads the 602 also
  13. om606 from the 1998-99 series would be awesome power and a chain that has been recorded to go well past 800,000 kilometers in Germany. but most importantly its setup already to run RWD and is a inline 6... no messing with belts and pumps every 60-80k etc. There wont be any chain issues on THAT motor, of that I guarantee. Mine is well over 300,000 miles on it original. ALH is interference motor...lose belt grenade over.
  14. Ahhhhh and there it its. The true troll reveals himself for what he is. Make sure you keep that belt from that well maintained vehicle bud. And you are the one that keeps saying you are “done” but just cant stop coming back. I started this thread.. you followed me. Who is more foolish the fool or the fool that follows him? -obi wan. Also, you finding a rust bucket and showing a belt in it really addressed nothing here. Your posts vs mine are here for all to read. I would counter you by opening up my old 22re to show its chain, but it still runs and i will use it in something else.
  15. I love being called a hater when i have not hated on anything, and i also thank you for agreeing with my points. i think your bias is showing and also Maineah, you are both backed into an emotional corner because you own V6s and are rationalizing some kind of superiority complex that other less biased people like Derek, WME and I would readily call BS on. You continue to state you've never seen something as a logical argument for providing something is true and Maineah I am going to just say it... you haven’t changed a 22re chain so please spare us the 2.5 day procedure claim unless you can hash out why And of course this is not an ifs 4x4 the context is a standard toy home ( again i have to take you two out of the yota crawler truck site hypnosis you seem to be getting all your information from.) so lets just round this up and go back to what would be best for someone who wants to have a shop do the work as well maintain the vehicle as the OP of the case in point context small crux we are in stated he was.. you are advising him to swap a non standard issue motor and all the other things including custom mount fabrications at a shop instead of a built bolt on 22re? Man with advice like that i would hate to see how you treat your enemies.
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