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'90 Dolphin - can't find fuse or breaker

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I am a new motorhome owner and am having an incredibly frustrating issue. I was plugged in at a camp ground and, after turning on a microwave, lost all power. I have tested and am getting power from the extension cord, but nothing will turn on. I am guessing that its a breaker or fuse, but I can't find the fuse box anywhere! Does anyone know where I should look? I have a 1990 dolphin toyota.

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You probably have a GFCI outlet that has tripped. Your AC in the coach is the same as in your house. First check the outlet the microwave is plugged into. Does it have a “push to reset “ button? If not, check the other outlets for one. If you can find none it might be the breaker. Check your house breaker next. See if it has tripped.

Most important, breakers and GFCI outlets are designed to shut the power off if they sense a problem. Try unplugging your microwave oven. Once you restore power plug it back in. If the breaker shuts off again the problem is with the microwave, or you’ve exceeded the amp draw the circuit is designed for. Good luck.

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You might have a different floor plan but this is a pic of a 1990 Dolphin power center with the breakers and fuses. See the square metal door under the sofa near the rear part of the sofa. That's what your looking for


Linda S

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