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  1. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    I'm going to trust Linda on this one:- Advantage.
  2. 1984 Damon escaper isolator

    Something's wrong with your house battery or wiring. With the key in the ACC position it sounds like you're running the 'house' off your 'truck' battery. Yes, get to Harbor Freight and buy a multimeter.
  3. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Somewhat confusing, there is both an 'Advantage RV' and an 'Adventure RV' in Napa. As I recall, when I checked on Google a number of years ago, they're only a couple of blocks apart.
  4. Solid State Battery Isolator

    This is unfortunately not a safe assumption.
  5. Might as well ask for 'quantity pricing'. 10 sets? Someone wanna set up an Etsy?
  6. 185R14 is the original size fitted. No need for any other size.
  7. Tire Idiots. Too young to know that all tires don't have a 'middle' number. You can actually buy 185R14 Load Range D tires for a better selection. Amazon currently has Hankook RA18 185R14 for $85 (free shipping).
  8. I know that the FF axles are very rare North of the Border (Canada). No idea about in Mexico. Maybe those Forum Members who have traveled in Mexico can comment.
  9. The majority of people who have read the other 16 pages of this thread would be worried.
  10. Sunrader height

    Maybe look for a rare Sunrader Adventure!
  11. Traveling with pets

    I'm a dog person, not a cat person. But not (overly) biassed! How's your cat with riding in the car/MH? Is it likely to wander off/escape to go 'mousing' at camp sites? How will you handle heat if you want to leave it 'home' while you go exploring? These are pretty much the same concerns I'd have with my dogs.
  12. Traveling with pets

    Is this a condo/HOA rule? I know I'd have to move!
  13. Sunrader height

    Their brochure gives a height of 105". Probably another 12" for A/C. How much can you lower it with the air springs? That'll depend on how tired/saggy your leaf springs are. I assume you're hoping to squeeze one under a carport? 1985 Sunrader Brochure.pdf
  14. Traveling with pets

    It's been a few years since I read his tales, but Andy traveled with a cat. http://www.andybaird.com/travels/
  15. Parts

    I think the next step in helping you is for you to post some pictures of what you bought and pictures of the parts you're looking for.
  16. The masters of cheap tools:- https://www.harborfreight.com/fuel-injection-pump-tester-62623.html https://www.harborfreight.com/Fuel-Pump-and-Vacuum-Tester-62637.html
  17. Fuel pressure gauges are typically only installed temporarily for testing purposes. I don't think I've ever seen one permanently and if I did, I'd probably think the person was a bit OCD. https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/fuel-pressure-tester/innova-fuel-injector-pressure-tester/273356_0_0
  18. I read elsewhere that someone called recently and they were quoted US$295 each (plus tax & shipping), which (oddly) seems to be lower the other previous price mentions (from memory).
  19. 88 Toyota Turtle 20'?

    Means nothing to me. Maybe some pictures will help.
  20. 1993 Seabreeze (And Others) Scam Report

    In case nobody has noticed, the same SCAM is on Facebook now.
  21. No matter how the rims are attached to each other, foolies are foolies are foolies and will overload the bearings and axles in exactly the same way. The only 'advantage' with this arrangement is that you can carry 1 spare tire!
  22. The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a Toyota MH where the white of the cab matches the white of the coach. I would be very careful assuming the OEM Toyota white will match the gel coat used by Sunrader for the coach