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I'm dying to see a picture of 195r14 tires on a dolphin. especially the clearance between the rear wheels. I ordered a set of 7 for mine thag I just sprayed white. I bought MRF steel masters becahse I realy wanted white letters out and it was all I could find with them. I probably would have gone with 185s but wal marts website had the 195s for $62 a piece as apposed to 100 for the 185s. if anyone has 195s could you post a pic?

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Ok thats awesome to hear. I got down and cut a piece of carboard and put it between the duallies and found about 3/4" or so of clearance with the 185's so I was stressing it. Someday I'm going to put a SBC 350 and TH400 in this baby so I just had to have the white letters. It's common out here to see the 4x4 yotas with SBC swaps but i've never seen a chevota dolphin.

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