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  1. I can see on my dash panel, to the right of the ECT light, that there is "A/T Light" but it never lights up. What is it for? I have a '94 Warrior.
  2. Has anyone torn off the roof of a Winnebago built Toyota camper. Mine is a Warrior and I would like to know where the wires are up there. My roof sags a bit around the ac and I want to jack it up and "pinch" it together without hitting any wires. "Raising the Roof" here in Vermont
  3. Thank you Derek...you're a gem!!!!!!!!
  4. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the Toyota Service Manual for the 1993 3VZE?
  5. I had my new Spectra gas tank soldered. I think it was $120, but zero for the mechanic's time and prep of the tank (he had previously used JB Weld and it didn't work).
  6. I am glad to see this, but I truly do not believe they were available 3-4 years ago when I fought with mine. I (and more than one mechanic) searched. I would of paid that in a heartbeat compared to what I went through with Spectra.
  7. Oh I have used many different highly recommended brands each time. Matters none. 10 years ago when I had this problem with my first V6 when I used OEM (they were still selling them back then) that solved the problem. I only have had this trouble using after market rotors.
  8. Seems no matter what I do I need to replace my front brake rotors every 8-10K miles. After about 3K I can usually feel them ever so subtly start to stutter and then after a while it gets so bad that I just can't stand it any more. I have had this rig 4.5 years and put about 50K on it. Just at the 106,000 mile point now. I am a full timer. I think maybe I need new front wheels, like maybe they are out of round ever so slightly.
  9. To do or not to do?...that is the question. My 1994 Warrior had the valve adjustment done at 52K, I am now approaching 112K. My engine runs very well and I just hate the thought of some mechanic of unknown capabilities mucking around in there. Looking for first had experiences. And if the consensus is to do it...anyone know of someone who can do this in NM or FL or New England (I am a full timer and those are areas I hang out in more than not).
  10. Yes, I have met up with him a few times out here. But he has a Lazy Daze, not a Toyota. Nice Rig tho. That and Born Free are probably my second choices.
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