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  1. OK so here are a few things. I'm sure I will forget some. Engine does he have any maintenance records. How many miles. Valve adjustment needs to be done every 60,000 miles or valves can get burnt How old are the tires, anything older than 6 years needs to be replaced. There is a code on the tire telling you year manufactured. Google for instructions Coach. Rule 1 is check for water damage. Stains on inside ceiling are a clue. check under top mattress for wet spots. Kitchen and shower too. look inside cabinets. Ask him to show you water pump working. Appliances are expensive. Make sure they all work, especially the fridge. Ask that it be cold when you get there. Turn on furnace. Should klick on even when warm if you turn thermostat all the way to high. Try stove and oven. I'm sure there's more but thats a start Linda S
  2. 50 is kind of low. I think most people go with 60 and higher. I do 60 and mine is a tiny sunrader. Linda S
  3. Here's a quick video. He does use caulk after but his trailer has corrugated siding not smooth like a Sunrader. Harder to seal a wavy surface. He also uses a board to keep the window in place to get the trim strip back in. Butyl tape is extremely sticky. My huge rear window didn't budge when I pushed it in. Doesn't hurt to have a friend there just in case though if it should fall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=belS_95xLcA Yes it's really that easy Linda S
  4. They came with only butyl tape. No eternal caulk so that's the way I have always done mine. I haven't experienced the butyl tape failing yet and it's been quite a few years. I don't know what you mean by window ceiling , please explain Linda S
  5. At least give us the part numbers for the Monroe so we can check them for you. Or better yet here are the right Monroe shocks for our vehicles and you can check them yourself. Substitutes won't do. Linda S Manufacturer: Monroe Brand: Gas-Magnum Part Number Position Package Qty 34953 Front 1 Regular Price: $45.72 Our Price: $36.57 each Save 20% Free Shipping On Orders $75+ 34803 Rear 1 Regular Price: $46.32 Our Price: $37.05 each Save 20% Free Shipping On Orders $75+
  6. Look like we have an error on the site. Lets just try a link http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11637-sunrader-tail-light-replace/&tab=comments#comment-108951 Linda S
  7. Just look under the rear of your camper near the axle. Air bags look like a double donut or cone shaped rubber thing installed between the leaf spring and the frame above it. If you seen them you know there are valves somewhere. I don't have a Dolphin but maybe someone here will tell you exactly where they are. Linda S
  8. You probably have air bags in the back for added support. If one has leaked it will make the camper lean to that side. Do you know where they are. Have you ever added air? Valves are usually near the drivers side rear wheel or inside wheel well. Look just like a tire fill valve. Your camper came with a correct axle. Toyota upgraded the axles in 1986 so only older have the dangerous one. Sway problem might be sway bar bushings are bad front or back. You need to have the steering checked out for sure. Maybe someone here knows a mechanic near you but if not your going to have to just start calling around. Look at yelp and google reviews. Find someone who at least seems to listen to you. Linda S
  9. The white for the 89 to 95 has the color number 045. Linda S
  10. Looks like they just took it off sale to raise the price some. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/rvs/d/clackamas-ft-toyota-itasca-spirit-only/7132952116.html Still looks worth the price Linda S
  11. Some more explanation or some pictures would help us to help you. Linda S
  12. Yeah they are likely the water tank drain valves but did you know your not supposed to attach your RV to the hose without a water pressure regulator? Plumbing is very old polybutyl pipes and high pressure can blow them out. I know many use the water hose route but I always just use the fresh water tank. Just turn the pump on when I need water. You never risk coming back to a flooded camper after a hike that way. Linda S By the way is your grey tank full? Seal at the top where it connects to downspout can wear out and when overfull tank will leak. Be a good idea the check the poopy tank too just in case
  13. Well I think the point of this post is that you can prolong the life of your furnace with a good cleaning. Replacement is expensive. Iflyfish thought he needed a new one but his RV mechanic figured out his can be fixed. I find in general older stuff lasts longer and is more repairable than newer. Linda S
  14. So the frame comes up higher on the outside than one strip of butyl tape does when applied to the edge? Put the butyl tape on the frame instead of the camper shell. You can use more than one strip if the tape you bought is thin and narrow. At least a little squeezing out is your assurance that it's sealed Linda S
  15. Yes Toyota has the left hand bolts and nuts listed again. They also have the cone washers listed and they are all right hand thread so no difference between 86 and 87 there Linda S
  16. So you guys are going to have campers with no water tanks or systems at all? You can't drain grey water onto the ground in most state and federal parks. An empty grey water tank weighs all of 10 lbs so unless it never got emptied it certainly didn't weigh your floor down. I just don't understand why people pay to restore a fully self contained RV to turn it into what's essentially an empty van Linda S
  17. I charge my computer with a 12 volt to 19 volt charger. No laptops actually run on 120. They have converter boxes right in the cord. Less power drain and charges perfectly. Mines old but this is the company https://www.amazon.com/stores/PWR/PWR/page/DFB16C24-799C-4413-AA6C-AFE5DC167E7A Converter box on the adapter cord looks exactly the same as the converter box on the factory cord. Just steps up instead of down Linda S
  18. Yes fix the electrical stuff but more importantly DON"T go to Death Valley in the summer. Temps are already exceeding 110 degrees this early in the season. Even a minor breakdown can be a death sentence especially in an old RV. When temps get dangerous they do close Death Valley entrances. Linda S
  19. Why would you try to remove a tank just to tighten it. There are clearly visible straps under each tank. Sometimes the attachments are visible and sometimes not but it's not that hard to find somewhere you can attach a new tighter strap. No they were not installed from above. I've read many instances over the years of people replacing their tanks and never had to remove the floor. Get under there and look. See if it really feels loose or not. I would just jam some high density closed cell foam in there and tell them the straps were fine, only the cushion had degraded and fallen out. As long as it no longer moved Linda S
  20. Trying to understand this extensive inspection process you have to go through. Is your mechanic also the inspection station? Look at this article. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-vehicle-inspection-system-a-farce-says-industry-critic-1.2426135 Maybe you should try taking it somewhere else Linda S
  21. Certainly is bigger but it looks very solid and well made. I'm thinking pretty bear proof and roof not collapsing from snow strong. Things to consider in Alaska. As long as it's at least a 1984 it would have a full float axle too. Linda S
  22. To Travis, no you do not have the locking gaskets on ours. our are sealed like conventional windows with butyl tape and an inside trim ring that compresses the window to the shell. Linda S
  23. Like I said took me less than a day and I'm an old woman. Probably took you more time to drill the holes. You can't tell me if driving in blinding rain that some water wouldn't get into holes. It's your Sunrader, drill all the holes you want. I just don't recommend anyone else do it Linda S
  24. I would never recommend drilling holes in the Sunrader shell. Always just fix the leak. Window gaskets aren't that hard. I have done it by myself several times. Never even took a whole day. I do have a folding ladder that makes a perfect scaffold. About a hundred bucks on eBay. Everyone needs a good ladder anyway Linda S
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