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  1. vtchris

    Fellow Toyota Owner's RV EXPLODED

    Yes, I have met up with him a few times out here. But he has a Lazy Daze, not a Toyota. Nice Rig tho. That and Born Free are probably my second choices.
  2. vtchris

    Fellow Toyota Owner's RV EXPLODED

    It exploded so we assume it was a propane leak. People were nearby and saw and heard it. By the time the Fire Dept got there nothing left but ashes and twisted metal. FD was only 2 miles away. Linda, Victoria is still very active and healthy and she isn't ready for senior housing. She has two wonderful high functioning adult children who support her decision to keep traveling. She is aware of her options. Once she has a Toyhouse she can live on her SS. Especially since she stays mostly at the NM state parks which only costs $100 for a years camping pass. Many people our age living out here ☺️
  3. My very good friend Victoria, another full timer from NM, lost everything she owned yesterday when her RV just exploded. She had just taken her dog down to the water to play and thankfully no one was hurt. If you can just donate a few dollars it is greatly appreciated. She is staying in my spare RV for now. It was a very old Toyota and she had no insurance. Now she has no drivers license, no clothes, no money, nothing. But good kids and sister and friends. Thank you one and all. And even if you can't donate, please share the site. She is hoping to get another Toyota and get on the road again. Any little bit, even $5, is greatly appreciated. We both have been so grateful to everyone that is helping thru this trying time. If nothing https://www.gofundme.com/tj-new-home
  4. vtchris

    Back Up Camera

    Anyone use a back up camera on their Toy? I want to know of a good one to get for my 1994 Warrior.
  5. Hi Linda, The part number that I came up with (from a Toy Dealership) is a little different. 770013D936. Your part number says only for Toys thru 1991. Mine is a 1993 chasis. And yes, it can look like some dealerships still have it in stock, but when I call then I get that it really isn't. True, I haven't called everyone everywhere, but the dealership tells me their computers are linked and that there isn't one at any dealership. True, maybe there is one on a shelf somewhere, maybe at a parts dealer and not a Toy dealer. Right now the soldered fix is holding. Also, I have located a used one at a salvage yard in NC, but I would have to pick it up. Am actually considering that option on my way back from Florida LOL. Thanks for you help Linda!!http://toyotaparts.checkeredflag.com/p/Toyota__/Fuel-tank/52774780/770013D936.html
  6. vtchris

    Use As Daily Driver?

    I have been driving mine daily for almost 8 years now. It is the only thing I own as I am a full timer. Yes, it is easier to drive a car, but not that much more difficult. I just have to be more cautious and remember to take corners wider, look for overhead branches, and backing out is a hazard. I am considering installing a backup camera as I have had a couple minor bumps when reversing.
  7. Follow up. The Dorman tank from Rock Auto is ONLY for the 4WD and won't fit my rig according to sales person. I know another person who got the Spectra and 2 of them also leaked at the weld points. They are on their third one and so far it hasn't leaked, but they haven't driven it very far. Both my mechanic's patch jobs failed the very next day. On his dime he dropped and cleaned my tank, sent it out and had a patch soldered on and now, so far at least (4 hundred miles), it hasn't leaked. If or when it does I will try to find a used OEM tank and clean it up real good or get a Spectra. Those are my only two options left.
  8. NOW my supplier (ABC Radiator) says that my first tank was a Silla and my second tank was a Liland (so what is true I don't know as they said one thing then another) and they got them from the 1-800-Radiator place. They are giving me a $538 reimbursement to make me go away and never come back. Covers the cost to me of the original tank plus labor on both tanks. I talked to Dorman (Rock Auto gives their tank a lifetime waranty) and they said it is made in Taiwan and there return rate is very low, although I asked for a specific number and didn't get it. I am going to try my mechanic's idea.....clean the bottom real good, put Marine Tex epoxy on the two spots that are seeping PLUS covering the bottom of the tank with an aluminum plate sealed with JB Weld. Whatevery you do NEVER ditch an old tank! I would of been much better off doing whatever it took to clean up my old one even tho it was really an awful rusty mess inside. They don't make them like they used to!!
  9. I tried calling Rock Auto but they don't want to talk to me, at least that agent didn't, he said to do everything online. I'll try again. Rock Auto doesn't make them either. I have been told by my supplier that 1-800-radiator says they were both Spectra and the reason I only had a one year warrantee is because that is what the shop where I had it installed put on my invoice. So maybe the Dorman is the way to go. I know someone on the FB forum who also had 2 from Spectra fail, they are on their 3rd, installed Spring of '14 and so far still holding gas, but has only driven it 2600 miles very carefully. I have a mechanic (a known entity in Gainesville) who swears he can fix the one I have now by either soldering or epoxy bonding an aluminum plate over the bottom.
  10. Just thought I would check. I need it for my 1994 Warrior. I've called many a salvage yard and no luck.
  11. vtchris

    Pulling Trailer

    1991 V6 19' Toy. Friend wants to pull 5x8 enclosed trailer with motorcycle etc full time. Comments please. Anyone with real life experience?
  12. vtchris

    Furnace Recommendations

    I need to replace my Suburban DD 17DSI. Mechanic suggested the NT20SE. Any thoughts? For my 94 Warrior.
  13. vtchris

    2800 Btu Onan Generator Issue

    I think he put the same kind of oil in it as he put in my engine
  14. vtchris

    2800 Btu Onan Generator Issue

    No, I always make sure my tank is half or more when I do this. Do you know if I need to screw the oil dipstick all the way in to check the oil level? I am thinking maybe there is too much oil in it.
  15. vtchris

    2800 Btu Onan Generator Issue

    Do I check it with the dipstick screwed all the way in place (which is difficult to do) or just as it sets on top of the hole? I think it may be overfull.