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I have a chance to buy this axle - from a 1984 Dolphin.  Does anyone know if this is a proper full one ton Toyota axle?  The pic shows what you want to see - the center hub protrudes several inches outboard of the mounting flange and into the outer dually.  I'm pretty confident but could not find info on it's capacity, etc on any sites to confirm it's in fact got the high capacity.  Thought I'd bring the question here to the knowledgeable folks!

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I'm not very computer/pic savvy so this thumbnail transferred simply for me.  Yes, it's a six lug and has the six smaller nuts that hold the axle flange onto the hub.  Looks like the exact setup I have on my LandCruisers 1 ton axles with the 6 tapered split washers you have to tap on to get them to release (tip - leave the nuts on while doing this, or you'll be chasing them around the garage).  I'm asking because there seem to be some flavors of the 1-ton axle that were used in the recall, and some that came from the factory, and still others that are lighter duty but deemed "acceptable".  No idea if this axle fits into one of those categories, but hoping its a "good" one and I included the code for the axle in case that tells someone in the know "yes, this was an original correct 1 ton that's the desirable one", or "no - some of these G292's also failed", or similar input. Thanks in advance. 


Edit:  In fact, I have the 3 pronged special Toyota tool used to tension the wheel bearing preload, and I guess I'm curious if that will also work on this axle?  That would be a bonus!



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