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  1. OMG Ray has his website up again? It's been down for years. He told me it was too much trouble Linda S
  2. It's a tiny Toyota. No room for extra spare. No I have no spare tire for the rear. I do what WME says and drive it to where the tire on the 5 lug wheel can be put on the rear 6 lug wheels that blew out. I was too cheap to buy a tire in the middle of nowhere once and drove my Sunrader 250 miles with only one tire in the back. Rear and front blew out from metal in the road so spare went on the front. I do remove the blown out tire though. Flapping rubber and steel belts can cause damage Linda S
  3. Yes I'll take 2 sets. Cost? Make sure you tell them others will want them too. I won't put the word out until I hear from you. Yes I do indeed have 2 18 ft Sunraders that could use new decals. Did they take pics of the Sunrader logo too? Linda S
  4. Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    Can we see more pics of your interior please. Linda S
  5. I carry only one spare and I have the same wheel set up as you. As long as you have good tires, you can drive a long way with only one on one side in the back. Slowly but it can be done so you can get to a place to fix the bad or switch the spare to the right wheel. Linda S
  6. So your print shop could probably sell some stripes here if they are interested. I sure would love some in the colors you used to have, grey black shades. Since they already have the specs. Couple of other sites I could post them on too. Not going to fit a 21 footer but I bet with measurements they could lengthen them. Mines little though same as yours Linda S
  7. Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    Your original table would have been your bed and fit tightly on those ledges under the seating area. Yours has a newer table and some awesome cabinets. Just beautiful. That's not plywood it's cheap pressboard. Buy some good quality plywood and cut a new bed shelf. Maybe with a hinge so you can fold it up to store it. I remember seeing this Sunrader before. Seems to me a little extra work to make the bed OK is worth having such a beautiful interior. Linda S
  8. Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

  9. Yup that's the stuff. When you get the right size letting it soak in a bucket of warm soapy water before installation. Makes it more flexible and easier to work with. When you cut it to fit do it on the window not before and give it a touch extra so the ends fit together really tight Linda S
  10. I still need a refrigerator. Help.

    This place is in San Diego and it won't be cheap but the cheapest price for new I could find. The RM 2410 is the same size as most of us have in our Toys. 800 bucks but you'd have a warranty and a nice clean new fridge. Some of the used ones are close to 500. Save on shipping but have to pay sales tax http://www.rvcitysurplus.com/rv-refrigerators.html Linda S
  11. A pic to see what your talking about would help but I'm thinking you mean the rubber window bead on the outside. This place has them but I recommend you buy the samples first to make sure you get the right size. https://www.pellandent.com/Motorhome_Product_Details.aspx?ProductID=7377&Return=303 Page with the beads for ordering Glazing beads https://www.pellandent.com/RV_Products_List.aspx?CategoryID=303 Never heard of top chic windows Linda S
  12. I still need a refrigerator. Help.

    Some on craigslist and recent https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/rvs/d/tent-trailer-camper-tiny/6522895884.html Well one. There was a Dolphin parting in southern Cal a while back but gone now Linda S
  13. Listed my Chinook Newport on eBay :)

    He is selling it as a project and the price represents that. He is being honest about the condition and that all fiberglass shell can't rot away to dust like most Toyota motorhomes. I see no problem with his ad. We had a member Zack who restored one of these rigs and it was great fun following his progress Linda S
  14. The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    Zep is shiny. No different type needed. Linda S
  15. Yes crazy long adapters but it eliminated the need for the fake duallies. Sticks out far enough that 2 single wheels fit. 5 to 10 lbs more pressure on the inside wheel would relieve a lot of the axle stress but you would still have the outside wheel for stability on turns. Might work on something this small Linda S
  16. The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    The stuff I posted is a very close match and available everywhere. No custom mixing required. The Aero Cruiser group recommended it and their coaches are the same fiberglass as the Sunraders. Ford Wimbledon White is the color Linda S
  17. The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    Body shops are expensive. You can make it far less noticeable with this. Shiney Zep after and it might not even be visible. Just prep and sand before carefully and give it time to harden after. This stuff might be at local auto parts store or pick up at local Walmart Linda S https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=ZyugWrn4LtLYsQW9nJ2YBQ&q=ford+wimbledon+white+spray+paint&oq=ford+wimbledon&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0l8.2267.10328.0.15047.
  18. Parts

