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  1. Fronts. But I'm also looking for a VIN lookup website that gives accurate information for any future needs.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone found an accurate VIN spec lookup tool for these Toyota Motorhomes? Mine is a 1986, but I keep getting results for a 2016 Celica or 4-runner. I’m trying to order some light covers and turn signal assembly. Based on wrong information given by a car parts website, I ordered the wrong part. Luckily they took it back. My VIN also keeps showing a carbureted engine, when it’s actually EFI. Thanks in advance.
  3. I successfully dropped the tank without resorting to cutting or damaging anything. The shower lateral waste lrun broke off inside of the Wye that goes to the tank. I just have some minor repair work here. I also need to replace the rubber to the tank. It’s 1-1/2”. Before I put everything back together, I’m going to put a washer and locking nut up against the undercarriage to make darn sure I don’t have to go through this difficulty if I need to drop the tank in the future.
  4. I should have mentioned that I tried the vice grips trick to no avail. I'm going to try to cut the nut off. If that doesn't work I've got a couple more ideas to try out. Will let you know what worked (or didn't).
  5. I'll try this tomorrow using my rotary tool and cutting wheel, but on the nut itself, not the bolt. The bolt head is underneath my shower pan and if I cut it then shove it through, I don't know how I will get another bolt through the floor (under the shower pan) to attach the strap to, without pulling up the shower pan. Thanks for the idea Fred.
  6. Thanks WME. Even if it doesn't work for this project, this is a handy tool to have around.
  7. Another close look under the grey tank revealed the most likely cause. The waste line running from the shower to tie into (I assume) the wye that drops into the tank (which would also have the waste line from both sinks as a single ABS 1-1/2) is completely disconnected from that wye fitting. It just moves around freely, obviously connected to the shower drain and nothing else. So, I said to myself (doing that more lately) “You need to drop that tank and reconnect everything”. Easier said than done. The straps supporting the tank are bolted to the underside of the coach just below the shower pan. When loosening the nut, the bolt turns also The head of that bolt is somewhere under the shower pan with no access to keep it still (with a 2nd person or vice grips) so the nut can be removed. Here are my choices: 1) Cut the straps and drill holes in both cut ends so I can add re-attach using a piece of store bought strap of similar thickness and type using bolts, washers and locking nuts. 2) Remove the shower pan and do the repair from above (don’t even know if that’s possible or advisable) I need advice on which of these 2 would be best. If there is some other way I have overlooked, please feel free to offer that advice as well. I attached pictures of what is visible for your edification.
  8. It’s leaking from the top and running down the side. I can’t see the exact spot. I definitely don’t want to “over-repair” if dropping the tank isn’t necessary. A friend suggested getting a scope so I can get my eyes on the source. I’m looking into that as my first step on this repair. Repairing with ABS chips and fiberglass seems to be a common way of taking care of tank cracks from what I read on this forum. Has anyone ever done a full tank replacement and, if so, what do you need to know about that process, including sourcing the replacement?
  9. Hi, I know this is quite a long time ago, but did you happen to take pictures of the dropped tank? I need to repair a leak in my grey water tank and would be interested to know what it looks like on the top side where the connections are.
  10. Thanks wanderlustking. I was planning on getting my brakes done soon, so I will be a helicopter around that drivers side rear. I probably should do them myself, but it’s been too long. Rear brakes are, in my recollection, the most tricky. And with duallies, I get even more apprehensive about attempting it. My younger self would smack me upside the head for being such a coward about DIY car repair.
  11. Maineah, your instructions revealed a working fridge! Thank you so much.
  12. Actually the 5 hand hold dually is on the passenger side rear, so normal thread. The drivers side dually is 6 hand hold and LH thread.
  13. So just to verify. Another poster said drivers side rear ONLY is left hand thread. Is this correct or is it both sides?
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