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Hey so I just finished changing the oil and filter and transmission fluid because I have a new to me 1984 Dolphin 700 and I need to do all the maintenance and outer repair items. Engine is a 22RE and the transmission is an automatic. When I went to change the pan gasket, filter and fluid I looked online and could find pretty much zilch about the auto trans filter. Issue I'm having is there are two hard lines that travel over the filter so you can't just pull it down (it's a bolt on filter) and after removing a few other pieces to try and jimmy the filter out, I realized it would take way more disassembly than a simple routine fluid/filter change should involve so I did not replace the filter.

Has anyone else come across this issue of not being able to replace the trans filter on their auto 22RE? Thanks.

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You might slider under and find the actual part number stamped on the case.  Toyota made a lot of stout automatics in the day and they'll have different filter strategies.  Purely from my own curiosity, is yours an external filter?


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