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  1. Axles are measured from wheel mounting surface to the same on the other side so outside of the drum. Maybe if you can re-measure it we could figure out what they sent you. So where exactly did you buy this and how was it described. Have you called them yet? Linda S
  2. 10 inches smaller is a huge difference. We really need to see pics of it. So this axle came with dually wheels? Would like to see the wheels too. You must have a cell phone so send us those pics Linda S
  3. What's your rig and where's it at?

    There is a Toyota rally every year at Quartzite but doesn't start until the 19th. It's organized by Tika who has doing this for years. If your willing to stay a while you can call her and find out where they will be. 626-798-4510 This is a business number and might have message system on Just leave your phone number and she will get back to you I'm sure Linda S
  4. This is a Land Cruiser axle but looks almost the same. Big difference is the lug pattern. ours are 6x 7.25. Very big spacing. See the big fat hub that comes out in the middle. That's what your looking for. Regular 4x4 Toyota's have 6 lugs but no big hub in the middle of the rear wheel and smaller lug nut pattern Linda S Couple of pics
  5. Fresh water spigot

    Like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Camco-Drain-Valve-RV-Fresh-Water-Tank-3-8-OR-1-2-Inch-Dual-Barb-Flange-Camper-US/292281691965?epid=657295489&hash=item440d58af3d:g:MR0AAOSwG7lZ1ktQ&vxp=mtr Any RV parts place should have it too. If you order make sure you measure the size to get the right one Linda S
  6. Well lots of stuff can brake along those lines. You don't know if it's a cable or an adjuster. It just ends at that lever. Everything that's connected to that lever from the front of the vehicle to the back wheels are all part of the parking brake mechanism. Guess you'll just have to wait until your mechanic looks at it. Can't buy parts if you don't know what's broken. Linda S Link I posted doesn't come through You will have to put in your vehicle yourself to see the parts and diagram. You can just put in the vin and get exact parts for your rig
  7. Going to check this out next week....

    Derek is correct. No cab and chassis models were made from 89 on with a 4 cylinder. Only the V6 was available. Linda S
  8. Which cable. Right hand left hand or center that comes from the front. or all of them. Everything is still available from Nissan except for the drivers side cable. Weird to discontinue one side but not the other but. Here's the parts available with diagram and part numbers https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts-list/1985-nissan-720-pickup/parking-brake-control.html?Filter=(1=HD%2f(T%2bW);2=Z24;3=DX;4=F5;5=LONG;6=2WD Don't let them throw your cable away before you find a replacement. Custom cables can be made but they need to see what to make. It's also possible that one of the clips or brackets has rusted out and they cable has just come loose so the tension isn't right. It's possible a replacement could be found at a local parts store. Need to measure that cable to see. Linda S
  9. Did you get the wheels? Have to have them to fit full float axle Linda S
  10. Going to check this out next week....

    Whether it's a good deal or not comes down to what he thinks needs work. It's got high mileage and I'm wondering if it's ever had a valve adjustment or the head gasket repair. Absolutely must find that out before you consider it. Linda S
  11. Just might be the best to my mind. I had to change out my truck battery last year and I thought I had already done it once. Nope that darn battery was 14 years old. Amazing Linda S
  12. 21 fresh 12 grey and 8 black Ronco still makes tanks for our rigs and they say the black tank is 10 gallons. Don't know which is correct Linda S
  13. Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Don't discard the bunk bed parts. Many Chinook owners want them and they are hard to find. I hate to send people away from us but the Chinook group on Yahoo has many members and can answer all of your questions. They are a very helpful group. When you get an older RV you need all the resources you can get https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/toyotachinook/info Linda S
  14. Yeah I can't find anyone near you either. You could try calling larger RV repair places and see if they have anyone that does that. Other option is to make the laminate panel your self. This company has a number of bendable substrates that might work and you could buy Filon and glue it on. There is a distributor list at the top right and several places in Alabama. Also possible you could find a company that does vacuum lamination and you could bring them the materials. Doesn't hurt to mention you belong to a club that does a lot of RV restoration 5000 strong and all the members will see their name and that they might be the only source outside of California. http://www.kerfkore.com/products.html Linda S
  15. 1990 Leisure Odyssey

