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  1. This is cool. I like this better than the new one Toyota is building. it as more room. But......... We will watch to see what it sells for but I imagine you could buy a 4 wheel drive truck and add a bed camper for a fraction of what this sells for. Maybe slightly less room and you don't get a diesel but far more affordable. I could see me going that route one day.
  2. You really should get C or D rated tires. You can shop around (maybe not locally) and find C or D rated tires in the $80-$100 range. 185/R14. Ask for those and see the looks you get but that is what you need. LT is light truck. You have a heavy truck. Being in California I would think you can find some. The link is simply for an example. https://www.speedytire.com/tires/thunderer/ranger-r101/185r14c-TH0304?gclid=CjwKCAjw8KmLBhB8EiwAQbqNoD5D3IpXtbVi_QdbRSKGWLwuJ6LBodJ9NCjAKjwLON0LFTkTIBfVdBoC-r4QAvD_BwE
  3. Being retired it's going to be more than I will ever pay. I also want a little more room. I got a 20 footer and would have been good if I had found an 18 foot unit but I would have liked to see it made from a 2 door and more room in the back. Not that it matters because as I said, I won't be buying one but it is cool to see this one being made.
  4. Just rambling.......you don't necessarily have to weld more support in. You could get a piece of aluminum as another support and attach it with metal angle brackets that would screw in. If you start adding too much you also start adding weight. While one would look at that and wonder how it lasted 35 years, it did.
  5. I went and looked at one that had sat for years. I wasn't even interested as a complete gut. It even had the F.F. axle. So.......as noted more info is needed. It could very well be worth it or it could cost more than finding a decent one to start with. Put a battery in it and hit it with some starting fluid to see if it fires. It's highly unlikely to run until the fuel system has thoroughly been cleaned.
  6. I believe the manufacturer calls for 2% side to side and 4% front to back. But to further note, the fridge will still work (initially) if the level is way off but not for long so don't do that. I strive for having my bubble mostly (at least) inside the circle.
  7. I have always been told the fridge has to be leveled. Now "leveled" does not mean 100%. When I park if I'm not 100% level but close enough I don't worry about it. My fridge has worked fine. I've never heard the same for propane heaters but then again, I do not use mine.
  8. Well I pretty much have the interior done as far as what I'm going to do to it. Now to start on the exterior. But I need one of the lower doors below the couch.
  9. If you have 185/14 you can go to 195/14. It's not a huge difference but as noted, that's about as large as you'll get without more expensive changes. You can re-clearcoat.
  10. Did you test the A/C before hand? It could be a bunch of things. Fuses, plug. power source, A/C itself, etc. Can you plug something into a receptacle and see if it works?
  11. Interesting. Learn something new all the time. I do not see many Nissan's and I don't believe I've ever seen one with 6 lugs on a standard axle. Thanks.
  12. This is by far the best site around for info on these units. It doesn't matter the year, most any issue will be answered here. I have a Nissan but still read here regularly because so much of the info still applies......and besides, I've always liked these little RV's. This site stopped me from buying one with the 5 lug axle a few years ago. I was working at the time and didn't have time to mess with swapping it out. I'm lucky also as I also have an "Austin" as a friend. I have no idea how my friend knows how to do everything he knows how to do.
  13. The easiest way to tell in general is if you have 5 lugs versus 6 on the rear. As noted above what many manufacturers did was simply place another wheel on the factory axle that was never designed for having dual rear wheels. They then went to a full floating rear end with 6 lugs once a problem started showing up. The F.F. takes the weight off the axles. Many have been switched out over the years and a few never did.
  14. Yours might be. Linda may know more about your wheelbase. Regardless, brake lines are not hard to do yourself. You appear handy. All you need is the tool to bend them and make the flare at the end.
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