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  1. I am the one who does not understand the diagram not my mechanic. Although he seemed uncertain on where to go to fix the problem while charging me $60/hr. That is why I have consulted this forum to see if any of the mini owners have tackled this problem so maybe I can deal with this. I thank you for what you have informed me ablout with the lack of a fuse on this problem which may be evident since the rear lights are working. A bad ground or corrupted wiring somewhere may be the problem? I will do some looking into what I can see by removing lens covers to see what it looks like inside that area. I am open for other suggestions?
  2. I am unfamiliar with wiring diagrams. Is there a fuse box associated with these lights where I would need to check for a blown fuse?
  3. My 87 winnebago has issue with top front running lights. Did not pass inspection today due to this. Mechanic did not find source of the problem yet. Anyone familiar with this kind of problem. He must have checked fuse box. I will start looking myself soon. Any suggestions?
  4. I have a good blue flame on my propane gas operated fridge but it is only staying lit for a minute or two and out it goes. Recently it stayed on for several minutes before it went out. I took burner nozzle out and wire brushed and blew it out with compressed air but this did not correct the problem. Will replacing thermocouple possibly fix this? Where can I get this part?
  5. I do believe that the thermocouple is the source of the problem. This part appears to possibly disconnect for replacement but I am finding that rather difficult and I am wondering if a specialized tool is needed? Or does the disconnect take place on the end that disappears in the back of the frig cabinet? Anyone have experience with removing and replacing this part?
  6. When discussing this with an rv mechanic he said that since our unit runs with a constant flame that looks like a pilot light that runs continuously he believes that we may have moisture in the gas line that is obstructing the flow of gas. Any experience with purging moisture out of a gas line? Might be worth a try. As far as the thermocouple it is hooked up to copper line that disappears into the back of the unit and this appears to be a rather ambitious project getting into that area to unhook and then install a new part. I thought I should try removing the moisture idea first. Any impressions on that approach?
  7. Is the thermocouple called a sensor electrode? I am willing to try that since I did the other steps by replacing the ignition electrode and I took the burner off and got a small wire brush attachment for my drill and cleaned up the inner area of the burner. After putting it all back together I am still getting the same symptom with the burner igniting with a good even blue flame and after about 30-60 seconds it goes out abruptly. When inquiring about getting a new burner the local rv dealer contacted Norcold who informed him that the burner part is no longer available for my unit. Mt Winnebago title document identifies the unit as an 87 but the pickup is an 86. Norcold said they discontinued my unit in 86. I see no id of any kind on my fridge and my owners manual that came with the vehicle shows a good descriptive picture of my unit and its parts. It is identified as either a 774 EG2 or a 776 EG2. I will call Norcold myself to discuss the thermocouple' availability. One other consideration is my deep cycle battery is near its date of experation and I am wonering if a weak deep cycle battery may be a cause. I have also had difficulty with the gas furnace re-igniting when cycling. Currently it will no even ignite. We rarely use it but this might be something to consider when trying to use the gas driven appliances. Thanks again for you suggestions and help. I am hoping to get the fridge working on propane again soon.
  8. I took the burner and ignition electrode out and did some probing and ended up breaking the tip off of the electrode. I did notice that after taking it apart and reinstalling it that it (the electrode was in the path of the flame and turned bright red). After trying to re ignite the burner and failing to get action I attempted to bend the electrode wire closer and broke the tip off. I am guessing that I may have killed it and will now need to replace it and the burner has major rust and discoloration. If these parts are available I may need to just replace? After my attempt at cleaning the burner it ignited but failed again to stay on. I am supposing that if I took the burner off and could find a good shot of compressed air maybe that would clear it.
  9. thanks for the insight I will check this out. I did look at this and am wondering if I can use a wire brush to remove deposits or do I just need to replace the item?
  10. Our propane operated frig has always worked fine until recently. On our recent short trip the flame would ignite but only operates for a few minutes and then goes out. Just wondering what could be causing this. Any suggestions?
  11. I have been starting up my mini at least once per month and running the engine until warm. Just wondering about the deep cycle battery? Any recommendations on storage to keep battery charged. Should I plug into direct power once in a while does that charge the deep cycle battery?
  12. My mini-wini is a fuel injected 22rec (just in case I did not clarify this) I agree and am impressed with the dependability of my Toyotas. I also have an 02 Tacoma wjth a 2.7 4 cyclinder and have 245,000 miles on it and it still runs perfect. Just took it on a 300 mile trip 25 mpg and runs beautifully on the highway. Glad to hear about the possibility for good access to parts for my 86 22rec I love this vehicle!!
  13. Hi All, I did some posts during and after this trip describing some of the problems encountered. We had our fuel pump failure in the Oregon desert and discovered at the Toyota dealer who worked on it that the previous owner had installed a pump not recognized as a Toyota part. They had to adapt the electrical harness to install a pump designed for Toyota. The one they installed was an after-market pump which failed 350 miles later and again we were towed back to another Toyota dealer. They installed a Toyota pump and installed a fuel pump regulator and it took us home from there in Salt Lake City. Luckily we had AAA premium RV coverage which helped with reimbursement for towing, car rental, hotels and rental cars. We were also refunded about half of the $1300 charged by the first dealer. Next trip was to North Carolina with no mechanical issues but we had a blow out on a rear tire (one of the 4) The tire still had real good tread but just went to pieces very abruptly and some tread flew off completely. I have heard recently that age is a concern for tire life. I have replace 4 of the 6 tires at this point. NOW MY QUESTION FOR EXPERIENCED TOYHOME DRIVERS-----The dealer expressed concern about the fact that some parts for the 22rec are now discontinued and fixing could be a problem if no parts are available. Any suggestions on where these older parts are to be found? I am referring mostly to electrical components. Our Mini has been extremely reliable and we have put 25000 miles on it and we have been to California twice now. I am looking for common concerns so I can be better prepared for any other new breakdown issues.
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