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  1. Dolphinite no longer here


    I would jump on that beachfront land so fast it would make your head spin! John
  2. Dolphinite no longer here


    Here's hoping for you! I have a good friend in Glen Ellen but I'm unable to contact her. Do you know how that town made out? John
  3. Dolphinite no longer here

    To Cover or Not to Cover that is the question

    Absolutely cover your Sunrader if possible. A garage is best, or a carport but even a good quality fitted cover. Even a plastic tarp will help keep the moisture off your rig. I built an overly large carport for my '85 Dolphin to accommodate some other vehicles and it has probably extended the life of my Dolphin by several years. Also, if you get a lot of snow there in Oregon, think about snow load weight on the roof... John
  4. Dolphinite no longer here

    1982 18ft Sunrader Build Thread (photos, progress and questions)

    Where did all the screws come from that you removed? From the outside trim, window frames, various parts inside? Number 8 screws are the ones used in most of the trim pieces on the outside. What are S2 screws? "Square drive" refers to the type of bit used to drive the screws and the ones in my 85 Dolphin are pan head, phillips drive #8 screws. "Pan head" screws have a flat underside so that they sit flat on whatever surface they're driven into and not countersunk into the surface. Why did you have to return the #8 screws? They should be the correct ones to use if they're 1" long and pan head. John
  5. Dolphinite no longer here

    Sunrader Truck Camper side seam leak issue

    Looks like the screws were added later. I'm pretty sure they aren't original. If you do fill the "gully" with caulk, don't use 5200 or any polysulfide. That would make the trim piece mostly permanent. Same goes for silicone. There are several caulk compounds available that should do the job very nicely. John
  6. Dolphinite no longer here

    Fresh water connection

    I agree with Linda and Markwilliam. When I first got my Toyhome many years ago, I hooked a hose to that same fresh water inlet and promptly blew the shower hose off its fitting on the sink. The pressure also caused many leaks throughout the whole plumbing system. Cap that little puppy off and forget it! John
  7. Dolphinite no longer here

    Got a photo of what's under the siding?

    Fred, that's nice work! John
  8. Dolphinite no longer here

    Roadside Assistance services - recommendations?

    What is a "maide spin? John
  9. Dolphinite no longer here

    Vinyl insert size

    Also, to keep the vinyl from shrinking too much, run a screw through each end after leaving the vinyl out for a couple of weeks. John
  10. Dolphinite no longer here

    You CAN overload them!!

    Was that rig on the road? Was it being driven or is that where it gave up the fight? John
  11. Dolphinite no longer here

    Fresh Water Tank

    I've never had a problem using the water from my fresh water tank. We drink it, do the dishes in it and use it just like we would in our home. Of course, I don't put anti-freeze in the tank itself, only in the lines and then pump it through the system until every faucet and the toilet show red antifreeze coming out. I just drain the fresh water tank completely and drain the water heater tank as well. With a bypass kit installed at the water heater tank, no antifreeze gets in there either. I've owned this '85 Dolphin for over twenty years and I haven't had a problem yet. John
  12. Dolphinite no longer here

    Sunrader 4x4 Turbo 5 Speed

    I talked to him on the phone yesterday and he said that he's only had the rig a short time and is still checking everything out to see what works and what doesn't. He has another Toyhome that he uses now. When he has everything finalized, he said he'd call back. John
  13. Dolphinite no longer here

    EPDM or TPO

    That's some nice looking work on your roof. Did you replace the roof framing as well? If so, what size lumber did you use for the roof framing? John
  14. Dolphinite no longer here

    Sunrader 4x4 Turbo 5 Speed

    Someone might be interested in this. I'll take a look at it if its still for sale if anyone's interested. John https://kalispell.craigslist.org/rvs/5558523246.html
  15. Dolphinite no longer here

    To rebuild or not to rebuild

    Looks like you're doing some nice, precise work there. Keep the pictures coming...