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Found 19 results

  1. While doing some routine maintenance, I was alarmed to find some moisture under the cabover bed today. Our 91 Warrior stays under a cover 24-7 to help prevent this kind of water damage: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007TKJLRW/ref=pe_385040_121528360_TE_dp_1 My alarm turned to complete dismay when I discovered layer after layer of mushy, rotten wood over the cab. I'm going to need your tips/tricks to figure all this out, for sure. To start, here are a few questions: 1) Do covers really offer much protection from rain? 2) Just about everything under the bed is ruined, but the sidewalls seem firm/solid; will I need to tear those vertical sidewalls apart in order to rebuild the "base" area? 3) Does anyone have a drawing that might correspond to the structure of my Winne? 4) In the second photo I'm attaching, you can see the piece that joins the two outer sections of fiberglass skin. There was no trace of adhesive/caulk/butyl where those pieces come together... I know this seam is on the underside, but surely there's still a need for some waterproofing. (?)
  2. Just finished a nice little trip to Lake of the Ozarks SP over a long weekend. Great weather, nice scenery, and tons of surprisingly tame, white-tailed deer, right up around the Warrior for most of our stay. Brought our e-bikes along, per usual, and the wife and I had a great time buzzing around the area. Unfortunately, heading out of the park and down the main park entry road on our way home, a loud crash was heard overhead, then a few pieces of debris rained down on the hood. The large 59x12" cabover window is gone, as you can see—most of the glass ended up inside the window curtain and on the mattress. Not sure if a falling branch struck the window or if a large bird impacted or what - ?! We drove home just fine but kept it under 55mph. First time that's happened to us in our eight years of ownership. So the question is whether to try and replace the glass... or to block off that unlucky window opening completely. The large rubber window seal is in pretty good shape, it appears, but I know these Class C cabover windows tend to be problematic, even from the factory. I'm reading through the forum posts on the subject, but feel free to chime in here if you have any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!
  3. Anyone have access to the 1986 Toyota Dolphin Owner's and/or Repair Manual?
  4. I did try to search for this, and figure I must have missed it, where can I find a maintenance schedule for the mechanicals, chassis, engine, transmission, etc? It would be great to find that for the entire rv, but the truck part would be a good start. I think this would be great to have in hand when looking over a possible purchase, to check against the work done. Thanks-
  5. Hey Everyone- I wasn’t sure where to best ask this question so I’m putting it here. I recently noticed that the siding on the drivers side of my 1987 Escaper is starting to separate a little at the seam. It’s not a major issue, but wanted to check with the experts to see if there’s a best practice before fixing it. I’m undecided between a few short screws to hold it in place or a few spots of adhesive and that’s what brings me here. It is dry underneath there and I intend to take wait as long as the sunny weather will allow before sealing it back up. Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend. -Matt
  6. So right now I'm a long-haul trucker. I live in the state of Missouri and my rig (Damon escaper 1984 22R carbureted).I need to do a lot of upgrades but I do not have a shop. I need to even do an engine swap or upgrade the motor .a lot of suspension work. And some upgrades to the interior (none of the water works right ,I don't know if the propane system works, and fixing replacing some water damage)I would love to do all the upgrades myself but at the current moment I cannot. Anybody recommend a shops that I can take it to within a few states.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a musician, museum curator+docent, and huge nerd, and I'm the new owner of a 1986 travelmaster savannah. I plan to take it on tons of adventures and do other fun stuff with it, like weird upgrades. I've got some weird ideas, and also I thought someone might be interested in following a noob's adventures or hearing about my hopes and dreams for the thing, so kablam, here I am. Oh, whenever I use "we", you can pretend I'm using the royal we (as long as you don't say it all snooty-like), but that's something that I've deduced with the help of a mechanic as I am technically-minded but at best I am beginner-to-intermediate in car/RV skill. Hopefully that improves with time! Things I know about my RV: It's mostly (?) original Engine is amazing, and low (32k! couldn't believe it until we drove it) miles Transmission was swapped out a year ago (unsure what was wrong with the last one), now it's 4spd OD auto. Tanks seem to be in good condition! (though my dump valves seem to leak slightly?) Water pump and sinks are good. Propane works. Water Heater works. Roof A/C is cold (yay!) and needs some of the rotatey bits tightened up We think the regular heat works. We are pretty sure my generator works. "Major" repairs required: Fridge - it's a dometic 2-way, we are guessing it's a control board but there is a bit of a smell, could be suffering the ammonia angle issue thing Toilet (Aqua Magic IV) valve needs forcing open and/or shut. Perhaps a spring or a catch? Toilet itself is in one piece, rinses ok, etc. Leak in the top driver side corner overcab, and rear window on the left. We're gonna make with the sealant like whoa. Things