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  1. Mines 8 gals, I measured that one. Thanks Linda TG
  2. Can't find my notes on this and did a search to no avail. Model year is '84. Posting all tank capacities again would probably be helpful for search-function-challenged folks like me. At any rate it would be much appreciated, if they are handy. Thanks, TG
  3. What is the square footage of the (seamless) area you need to cover/wrap?
  4. Saw this up here in Nor Cal. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/rvs/d/toyota-sunraider-rv-reduced/6398015339.html Wow, all it needs is a baby grand with a candelabra on it. TG
  5. Thanks guys, I'm glad I bought the Progressive Dynamics converter with the conditioning cycles for charging the battery. BR, TG
  6. Can anyone comment on how much loss (if any) there is running the coach shore plug into the generator output plug (and thus through the coach distribution panel) vs using the hardwired charging cables available from Honda that just plug into the generator output plug and clip straight to the battery posts? Someone told me there is some loss associated with plugging into the generator with the shore plug and going through the whole system. Thanks for any insight. BR, TG
  7. IMG_1093.JPG

    Not a stock rig, conversion by Yodaman in N. Cal. Not mine, owner unknown. I offered to buy it 10 yrs ago. Previous owners couldn't part with it. It was parked for years w/roof-hatch open. Interior is currently pending total re-do. Totally hosed. TG
  8. IMG_1092.JPG

    Conversion by Yodaman in N. Cal, owner unknown.
  9. IMG_1088.JPG

    Conversion by Yodaman in N. Cal, owner unknown
  10. IMG_1088.JPG

  11. IMG_1092.JPG

  12. How is SunRader Lock Receiver attached?

    So my buddy paid homage to the staple god and finally removed all the carpeting from around the "lock receiver mounting board".See pix below. Because his '85 SunRader (18'er) has had the oven/stove removed, we could see that the board for the lock receiver is held in place by screws located inside inside of the panel wall to the left side of the oven. (In this inside shot, the bottom screw head is obscured by a plywood shelf the PO installed) Not having an oven in place, I couldn't swear it, but, it might be possible for a nimble person to remove the outside entry light fixture and reach through to access the screw heads instead of having to pull the oven. The screws are 2 1/2" long square socket-head configuration. Hope this helps someone who's working on a similar issue. BR, TG
  13. How is SunRader Lock Receiver attached?

    Thanks Linda, I guess I'll be peeling that formerly attractive shaggy stuff back and taking a closer look this weekend. My curiosity is killing me. If I solve the mystery. I'll report back. TG
  14. I have a friend who is a fellow '85 SunRader owner; and is trying to figure out how the bullet style lock-receiver plate is attached to the left side of the door frame of his coach. Somehow, according to him, there is a block of wood in the mix. Maybe it's glassed to the interior wall? or screwed to something? (the rig is not where I can get to it) I changed mine out to a Bargman so long ago and have forgotten, and he has not reached the "adventurously aggressive" stage of repairs yet in his quest for a well-functioning lockset. Does anyone remember how the plate is attached, or have a coach stripped down far enough to comment? Thanks for any help offered. BR, TG