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  1. This has been for sale for quite awhile.
  2. I'd love a shorty Sunrader, even one needing attention but I just don't want to spend the money it absolutely will bring.
  3. I'd come real close to trading my Odyssey for something like this.
  4. It's rare to find one that needs no work. Yours appears to be better than many. I see too many people gut one only to give up. There are of course those who stick with it and do a great job. I decided I would simply repair and keep on rolling also.
  5. I think what I would do..........I'd address the ceiling sag and then see how the rest lines up then. Also........on mine I had some soft floors but it was simply a matter of age not rot. I added an additional brace under the floor.
  6. The question to me is whether or not you could source an axle in Germany. I would bet it might bring that kind of money it's so clean IF it had the upgraded rear axle.
  7. In todays market it seems pretty fair. Always understand, this is a 36 year old RV that really was never designed to last that long so there will always be some upkeep but it reads like they have done a good bit. It has the 6 lug axle so you are good there. Two new front tires will set you back + or - $200. Make sure you get the proper tires if you buy this. You really do want D or C rated tires. Many places do not always have them in stock in the correct size. Check for major signs of water damage. Make sure the front doors open and close without hitting the overhang. Many of these will show some water damage but as long as it's not major you can keep on top of it.
  8. Interesting information but in reality I don't plan on going anywhere I would need 4X4.
  9. I need to find a beater Nissan 4X4 and convert mine. LOL
  10. No problem. I ended up busy today and will have to check it all later . (Hopefully tomorrow)
  11. No, when I parked it last year it worked perfect. Lights should be working now but they do not. It's almost dark and still pretty wet out so I don't want to plug in at moment to see if fuse blows. I have no reason to believe it won't.
  12. Fridge is off. On gas setting. Maybe if I had a wiring diagram. Put a fuse in. It's still raining out so I'm not going to plug in.
  13. I will check the fridge BUT it should be off. I'll see that it is completely off DC. To make sure I am clear. The lights above my bed/sofa does not work at all. None of the lights will work without being plugged into shore power. Even then the ones above the sofa/bed do not work. (we have a nice rain shower at the moment)
  14. I imagine it's bad but one never knows.........worked great last year. Background.........1987 Nissan Odyssey. Both batteries are charged and holding good charge. When I plug the RV in the light doesn't flash or light up on the converter. #2 fuse (second from left) is blown. Lights that run off the battery don't work. Everything else works when the RV is plugged in to shore power (battery lights still do not work that run off the battery). I check the other fuses, all good. I put in a new fuse and nothing. I plug the RV into shore power and the fuse blows. Any other info I need I will supply. I have a volt meter. This is my first RV.
  15. It's not a V8. People like the Sunraders because they are fiberglass and have fewer issues than the more standard units. IMO. A little more sleek also. I don't know the condition of your seats and curtains but if they are nice, leave them. Some like the original and those who want to change things up want to do their own thing. I have an 87 Nissan (not Sunrader) and I like that they are a little more rare. To me the short Sunraders are the most desirable. That's me, I like the shorter ones.
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