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  1. I really like solar power and this is pretty cool but I also really trying to find a place in the shade to park. LOL
  2. So this may seem a dumb question but.........just killing time as the seal hasn't got here yet. (yes mine is smashed flat all over). I was going to work on the shroud some. Just looking to see what a replacement would cost I note none of them have ventilation holes in the top. To make an easy question long..........I hope once sealed it's sealed for awhile but I could see where covering these holes would keep an awfully lot of rain from getting into the A/C area. I initially thought my roof leaked but it was where rain got into the A/C area and leaked around the seal. I'm thinking of covering them up? Any thoughts? My first thought is that they are there for a reason but I see no vents in any of the replacement shrouds (other than the sides). Just to note, the A/C works great. Freeze you out on the low setting. Seems a bit overkill but whatever, it works so it stays. I was worried about wood rot around the frame it sits on but it's all solid. A little bit of edge delamination but nowhere bad enough to go tearing everything up. My roof is solid. No sign of any give while I was on it. (my entire weight never was).
  3. Thanks.......I'll get a second set of hands to help out.
  4. We took it on it's first trip. It got us there and back. It wasn't very far and just overnite to try it out. A/C works very well BUT my seal is leaking so................ I'm assuming it's a pretty standard seal. Any tricks to replacing? I've not looked anything up yet.
  5. The argument isn't that you can just forget it and run your unit that way. The argument is that you can carefully get yourself to somewhere to get it taken care of. You can run car tires on a camper. Mine had passenger car tires on it when I got it. Obviously they worked for the previous person but I'm not going to do it. An overloaded tire will take the extra load (in general) for awhile. So telling someone if one rear tire goes flat you can limp yourself to a repair place isn't a myth.
  6. It depends on your tire. Check the sidewall. Then what type of tires do you have? If you are running C or D rated tires and the shop put them at 32, go back and smack them upside the head.
  7. It's going to be a lot of money. I can't imagine you can't find something closer. I used to know a person that did this but not any longer. I used to pay him $300 plus for a 200 mile round trip. That was quite awhile ago. I have to think $2000 plus for a vehicle you haven't seen. Sorry, that doesn't help. Have you asked if anyone here is close enough to go look at vehicle?
  8. I've never seen a fan just disappear. That is your first problem but the question is whether or not it's caused other problems.
  9. Just making things more confusing.......LOL. I bought my tires from Priority Tire (no shipping charges). They have Accelera Ultra 3 195r/14 D rated for $75. You then get $15 off any order over $100 so $72.50 a tire. You MAY NOT want 195. I wanted slightly more clearance as where I park it came close to dragging when I back in.
  10. I have a little finishing to do but the door looks better.
  11. Anyways........person had posted about remodeling their trailer and had a couple swivel chairs for sale about an hour from me. They both were excellent shape and were only being replaced because they wanted recliners. It's a wee bit big yet but will work for now. They also had a table that was just too big overall so I cut it down and it fold down against the wall when not in use. I'm going to get a better leg for now. Going to fix the lower damage to the side door and we will be off the following week for our first trip finally. I was stumped with the ledge on the floor under the table. I could tell by the pamphlet layout there was supposed to be a chair there but I couldn't figure out how with that ledge. You don't even want to ask about the ledge. LOL, I'll repair the reason for that correctly and get rid of that when I re-do the floor. Also I have the additional chair if anyone is interested in one. Not really worth shipping but thought I'd mention it.
  12. It's hard to diagnose a problem like this over the internet. Many possible issues were mentioned and it could be any of them. These units have many years on them and things just go bad. Could be as easy as a thermostat or as hard as a blown head gasket. It could be your belt is slipping. You might need a new water pump or radiator. With an overheating issue there are many possible causes.
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