done so far: Replaced all marker lights up top (5 front, 5 back, 2 side) with LEDs. Replaced interior lights with some very nice soft white 1141 LEDs I found, will report back on how they fare since I hear lots of stories. A/C - my compressor was fine but a hose exploded. Got some guy to fashion a new hose+clamp that will hopefully work for years to come. Speakers were factory and the previous owner upgraded the stereo but not the speakers. Fixed! Picked up a brand new water pressure regulator, freshwater hose, water filter, Uninstalled clock face in storage cabinets, not sure what to put there, though My todo list, in no particular order: Solar. Low flow shower head (this one looks nice) Low flow sink aerator (perhaps this one?) finish LED'ing everything-else: dome light en route. brake, back-up, parking lights, maaaaybe headlights? cell booster (which one? seems wilson weboost 4g-x is the best?) wifi booster (which one?) low-power always-on file server for music&movies, I will probably have to build this from scratch integrate aforementioned fileserver into dash for music on the go possibly overhaul entire dash into something completely customizable, think prius information display sensors, sensors everywhere (proximity, gravity, altimeter, level, weather/temp/humidity, etc) front/back/side cameras for the road and security logging all of the data that I possibly can from dash+sensors fashion a better rear bumper mount thing for my generator, perhaps something with some storage remove TV antenna, probably run solar/booster cables through that hole Stuff I'd like to figure out: If my tank meters work How should I log my places travelled? lots of people get bumper stickers and stick them to their wall/door/plaster their vehicle in them.... maybe I should get a removable sheet that I hang from the wall? I want to be able to take that with me... Paint job for the RV? What's the deal with interior lights (or is it interior 12V perhaps?) only going on when I have ignition on Do I have an inverter? I don't think I do. I should probably set one up. Should I upgrade my house battery? Should I get a sewer solution? Routes I'd like to travel: Entire length of US-1 Entire length of US-101 Entire length of Interstate 10 As much as possible of at least one Trans-Canada route Anyhow, this isn't yet a project log so I figured it belonged more in here than that forum (feel free to link me to good threads about my questions)! Aside from figuring out all of my stuff and things, I'd love to meet some folks, especially nerds and toyhome owners. I'll be full-timing once it's fixed, though! Hope to chat meet some of you soon!
  8. Hey Guys- Long time lurker, first time poster. I bought a 1987 Escaper last June and put about 13,000 miles on it taking the circuitous route from Boston to Seattle. This summer has been good too, but we haven't put quite as much mileage on it. It's been largely pain free so far, though I have replaced some fuel and brake lines, and an alternator belt, in addition to the usual wear-and-tear items. With the 22RE it's really easy to take care of the truck portion. Before fall is upon us I'm thinking that I should be doing some preventative maintenance on the coach portion. I've perused the forums for info on roof maintenance, but haven't found a soup-to-nuts guide as to what a newbie to RV-ing should be doing to maintain the roof. Should I be stripping the rubber off of it every few years? Just applying a new coat of some kind of sealant? Something else? I'm finding a lot of conflicting information in different corners of the internet, so I thought I'd come to the experts for a beginners guide to the best way to keep the roof of my Toyota waterproof through a Seattle winter. Thanks a bunch. And enjoy the picture from Grand Teton last summer. -Matt
  9. Hi All, Just bought my 1990 Winnebago Warrior 10 days ago, I've got to spend all of 4 hours in it so far learning how everything works and was planning to give it a big clean and do some exterior re-sealing this weekend. Very excited to spend more time with the camper and loving this forum! However, I went to go to work this morning and noticed that someone has clipped the back left corner either when driving by camper or when trying to park beside it. They were moving toward the back end and have taken off the side light, opened up the seam between the side and back panel (bending the back panel out of shape) and done some damage to the supporting woodwork inside. Photos are attached. This must of happened only one day before I noticed it because I walk by the camper daily and would have noticed it had it happened earlier. Also the rain overnight has had a chance to get in I've got it covered with plastic for now. Anyway, What do you think the repair job will be like? Something I will need a professional to do, or could I do it myself? I'm super disappointed this happened before I could actually use the camper. My Fiance and I were planning a trip in the next 2 weeks, then we are doing a tour of the States from May through to July so definitely need it in working order again by then. Thanks in advance for all the help! Nick
  10. Hey Sunrader Nerds! My 1985 Nissan Sunrader has a defunct emergency brake so I've been using tire blocks when I park it. I'm dropping it off at the car doctor this week and was hoping to locate a cable for the e-brake so I can have them fix it (I don't trust myself with this task at this point in my tinkering career). They mechanic was concerned that he wouldn't have the part. Does anyone know if it requires the same length cable as a Nissan 720 pickup or is it a longer cable? Bonus points if you include a link to purchase the part Thanks everyone!