    No I've never seen a brochure for a Starlite. One I was going to buy had the name on it and I have seen a few over the years. There are so few of them hard to value. Most V6's if in perfect condition go for 12 to 15 grand. Would need to know if head gasket had ever been done, mileage and total condition inside. Taking the bathroom out is a bad thing. Molded stall can't be replaced. Right now the way it looks it depends on what someone is willing to pay. 5 grand minimum but you could get far more just cleaning it up Linda S
  16. Sunrader cab-over replacement windows

    Replace gasket https://www.amazon.com/Trim-Lok-Stripping-Two-Piece-Glass-Edge/dp/B00NL48HSE/ref=pd_bxgy_328_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00NL48HSE&pd_rd_r=X064D7VP91W0GWMV08Q6&pd_rd_w=IQ93W&pd_rd_wg=dtd3V&psc=1&refRID=X064D7VP91W0GWMV08Q6 Locking strip https://www.amazon.com/Trim-Lok-LK937-25-Rubber-Locking-Gaskets/dp/B00NL48VUS Tool to use https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-47000-Windshield-Locking-Strip/dp/B000COA1CQ/ref=pd_bxgy_328_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000COA1CQ&pd_rd_r=BDBFSZB4D85GM4DRKDBC&pd_rd_w=bQriq&pd_rd_wg=C3fQO&psc=1&refRID=BDBFSZB4D85GM4DRKDBC Video of it being done http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10239-resealing-wrap-around-windows-on-a-sunrader/&tab=comments#comment-95648 While the windows are out it might help to flatten the long side some. Lay on table with cured side hanging off. Heat with hot blow dryer. Heat gun is too hot, too much chance of a mistake. Then put some books or other non scratching item on the window so it will cool flat Linda S Oh he walks on the hood. Better to rig up some kind of scaffold to protect your cab. If I still lived in San Jose I would be there to help but far away now. Sorry
  17. 1990 Leisure Odyssey

    My Sunrader is a foot and a half shorter and I have a toilet. That's all it would have been. Toilet and shower combined. Pics of under carriage and holding tanks would be nice too. And other side of outside. OK what I really want is for you to live nearby so I can crawl all over it. Man I love those things. I always planned to go back and get that one but the guy died and I couldn't contact his family. Sweet guy too. Linda S See that vent next to the door where I think your AC was? It's a lower fridge vent and the top vent has been covered over
  18. 1990 Leisure Odyssey

    It's an Odyssey Starlite and it should have originally had a bathroom behind the drivers seat. Show me pics of the inside. Do you have your AC unit under the drivers side rear seat? I always thought that was a nice option. Out of the way and you can still lift the top. Very nice rigs. I had a chance to buy one years ago just like yours and didn't, been kicking myself since then. Linda S
  19. Man you must be psychic. A minion looks out from the back of my Sunrader. I tell people he's watching my back. Linda S
  20. Gosh golly your right. The expert who first suggested the 245/60/14 tire was me. Linda S
  21. Fronts on the originals were different smaller size so no I wouldn't recommend the giant ones. Don't think you can even steer with those on the fronts. Plenty of other more conventional tires will fit the bill and work on all wheels once he has wheels that match
  22. I'd be willing to bet the Newports came with the same L60 tires in the rear that the pop tops did. Not made anymore but on the Chinook site an oft quoted former Chinook expert , Tuffy used a 245/60/14 tire. The widest tire available for a 14 inch wheel and with a substantial 1675lb load rating. Tires are stronger now and so much more convenient to stick with all the same size all around. Can rotate them for longest wear too Linda S
  23. Suburban DD17dsi Furnace Issues

    How about buying it a heater to preheat. These are 12 volt and you could hook it up with a switch and turn it on before you turn on the furnace. My Nissan was from Alaska and had heaters on the engine and all tanks. Didn't work by time I got it but some places you can't do without them https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Rv-Camper-Marine-Holding-ThermaHeat-Tank-Pipe-Heater-Pad-12-volt-SL-P712/332500643155?hash=item4d6a952d53:m:mijLDx0HFl-HAJiVeRXVg_w&vxp=mtr Linda S
  24. Most cars today come with a nasty little donut spare. Nothing you can drive on for very long. A regular tire will get you to a shop for service even if it feels funny driving on it. Linda S
  25. There are a few reviews online. Not the top snow tire but one of the only ones we can use and not a bad tire. Tire store in upstate New York has lots of reviews of them all really good http://www.mavistire.com/tire-reviews/Antares/?model=Ice+Grip+20 Linda S