    original body parts are much heavier weight metal too. Linda S
  19. Parts

    Parts for these trucks are everywhere Hood https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=m-OcWqmPGYPIsQWmi7S4AQ&q=1986+toyota+truck+hood&oq=1986+toyota+truck+hood&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i22i30k1l5.1734.7946.0.8901. Bumper https://www.google.com/search?ei=peOcWu7qGMnwsQWTj7CoAg&q=1986+toyota+truck+front+bumper&oq=1986+toyota+truck+front+bumper&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i22i30k1l2.53547.58282.0.58642. Grill https://www.google.com/search?ei=4eOcWpvuF462tQW7-YaYBg&q=1986+toyota+truck+front+grill&oq=1986+toyota+truck+front+grill&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i22i30k1.30571.34477.0.35202. You could probably find them on Amazon too. Ebay of course. Look for free shipping and the best price Linda S
  20. This is one of the only companies that make a larger tire that will work that has a higher load rating. https://www.tires-easy.com/205-14/thunderer-tires/ranger-r101/tirecode/TH0309 This would be my choice. The Thunderer are good tires Another option is going to a larger wheel. 2wd Tacoma's have the 5 lug pattern on a 15 inch wheel. There are options for tires in a 15 inch size too. Linda S
  21. Parts

    No the front bumper hood and grill are Toyota parts. Tons of online places and ebay sell after market Toyota body parts. Or you could get them at a pick and pull parts place or salvage yard for very little. It's kind of a must that you find out what kind of motorhome you bought. Check inside of drivers door frame. There should be a manufacturers tag there Linda S
  22. No axle replacement needed to use single wheels. But because of the age, service is a must to make sure your current axle hasn't been damaged. Yes finding places that will work on RV's is hard. I try to search out the smaller shops that work on trucks. Your whole motorhome weighs less than a full sized ford 4x4 so they can't tell you it's too heavy for their lift. Hopefully someone in southern Cal will step in here and offer some options for mechanic Linda S
  23. Posted a while ago but if this guy still has axles left, he has all the wheels and the conversion for the front too. Might be a steal but you would need to find someone to pull it for you https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pts/d/toyota-pickup-1-ton-stake-bed/6487932472.html Linda S
  24. These places seem to have the correct rear axle, see below. I do believe California Minitruck also can do the work but it won't be cheap. Maybe more than you paid for the whole camper. You also need to make sure they have the wheels since your current ones will no longer work. Another option is to remove your rear fake duallys and replace them with single Toyota wheels. The right tires are a must for this. You will lose some stability on turns but it's safer than the fake duallys. Might be a good idea to have you existing rear axle serviced with new bearings to make sure the old ones aren't damaged. Lifting the Toy is usually done with air bags in the rear. They will also add some stability. Like these http://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=4594&gclid=CjwKCAiAz-7UBRBAEiwAVrz-9aby0-637egehkSGrcDMG5qqxRPWHKbcks4iFWVja73R4RDnInacYRoCos4QAvD_BwE I didn't shop price and you might be able to find cheaper by looking around Linda S Schimmick's Auto Dismantler USA-CA(Torrance) E-mail 1-877-289-7329 7 1989 Rear Axle Assembly Toyota Truck -0MI 0 2065 $Call SV Auto Dismantling USA-CA(Irwindale) Request_Quote 626-256-9400 Request_Insurance_Quote 27 1989 Rear Axle Assembly Toyota Truck 4x2, dual rear wheel, 1 ton,4X2-0MI 0 L007 $1000 California Mini-Truck USA-CA(Montclair) Request_Quote 909-622-1381 Request_Insurance_Quote
  25. Parts

    Truck parts or camper parts. What kind of Toyota camper. Model? Year? What exact parts do you need. Need more info to answer your question Linda S