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  1. Rubber Roofs

    Thanks for the compliments Linda and MW1, I couldn't have done the job I did without the kind folks on this forum. Heck, I just noticed on my profile today it's been 10 years I've been a member........... Kinda makes me a little teary. D'oh ! On the other thing, guess I should consider loosing weight and start meditating on my roof, maybe then I could end up knowing half of what Linda knows about these things. On the other-other thing, sometimes I think we oughta rename that stuff "RV Wheeler's Friend". It sure works well. BR, TG
  2. Rubber Roofs

    Sorry for the lack of clarity,... Yes, the weight was the thing, EPDM as indicated by WME, it's amazing how more weight can seem to creep into these tasks as the total completion comes into sight. I had forgotten your past experience with the VeeDub, so I now realize you have a more evolved horsepower-to-weight ratio consciousness. I concur with the plywood weight distribution idea, especially at your weight class.... if you do get a rig with a flat roof. Again I was coming from a skewed SunRader perspective, and those roofs are curved. I do lean on my top, or sometimes lay over it when I,m on a ladder and I reaching to do caulking etc.and, like WME, I went the route of making up simple scaffolding that has served me many times since. I am 5' 9" though and results do vary. When all else fails,sometimes, I just get help. TG
  3. Couldn't ask for a better fit, wow.
  4. Rubber Roofs

    Hey there SOH, I applaud your careful research and wish I myself had asked more questions before I took the plunge. It would have saved me a lot of $ and grief. This might be a good time to decide whether you are including a roof that you expect to walk on, as an item on your list of requirements for your RV. I have an 18' SunRader and, at 160 lbs, I have been able to successfully navigate any maintenance or repair tasks (including scraping off large amounts of every imaginable goop and sealer from the roof around the vents and removing an A/C unit), without needing to try to walk on the roof. I understand the sirens-call of this particular temptation, but would never do this on my rig, even though I installed reinforcements and re-arched the ceiling during the restoration. Personally, I would add the statement "of course you can walk on the roof of this C class RV!" to the list of reassurances: "the check's in the mail", "I'll respect you in the morning" and "I'm from your government and I'm here to help you". That said, I realize that we all have different needs and loading skills, but personally, I just don't think the risk of stressing all that reinforcement and cabinet work is worth it. Also, and related to this, though not many seem inclined to the EPDM solution, I found it useful during my searches for even the smallest solutions to any fixes or modifications, to relentlessly ask myself, "how much does it weigh?". I was then new to the principle that every time I drive my RV, I am paying again to haul all my solutions around with me. Just some thoughts, they were helpful for me. BR, TG
  5. Sunrader Body Screws

    Heating the screws is an old trick I have used on nails, screws, bolts etc that are stuck in old steel, wood, plastic and other stuff. If there's enough of the fastener shaft left, it seems to break the rust bond, glue or any sealant that may have been used originally, or sometimes just a really tight fit. It worked well on stubborn old fiberglass bonded by rust. As usual, normal tool cautions apply. You can usually smell when things get warm enough to loosen-up. I used an old pistol-type Weller brand soldering gun, not sure if the little pencil-type would have enough power. TG
  6. Sunrader Body Screws

    From what I've seen,the most common "too-long" offenders seem to be ones located below the side windows in the cab-over sleeper. Two of them per side usually completely penetrate the shell and screw about 1/2" into the horizontal strips of plywood that the sleeper side paneling is attached to. I had difficulty removing all the old rusty ones to replace with stainless until I hit on heating them up with a good high wattage soldering gun. Then they backed out quite nicely. Out of all, I think I might have had to repair 3 or 4 of the holes with a bit of resin and flock powder and re-drill. I also blew out crud from the others with about 40 psi compressed air, then pre-loaded each of the holes with caulk before putting the new screws in. Worked for me, BR, TG
  7. CL Search Technique

    http://allofcraigslist.com/ http://www.searchtempest.com/ Both web-based, should work for you...may be useable as phone "app" as well. Never used either, but I'm sure there must be more. TG
  8. Collapsible Rear Carrier

    Closest thing I've seen. No boxes, not aluminum and not cheap, but I'm thinking about it myself. Sure would be nice to be able to just fold it up instead of pulling it off every time I store the rig. Dunno if it would block brake lights on mine when folded up though...... BR, TG
  9. Maybe take some reference pictures to email and measurements of basic stuff like ID, length of straight portions of the throat, angles etc. and try RV Doctor George in Sacto. http://rvdoctorgeorge.com/ They have been helpful for the SunRader on an occasion or two and have been great to work with. Good luck, TG
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  12. Trout Creek no CL.jpg

  13. Alaska 2017

    Nice pictures (and fish) Darrel. Couldn't help but notice the 'skeeter-proof shirt. Have you needed it for most of the outdoor portion of the trip up there, or just fishing? Glad to hear no problems so far. Safe travels. TG
  14. Just my 2 cents.. I originally had the cool 360 degree model, but, I tarp my rig in the winter, and the "shark-fin" on it cuts plastic tarps really well when you're a one-man-pull over tarping team . That one is now mounted on a fence post at my brother's house as a weather-vane and I have switched to contestant #3, the siphon vent, which works every bit as well moving, or parked. BR, TG
  15. I also heard everyone's recommendations and went from well-used Rancho adjustables (in the back), via the PO, to Bilsteins.... Heck, the Bilsteins feel a lot softer to me. Might even change them back. (vroom, vroom) Gotta find something for the fronts now. Up there, I'm currently running old Gabriel Red Ryders. BTW, I'm running all tires at 60psi. Rig is about 5,800 lbs pre-provisioned. Guess I'll hold off switching back 'till I change out the fronts though. TG BTW II - If you're talking about south of Healdsburg, that stretch is famous around here.