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    1 ton axle upgrade

    Don't know if this one is still working and I'm not interested in trying. But you can. Posted by Jim not that long ago. Download with search function http://drywindhome.net/Hilux/ Linda S
  2. linda s

    1 ton axle upgrade

    Did guy in Turlock have wheels cause you need them too. Dean in Napa is sometimes not real good at getting back to people. Keep trying. Going rate for the axle with wheels is about a grand so he wasn't out of the ball park. Never heard of a junk yard wanting old axle though Linda S
  3. linda s

    1 ton axle upgrade

    You would need a driveshaft adapter to fit it to the differential and probably customizing length of your driveshaft. The wheels have different lug pattern and you would always have to use Nissan brake pads and parts. Harder to find than Toyota because not many were made. Try calling these guys. Parts 4 Less Auto Dismantling USA-CA(Turlock) Request_Quote 209-632-2600 their website says the have a dually axle from a 1991 Toyota. Oh just remembered. I was told that Advantage RV in Napa has several dually axles ,some of them brand new, for sale. These guys used to work at the Sunrader plant in Vallejo and they know their stuff. https://www.yellowpages.com/napa-ca/mip/advantage-rv-center-inc-17348616 Best possible option Linda S
  4. linda s

    Looking for parts...

    If the door is a stock size you might be able to find one on eBay or Amazon. Measure it and I'll look around. Also radius corners? The window you will have to have made from plexiglass or have it fiberglassed in to cover the hole. Don't know what kind of seal is used on Americana windows. Also the edges might have melted some and make sealing a new window difficult. Linda S
  5. linda s

    Hitch Mount Cargo Rack loadout

    I have the same carrier and I use it to carry my boat. Zodiac type 10ft inflatable. Also rigged a bumper mount bike rack to carry the motor Linda S
  6. You must measure the opening exactly so we can look for you. I must warn you there are some sizes that are no longer made. Linda S
  7. linda s

    Downshift Throttle Cable

    This should be the correct part. I also have an 86 Sunrader and used my vin to find it. Yes it's available. https://parts.villagetoyota.com/products/TOYOTA/1986/4Runner-LOW-DECK-PICKUP--DELUXE-2400CC-EFI--AUTOMATIC--4-SPEED-COLUMN-SHIFT/CABLE-ASSY--THROTTLE-WCRC/2052637/3552022021.html I saw some YouTube videos about installing these. Maybe not exactly the same truck but close. The trick is adjusting it correctly. More stuff online about that. Google it Linda S
  8. linda s

    Downshift Throttle Cable

    That part comes up as an air conditioner wire. Yes it is discontinued but it's not what you need. Linda S
  9. linda s

    Draining water system

    It's old plastic so be gentile when your working it back and forth. Also you can spray a little Pam on them. Lubricates but food safe just in case any works back into your system. Linda S
  10. linda s

    GVWR sense.

    Wow Mark. You sound like an experienced RV guy already. Sounds like you did everything the right way. Cute little camper. It's a mini like my Sunrader. Probably about 18 feet bumper to bumper. The little ones are way harder to come by. Drives like a truck it's so short. Your going to love it Linda S
  11. linda s

    GVWR sense.

    They only made them from 84 to 88 so not that long. Linda S
  12. linda s

    GVWR sense.

    Well Nissan came out with the full float axle 2 years before Toyota so I'm sure your fine. Okanagan, brings back memories. I circled the country in an Okanagan van with my daughter when she was 15. Same plant made the early Airstream vans so they look exactly the same. We named her Gypsy and we still talk about that totally messed up old van that just kept plugging along just so we could have a nice trip. Yes I talk about them like they are alive. That old beat up van is also probably why I am here today on all these motorhome sites. Oh your 24Z engine can have head gasket trouble. Might not but something to keep an eye out for. Knowing can make the difference between a simple repair or a blown engine Linda S
  13. linda s

    GVWR sense.

