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  1. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    Unfortunately TV tuners compatible with Mac's are almost non existent. Tons of them for windows computers cheap. You can find an external CD/DVD player though pretty cheap. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ultra-Slim-USB-External-Slot-DVD-VCD-CD-RW-Drive-Burner-Superdrive-for-Apple-Macbook-Pro-Air-iMAC-and-Other-Computer/635986529?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=11017&adid=22222222227097770056&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=219085905111&wl4=pla-355385172233&wl5=9032376&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=117088882&wl11=online&wl12=635986529&wl13=&veh=sem TV mounts for an RV have locks so they don't fly around when your driving. Ones for the home don't. Surprise the ones for RV's are pricey and the ones for home cheap. I installed a cheap one in my girlfriends camper and locked it into place with some velcro straps. Looks OK and protects the TV from road vibration Linda S PS I'm a baker too. I would be lost without my oven. For all these guys who say they never use them, they are the first guys to wander over to my campsite when I'm baking blueberry muffins or brownies.
  2. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    Laptop with TV tuner added. When I'm done with it I put it away. Can watch DVD's too. Unless you have a satellite dish, TV on the road isn't so good anymore. Digital kind of wiped out any reception except in big cities and I don't camp much in big cities. Actually get horrible reception in San Jose, Ca the center of Silicon Valley. All the towers are in San Francisco 60 miles away. You can watch lots of shows online though with a laptop. Linda S
  3. We need pics of what's there. Sounds like you have air shocks not air suspension which is what is needed on these rigs. No, if they are air shocks even at 200 psi it won't lift the rear end. No air suspension has a limit that high. Air bags look like this and are mounted above the leaf springs or this Linda S
  4. Here are the official docs on the v6 Toyota head Gasket recall. http://www.google.co...hUlCd3_VgILtC3A Linda S
  5. The clearances you need for the fridge are all in the installation manual. Yes there is a chimney at the back so the cooling unit gets enough airflow. Chimney is just part of cabinet and not really visible from inside. Counter top goes to wall which is start of chimney. https://www.gas-refrigerators.com/pdf/RM2351-manual.pdf Linda S
  6. Need advice for buying a Toyota RV.

    You can't ask about a recall cause they won't find it. Special service campaign. Print out the forms we have in pinned docs and show them what to look for or call toyota corporate. Never say the word recall ever when talking to them Linda S
  7. Bambi

    Working on it. Not on the market. Owner died, hadn't been lived in in years and went to family member. No one still living there and only contact I have is post office box. Sooner or later they will give in, I'm at least hoping. I know about it because it was on the market for tiny bit of time before owner died. Withdrawn and realtor never got back to me about my offer. Claimed it was sold but county records say different. Nothing is ever straightforward out here in the boonies. Linda S
  8. Fridge won’t run on 12 volt

    Take the fridge fuse out and see if your stereo still works Linda S
  9. I can't imagine that lattice being strong enough. Filon is extremely thin. This guy just rebuilt his whole camper section and used Filon. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10345-87-rbr-mini-cruiser-complete-rebuild-with-filon/&tab=comments#comment-96711
  10. Fire!

    I'm afraid Glen Ellen was right in the worst of it. Linda S
  11. Fire!

    I was thinking of you. Still haven't heard from girlfriend who headed to Santa rosa looking for mom and brother. Be safe and get out soon as you can. Linda
  12. Well the 12 comes with an A so looks like August 2012. Also looks like a group 24 battery same as mine. If you charge it up and it still shows full charge after sitting an hour or so it's probably OK. Linda S Check the water though. Most important part of battery care in my opinion. Distilled only
  13. I'm sure if you posted some pictures someone would come up with some ideas. Hard to just imagine stuff and your not using all original parts. Your adding new Filon. Pics please Linda S
  14. Deep cycle batteries are usually all around the same size for a certain capacity. Here's some measurements https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/tools/bci-battery-group-sizes.html As far as the age my bet would be 2012 or that J10 could mean jan or june 2010. Both older than you should use in most cases Linda S
  15. Newbie requesting advice

    It doesn't really matter. The deal is no one wants to replace all the paneling and siding and leaks can happen no matter what the frame is made out of. There's no magic bullet here other than careful inspection Linda S Yes I've seen a ton of rotten RV's of all makes.
  16. Newbie requesting advice

    The V6 engine has it's own issues to deal with. I haven't seen a ton of 4 cylinders damaged from overheating or there wouldn't still be so many on the road all these years later . Again it all comes down to maintenance. Either they took care of it or not. Linda S
  17. Bambi

    House on bluff maybe 100 ft up. Above tsunami zone we have out here in Cal. Better view too. Beach is all park. No houses between me and that beach ever. County road Linda S
  18. Bambi

    I have a choice. Buy property inland where I would have room for many RVs or try to convince the owners of a run down house that sits above this beach to sell. Would take every penny I've got but I think this is the most beautiful beach in all of California. What would you do Linda S
  19. Newbie requesting advice

    Its all about leaks. Yes storing it inside of course helps but resealing seams, vents and windows regularly is the main thing needed. Also fixing leaks as soon as you see them happening. The Dolphin you first mentioned does look good from the one pic I saw. yes I found the ad. You just need the knowledge to check it out carefully and your getting that here. Good Luck. I checked the vin. It has the correct axle but different wheels in the front just like mine. Some think you need 2 spare tires. You don't. If we get that far I'll go further into it Linda S
  20. Newbie requesting advice

    The Conquest has an aluminum frame and we have a couple of members here who had to tear them apart. No matter what you buy unless it's a Sunrader will have all wood connecting the aluminum and it rots same as a Dolphin would. Lots of nasty bad welds we saw too. It's really the previous owners care that matters. yes you can find a good one. Don't get too discouraged by all our nay nay's. Linda S
  21. Newbie requesting advice

    owners are never trustworthy. why did the engine have to be redone at only 84,000 miles and what did they do to it. It rains a lot in Washington so you need to look for water damage, mold that kind of thing. If you have more pics post them so we can see. Only one in the ad makes me suspicious. Tires are good but how old are they. They can still have good tread but be too old to use. 6 years and it's time to replace. If anything close to that reduce price accordingly. Check all appliances especially fridge. They are very expensive. Oh heater too. Don't quite know what last question is about. You can use these rigs for weekends or live in them and travel all the time. Can't imagine sleeping in a tent when you have a house you can take anywhere. So much nicer to look forward to your hike when you feel fully refreshed from your rest. Eating is always good too. make anything you would at home and eat right. Offer 5 grand. it's the worst time to sell a motorhome. Good for buyers though Linda S
  22. Rare find - dually front hubs

    you have to join the group to see the pics. Not a bad idea anyway. Another resource that can be helpful and their files section is easier for me to find stuff than here and I'm a moderator here. Linda S the dumb moderator
  23. Bambi

    Cute but I think I have enough motorhomes. Linda S