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  1. Hello all! I haven't posted in eons - been too busy out there on the road to stop and share about it! It's been 2 years now of living full time in my Sunrader, driving all over. I stopped because 2020 was not the safest year to be out on the road... I came back to TN to spend the Winter, planning to repair / reno the rig when the wearher turns warmer here. I'm reading threads on repairs and renos and loving all the amazing posts here (as usual!). I have specific things to focus on (like MAJOR rust issues, I need to replace my carbureator, upgrade all l
  2. Thanks everyone - yeah - the guy @ Napa Auto Parts was like “What is going on here?!”. Haha. A previous owner put that in... And on the wrong side... Ugh. So the isolator switch needs to be addressed. The batteries both had a decent charge when tested. The alternator is the problem. I bought a new one and the guy @ Napa showed me how and explained what tools I need. I feel confident I can do it. I have the tools and the time today, so, I’m going to do it myself.
  3. Hello all, As I sit in a pkng lot awaiting my friend’s arrival to jump the truck battery, I thought I would hop on the forum and ask for help: it appears that the house battery is linked to the truck engine battery (note the lever / addition to the battery in pic). I plan to drive to Napa once I get the jump. Was hoping folks have suggestions on good but affordable truck batteries (or are they all relatively the same?). Also hoping someone has insight on how to prevent my house battery from draining the engine battery. Mid October I have plans to begin the electrical
  4. Hey DanAatTheCape, my problem has been solved, yes, but I always appreciate learning. So thank you for taking the time to comment! Besides, others may come along and read your comment and it could answer questions they have. I "tag" my posts - like this one with "propane" or "horizontal orientation" - so future help seekers can reference the answers you guys give. ?
  5. Silicone was / is a temporary fix. (The goal is to clean the roof and reseal all points of entry once the interior water damage is repaired.) - I wrote that above... I don’t intend for silicone to be the final / permanent solution... There is a vent cap. Its intact. The sealant AROUND the cap is the problem. Its dry rotted. Leaks and water = rot and mold. Hence my asking ppl about how to fix the damage. I get the basic concept of painting over mold/damage with Kilz, but I am interested in tearing out what is rotten / moldy / damaged. I’d like to fix what’s damaged, not ju
  6. Hi all! I am tackling the water damage from a pipe vent leak in the Sunrader next week. Any advice on this is appreciated. Damage is in the cabinet above the fridge. I used silicone as a temporary fix on the roof, leaks have stopped. The goal is to clean the roof and reseal all points of entry once the interior water damage is repaired. Not interested in a full on demo / rebuild of my Sunrader interior; simply want to address the damage and mold in this one spot. Thanks guys!
  7. Both propane tanks have been recertified and filled! YAY!! The re-cert is good for 5 years and I doubt I’ll need any propane for a while either. (Thanks WME for the advice).
  8. Glad it all worked out with the insurance DanaAtTheCape but really just grateful you both survived. That looks horrific...
  9. Hi Oldgriz, I have a 1984 Sunrader. I do not have insurance on the RV for “full time living”; it’s insured for recreational / part time use. Regardless of my intended usage, every insurance company I contacted tried to insure my Sunrader for the amount paid. I only paid $2400 for my RV, so I insisted they insure it for the actual market value, NOT the purchase price. They all said that was impossible (most agents had never heard of a Sunrader before, and all of the agents said it was insane to think an RV from 1984 would appreciate in value). Meanwhile, a 4x4 Sunrader had JUST s
  10. Homer - thanks for the tip regarding greasing the ball bearings!! I will look into that. I probably already have something in my bicycle tool box that would lubricate the bearings of the motor. That’s super helpful info. WME - I appreciate that you wrote about why the horizontal orientation is crucial. That’s very good to know. I knew these were specific to my RV but not why. Thanks for the clarification(s). And I will check out the link about the thermostat soon - thanks!! I am familiar with the blog about the 4x4 conversion! I found thier blog posts before I found this foru
  11. Hi SSBreeze, thanks for the reply! What you suggested sounds a lot easier than getting the tanks certified... But will new(er) tanks work with the ‘84 Sunrader regarding the horizontal orientation? (The ones I have now are set up to work on thier sides in the exterior storage / propane compartment). As for the plumbing and more - I gave a list of all I know she needs to just bring folks up to speed (it’s been a while since I shared any news). I can’t tackle any new / big project at the moment. Just focused on getting my propane dilemma handled asap... There’s weeks and weeks of
  12. Good morning all! It feels SO GOOD to start a new topic / query for help! And my question is: what should the process look like for filling my OLD, horizontally orientated propane tanks? I stopped by a place in town and was told legally they could not take the tanks out for me, that I had to do that myself, that I’d have to pay to have the tanks DMV certified ($10 per tank), and some other things. My arm sprain is still not fully healed so I couldn’t get the tanks out by myself so I left, hoping to return with a better understanding of propane and perhaps a friend to help hoist the m
  13. Hi! I’ve been traveling, so not online much... just now seeing this reply. Thanks for the suggestion. But I plan to rely solely on this forum to find other road tripping friends: I encountered a lot of rude RV owners on this last trip and have no desire to go thru that again. (Another Sunrader parked in the same lot as me in Santa Cruz, had thier door ajar, and when I called out “Hi there follow Sunrader” they reached an arm out and slammed the door shut! Plus I’ve encountered enough unfriendly RV ppl these last two weeks to kill any desire I once had to connect with others beyond
  14. Hello all! Thanks for the replies! I’ve been traveling in the ‘Rader for weeks now, massaging at sports events. Soaking up the CA scenery (Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Santa Cruz and more), wkng my butt off, camping and playing when I was able, and still thoroughly stoked that I bought the RV! Derek up North - thanks for the suggestion but the issue is I don’t know how to reduce the image size. LOL at my perpetually tech challenged self... Aaron - I replied to your private message, plus found your topic thread and replied there too - my apologies for the delay; busy work
  15. Hi Aaron! My apologies for not responding sooner to your email message: been dealing with some health issues, plus have been traveling (in the Sunrader!!!) and working in places with no cell service (Big Sur, etc). I’m an enthusiastic “Newbie”, an artist, photographer, baker, etc. By NO MEANS an expert on these rigs. My expertise in life has nothing to do with Toyota mini motor homes. Haha. These folks replying to this thread - THEY are the ones to answer technical questions. Anything I have learned thus far, it was from them / this forum... I found my Sunrader on SLO Count
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