    We pretty much ignore it. Your 85 has a full float dually wheel axle, right? Almost all Toyota motorhomes are overweight the minute you get in. Plenty of people load their families and lots of other stuff for a trip and as long as the axle was correct I can't think of anyone who had any serious problems. The owner of this group Greg used to have a Sunrader 4x4 that I think weighed in at 7600 lbs. 1 ton over GVWR. I also have a Nissan motorhome. Would love to see more pics of yours. Mine is a Sunrader so looks exactly like the other Sunrader shorties but on a Nissan chassis. Linda S
  14. linda s

    Anyone heard about Toyota Camroad?

    Well as you can see we are all in America or Canada and the Camroad is too new to be imported here. Unless one of us test drove one on a vacation to Japan we wouldn't know much about them. Linda S
  15. linda s


    Well it is the correct part number but I see that other Toyota dealerships online are showing it as discontinued. Linda S
  16. linda s

    Wall separating on 92 Horizon

    Yes it looks pretty serious. Looks like the screws pulled out from the head. Wall behind must have rotted enough to give way. What's on that head side. Is there any way you can get in there to reinforce that side with a strip of wood or some fiberglass. Given your location it's very important you get that all sealed up before winter. Linda S
  17. taking this off the other guys thread. Yup that's the one. Seems I missed your earlier postings about it. I lived in San Jose at the time and the rig was in Stockton I think. Wasn't too big of a deal missing out cause I already had my Sunrader. Just impulse wanting a 4x4. Glad you enjoy it.


  18. linda s

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    So you've got that Bandit. I tried to buy it once on Ebay. I was the winning bidder but the seller bailed on me. Sure looks nice. Always wondered where that thing went Linda S
  19. linda s

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    No I don't have an Odyssey. I'm a Sunrader girl. After so many years on these groups though I kind of know where to look for them is all
  20. linda s

    Roadside Assistance Recommendations

    Are you sure? The Washington AAA site shows that with regular RV plus you only get 100 miles towing and with the premier which is $169 a year you get 200. I checked because I have the premier plan in California and I know I only get 200 miles. In California though I only get that 200 miles once. If I need it again that year I am limited to 100 miles. Luckily I have never had to use it.
  21. linda s

    Sunrader RV v. Others: Recommendations?

    I've driven my 4 cylinder over the Sierra Nevada's many times. Gotten kicked out of a few 4x4 only roads too. It depends on you. Lots of members here have driven to Alaska and many live in the mountains. We are pretty happy with the power we've got but some people just won't be. For most of us it's not about getting there, it's about enjoying the ride. All the 4x4 Sunraders were 4 cylinder too. Look up posts from kayakthecoast. He's up near Seattle and has some awesome pics posted of his incredible tricked out Sunrader 4x4. Again 4 cylinder Linda S
  22. linda s

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    Sunrader never made a V6 4x4. If I'm right about the rack on the back of your rig I remember when you bought it in California. Bakersfield or Fresno area? Yeah there are a few more than yours and Timmy's. 2 different floor plans on the ones like yours. Yours and Timmy's are the Newport but they also made a rear dinette style called a Chaparral. There are also at least 2 Starlite models made by Odyssey with the 4x4 chassis. Here's a rear dinette version. Linda S
  23. linda s

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    Yes he has single rear wheels and all the other Toyota motorhomes still made all over the world have the same. No duallys. Toyota also never made a dually 4x4. Maybe a dozen of these 4x4 rigs were ever made and at least a couple were Starlites with a pop top and all fiberglass body. Linda S
  24. linda s

    Sunrader RV v. Others: Recommendations?

    Wood rots, fiberglass is forever. No seams from roof to sides. Because of this and because all these motorhomes are so old, Sunraders have less chance of serious water damage. Linda S
  25. linda s

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    A 4x4 Toyota motorhome with a V6 with relatively low miles ? The Odyssey's are the only ones. If the inside looks as nice as the out I would say 25 grand minimum. Linda S