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  1. ToyoGuy

    Cost for Renovating Sunrader

    Having removed and re-installed the shower-stall / bathroom in an 18' Sunrader, (rear dinette), I would concur with Maineah, Linda and Derek. You have to cut the shower stall up into pieces (very messy - fiberglass dust etc) and then you have more work to rebuilt the space. In my mind, two things,...... 1. You may meet a camping partner who would be mightily impressed with such a convenience , and, 2. If you must abandon the loo for grossness abatement, why not consider just removing the toilet and covering the waste outlet with a caulked and sealed plate screwed to the toilet flange. You could then utilize the area for storage or a closet. IMHO, the tear-out is very messy, and the rebuild is a pain if you change your mind. Congrats on your acquisition, TG PS For those with inquiring minds, I took mine out (and put it back) whole, under / through the back of the frame while the floor was out and the coach was jacked up.
  2. Hi All, Just got back from the truck scales with another '84 SunRader 4X4 owner, whose rig is essentially stock except for a cab seat upgrade, and finally got to find out what they weigh stock and how much I added to mine when I did a pretty much total rebuild. With identical amounts of fuel at 1/3 tank, his stocker came in at 5,200 lbs and mine at 5,400. I was actually gratified with the "only 200 lb over" figure , and felt that the 1-1/4" tubular steel for the rear frame reinforcement, the 1-1/4" tubing for the ceiling and addition of 5/8" marine-grade plywood floor contributed a lot to the total increase. Some of the other moves and changes were: I ditched the stock 4 burner stove w/oven at (60 lbs, as I recall?) for a 2 burner (with no regrets so far), removed the Dometic 3-way fridge in favor of an Edge Star 430 AC/DC fridge that slides under the counter when not in use, and I added a Dometic porcelain toilet, also with no regret and added 200 watts of solar. Yeah, .....and there's probably at least another gallon of resin in there somewhere too..... Cheers, TG
  3. Welcome to the 1,300 hour club Jbird ! Can't remember when I stopped keeping track. That's one rockin' truck fo sho. What a great build thread, good, useful pictures. Wow. Beautiful combination of form and function and really well thought out. I only ended up about 600 lbs over you, but at about 100+/- hp, I'm also going to have to get a bumper sticker that says: "0 to 60mph, - Sometime Today" Don't loose momentum now and thanks for your contribution. BR, TG
  4. ToyoGuy

    Wrap Around Window Seal

    Hi Jetalkington, Linda knows more than me about all things SunRader and I'm hoping she's correct on this one. If there are bad over-cuts, there's a way to remedy that. I had to fix the over-cuts on mine, but it takes some time and patience. (See below, hope I did the link right) Once fixed, it's never leaked again. BR, TG
  5. Ah, I get it. Thanks Derek. California translation:- gnarly dude.
  6. Hi LittleShack, I know next to nothing about Itaska RVs, or what surface you're mating up to, but the FRP I have used is VERY tenacious and flexible stuff in terms of shock resistance and other types of abuse. Check bajadulce's build blog. I'm pretty sure he used FRP to fill-in his Sunrader wrap-around windows on his project. I believe he used the flat side out, as one side is "stippled" with little bumps. Polyester resin will bond to it, don't know about epoxy... Figure on losing any cutting tool blade you use to shape or cut it. The fiberglass strands in it made short work of sawzall, jigsaw and oscillating tool blades I used. Use a mask, the cutting dust is nasty-bad stuff. One issue you would have is the difference in thickness of the existing skin and the FRP. Also, on the sheets I used, the flat side is roughed to prep for adhesion to walls, so you would have finish work there, if you want an overall smooth finish. BTW, what is skookum ? PS- Second on joe from dover's comment re-stove backing. Even if the stuff didn't actually ignite, the chemicals released from the heat would likely be quite noxious. (Just my 2 cents...) BR, TG
  7. ToyoGuy

    1978 Toyota Chinook, cabin opening

    Well, late to the party, as usual. But, here's your screw-on cap, I believe. Right out of the Toyota Motorhomes for sale section of this website Cheers, TG
  8. Mines 8 gals, I measured that one. Thanks Linda TG
  9. Can't find my notes on this and did a search to no avail. Model year is '84. Posting all tank capacities again would probably be helpful for search-function-challenged folks like me. At any rate it would be much appreciated, if they are handy. Thanks, TG
  10. Saw this up here in Nor Cal. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/rvs/d/toyota-sunraider-rv-reduced/6398015339.html Wow, all it needs is a baby grand with a candelabra on it. TG
  11. ToyoGuy

    How is SunRader Lock Receiver attached?

    So my buddy paid homage to the staple god and finally removed all the carpeting from around the "lock receiver mounting board".See pix below. Because his '85 SunRader (18'er) has had the oven/stove removed, we could see that the board for the lock receiver is held in place by screws located inside inside of the panel wall to the left side of the oven. (In this inside shot, the bottom screw head is obscured by a plywood shelf the PO installed) Not having an oven in place, I couldn't swear it, but, it might be possible for a nimble person to remove the outside entry light fixture and reach through to access the screw heads instead of having to pull the oven. The screws are 2 1/2" long square socket-head configuration. Hope this helps someone who's working on a similar issue. BR, TG
  12. ToyoGuy

    How is SunRader Lock Receiver attached?

    Thanks Linda, I guess I'll be peeling that formerly attractive shaggy stuff back and taking a closer look this weekend. My curiosity is killing me. If I solve the mystery. I'll report back. TG
  13. I have a friend who is a fellow '85 SunRader owner; and is trying to figure out how the bullet style lock-receiver plate is attached to the left side of the door frame of his coach. Somehow, according to him, there is a block of wood in the mix. Maybe it's glassed to the interior wall? or screwed to something? (the rig is not where I can get to it) I changed mine out to a Bargman so long ago and have forgotten, and he has not reached the "adventurously aggressive" stage of repairs yet in his quest for a well-functioning lockset. Does anyone remember how the plate is attached, or have a coach stripped down far enough to comment? Thanks for any help offered. BR, TG
  14. ToyoGuy

    Smashed Window in Coach

    Oh yeah, Hmm, Somehow I just assumed it was a removable-slider-window and it might be a common size. Also, I confess,... when I'm in Sac, I just like shopping there for my punch-list. Heck, it's the only place I've ever seen an authentic SunRader lock assembly, complete and in good condition for sale. I shoulda bought it, but I completely changed my lockset and couldn't justify it at the time. TG
  15. ToyoGuy

    Smashed Window in Coach

    Just an off-chance, you might measure it and try RV Doctor George's salvage yard up there in Sacto. Would only take a couple of minutes and you might get lucky. George is gone, but the guys there have been very helpful and the prices were reasonable the last time I was there. Good luck and sorry for your misfortune. BR, TG