  11. Anyone know a good fix or replacement for these interior door latches?
  12. So Ive been digging around on this site and on the web for repair manuals for my Toyota. My truck being the 6 cyl 3.0 has made it even harder. Haven't really found anything here. Most of it dead-ended to files that no longer existed or didn't apply. What I really was hoping to find was the original Toyota Shop manual for my 1990 in PDF form. Forget it!! Well I have found a few good links that I wanted to share with you guys. That being said I am really careful about what I click on on the internet. The links I am going to share I have already checked out and are good. I have also found out that there are only a couple of countries that do not call our Toyota's "Hilux". Most of the world even to this day call them "HiLux". Anyway hope this may help someone and save you some leg-work too. This one is probably not going to help most folks but you never know. It is the diesel version of our engines: Toyota Diesel 2L & 3L Engines This one is really nice and it covers everything from 1990-1995 and more goodies too:Everything Toyota Truck 1990-1995 Plus This one has too much good stuff to list, from 1985-2005 mostly all the "Hilux" Toyota Truck: Everything Toyota Truck ( Hilux also ) Enjoy the reading and Cheers !!!!
  13. I installed a custom-fabricated support for the cab-over. Two steel rods were welded onto small brackets in the doorjam, which was then also welded to 3" steel plate. The steel plate ran the width of the fiberglass, and was screwed into the existing metal support. The wood and foam from the cab-over interior was destroyed by water damage, so it was all ripped out and replaced with new high-grade lumber, foam, and plywood. All in all, I'm very happy with the results and shouldn't ever have water problems in this area again. It's a shame that they didn't think to add more support here in the first place! I'm still not done, I could use some help in deciding what to do about the outermost layer, which is still heavily glued on. It's incredibly hard to strip off, but I was thinking about buying an electric planer to get an even surface to glue a new piece of plywood to. Thanks for looking! Here's an album of the fix: http://imgur.com/gallery/JP7aO/new
  14. I just recently purchased my 86' Nissan Sunrader 18' and had a little surprise when I started digging around. The floor feels solid and all appliances worked so I didn't really think to check when I got it, but after opening up the seats in back, noticed that there is a patch of wood around the water heater that has started to decay. A lot of the plumbing has been redone, so I'd imagine there was a problem that was fixed, but maybe to late. First, I am going to remove the water heater because I have plans of installing a tankless and so I can access the whole area. Then I am going to use a wood rot repair epoxy called PC Rot Terminator. It is supposed to be a structural wood repair curing harder than wood. Then I am going to lay new plywood down over that area, and over the main floor. A couple of questions for people who have laid down play wood to stiffen up the floor of a Sunrader: Did you screw it down or glue it down or both? Did you us any floor dampener like the foam under hardwood floors? Did you do it all in one piece? I see being able to easily do it in three pieces and only having to take off a couple cabinet doors. Thanks I'll include pictures of the rot and fix later.
  15. On my 1991 Dolphin the panel over the cab (frontmost part of the side panel) is peeling away. Anybody have experience on repairing this? What is the ideal fix? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, I just bought a 86 Toyota Dolphin - been loving it, just got it thoroughly checked out today. In good condition. However, I went under an overpass in Santa Rosa, CA that was not marked with a height.. and totally shredded the roof, the AC caved in, the roof is split and caved in, and their is a gaping 4ft hole in the back. My insurance doesn't cover it, because it is not a collision or traditional accident. I need to totally repair/rebuild the roof and am asking for ideas and suggestions of what to do and how to do it. Thanks! Aaron
  17. we finally finished cabover repair now we just have to do a little paint touch up and wall paper cabover hopefully can knock-out quick..... corner molding we had to use a skill saw to cut notches so we could bend it and get a good seal used a peace of aluminum to seal up outside bottom of cabover to bed frame used bolt and washers to fasten up used 3m 5200 on corner molding and sealing up outside bottom cab... some more pics.. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=5619
  19. Hey everyone. I recently fixed my sagging overcab bed area on my 1990 Toyota Odyssey 4x4. It wasn't too bad, and I can open my doors again! Here's the post. http://timmystoyota.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-to-build-over-cab-bed-supports.html I know a lot of you have this problem, and this a great solution. Enjoy. Timmy www.timmystoyota.blogspot.com
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