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78 Chinook Newport 4x4 conversion (91 extra cab)


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So, hey guys.New to the forum,but not new. been lurking for a while to get ideas. 

My lady and I got a stock 78 toyota chinook (early) Newport, and drove the s*** out of it, down through mexico, and the mountains of CO. 

The engine died on us a year after her resurrected glory (re-did the interior and put a weber on, rear seals, etc, etc)

Anyway, since it is now dead, instead of spending 3k on a rebuilt 20r, I have found a rolled 91 extra cab (SR5). Runs great, very well maintained for $900. I am now in the process of taking the cab and bed off in the hopes to put the whole 78 shell and cab of the Newport on. 

Here are some photos of both: I'd love any feedback from anyone, but certainly from other cab swapper/chinook fabricators out there. I can use just about all I can get.

not actual, but same model/yr - will get some pics of interior/etc soon:
Image result for chinook newport

actual 91 extra cab:



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This path has been trod before. What was done was to mount a regular cab in place of the extra cab. This gives you more space for the house.

Important distance is from the back of the cab to the axle. Likewise on the house from the front to the center of the wheel well.

Stretch or shrink the WB till you get a perfect fit.

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Things in question:

- Not sure of axle to axle length for cab/shell matchup, but willing to do some fab here (even if that means cutting the lower end of the rear shell to match those rear tires
- Not sure if the cab will even matchup, but from what I've read all the 1st - 3rd gen cabs are similar in length x width (give or take the extra cab/long bed sizes).
- fairly certain I'll just put the dash/harness/seats of the 91 into the 78 
- Would like some preventative maintenance recommendations for when the chassis is fully exposed (rust prevention, cleaning, suspension, etc.)

Thanks in advance for those who can give me some pieces of advice for this project

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